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Welcome to Uncyclopedia's Video Game portal.

The home of all YTP memes and gamecruft video game related articles on Uncyclopedia.


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[a shot of a scuba diver from behind, swimming towards something in the distance; a shot from ahead; a shot from below; credits begin over electronic/industrial intro music; a shot from far below looking up; credits continue for some time; scuba diver makes his way to the surface of the water; a shot of him surfacing; the diver gets out of the water…]

br-r-rp br-r-rp…br-r-rp br-r-rp


Snake, reading this caption is done in the same way as reading the rest of the article. Remember to use both your eyes and brain in conjunction while reading it.


SNAKE: Campbell

COLONEL: Alright Snake, let’s go over the basics one more time. This is an Uncyclopedia article. To read it, use your EYES. Move them left-to-right, and use your BRAIN to internally recognize the words. The words are graphic representations of phonetic sounds that make up something called "language". As you read the article in this manner, you will eventually run out of words to read on the page. Once this happens, you will have to SCROLL.

SNAKE: Scroll? (more...)


Highlighted Video Game Image

Tom Hanks' Pro-Skater 4

Did you know that:

...A Grue (Gruesomicius ravenousi) is a box-shaped gap-toothed mammal known for eating humans, though more recently they have been known to kill certain lone wolves, construction workers, a gerbil or two, speranah, the occasional monkey, people who send annoying chain e-mails, your pets, and...well, Grues like eating a lot of things.

...Star Trek Online (STO) is the latest in a long list of awesome and successful Star Trek games.

...You should get of off the video games portal and get a job.


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