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Unromantic Comedy is a 2009 UnFilm Production, directed by a bunch of idiots with a video camera, and starring, believe it or not, Cameron Diaz. She obviously hasn't got much good work recently, if this is the kind of thing she is reduced to working in...

Scene 1

A nursery, somewhere sunny and beautiful in California. Jane is helping out some little kids paint.

Jane: Okay, kiddies, it's time to put away the paintbrushes. You're going home now! (muttered) Thank God.
Child: Why are you thanking God?
Jane: Because he made our beautiful world, Ben, now stop licking the paintbrush and put it away.

Sam then walks in to pick up his child.

Child: Daddy!
Sam: Hello, son! Oh, its so nice to see you. What a shame your mother died in a car crash and now I'm a single parent...
Jane: (overhearing) Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry to hear that.
Sam: Oh, don't worry. I'm Sam, by the way.
Jane: I'm Jane.
Sam: Nice to meet you Jane. That's a nice top.
Jane: Why, thank y-
Sam: Wanna fuck?
Jane: What!? No!
Sam: (sadly) Oh. It was worth a try.
Child: Let's go, Daddy!
Sam: Yep, let's go. Say goodbye to the sexy nursery teacher.
Child: Goodbye!

(They leave.)

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