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Jingo! is a game of physical and mental skill, first played in Europe during the 17th, 18th and 19th Centuries, particularly popular in England, where it is said to have been invented, but that has recently become de rigueur amongst American culture, especially throughout the nation's many colonies worldwide.

Some, however, hold that it originated in the ancient Roman Empire, though they are largely alienated by the rest of the historian community owing to the common knowledge that Romans were peace-loving people, who never even killed their own emperors, let alone foreigners.

The aim of the game of Jingo! is to place your blocks on top of those of your opponent, until the sheer weight of your imperial tower crushes their will, all in the interest of safeguarding your country's national interests and its political bumpersticker industry.

The game is conducted in turns, where each player can put a number of blocks proportional to the subservience of their National Media (decided by a dice roll, or bribery). Individuals, and their satellite puppet despots, take turns placing individual blocks on top of each other. The nation with the biggest pile that manages to crush its selected targets sense of security wins. The Rules of the Game are clearly marked out in easy to understand English, with an additional section written in FO-NET-ICS, to aid foreign nationals. (more...)


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...Getting banned from the Internet means getting your IP address removed, and your modem, computer, and any storage media that you have confiscated without trial. You will also lose your driver's license permanently, go to jail (...directly to jail! No passing go, no collecting $200), be forced to have a philosophical conversation with Neil Young, be slapped in the face with a Hello Kitty Vibrator, and cast into the outernet.

..."The Teletubbies, also known as the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse (and "Satan's Little Cousins" to their frustrated rivals), led Notre Dame to two football National Championships between 1920 and 1924." is the first sentence of a featured article. Seriously!!!

...VFH needs more votes.

..."EXPLODE!!!" for the Nintendo DS is a video game developed and published by Bandai-Namco games, who created such notable titles as "Xenosaga Episode III" and... Ummm... Yeah... They did Pac-Man, right? I think they did. But that was a while ago.


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