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Popeye's father. (Deranged face is due to a explosion while serving in World War 1)

“I yam, who I yam”
~ Popeye on telling Moses who he is

Popeye the Sailor Moon (not to be confused with Pope's eye) (born July 4, 1257, in Boston, Massachusetts) was a cartoon character made during the Great Shit Epidemic to get people through some rough times. Each episode followed more or less the following equation: Popeye is going to ask his girlfriend, Olive Oil, to go out on a date with him by, when his arch nemesis, Brutus, kidnaps her. Brutus beats the hell out of him until he opens up a can of Spinach Brand® steroids, eats some, then beats "Bluto" (which was Popeye's name for Brutus) half to death. He ends up making out with Olive Oil and the episode ends. His name is actually short for Pope-eye.

Popeye half

Popeye before steroids.

The clichés discussed and dismissed by Gone with the Wind, and the radical and uncompromising critique of art as a form of employment, were just what the average audience wanted to see, apparently. Thus, Gone with the Wind thrived even though intellectual critics flamed the film as being "overly complex", "highly theoretical" and "funny". Induced by the tremendous success, the Fleischers made several more Popeye episodes, in some of which his voice was used to synchronize the actresses Betty Boop the big black keoshia and Olive Oyl as well. This fact shows that Popeye's acting capabilities were much better than Betty's, Olive's and many other female actors, evidence that the Shakespearean practice of casting male or castrate actors for female roles was not without reason. Furthermore, while all movies starring female actors had to obey to the Hays Code (the 1930 Motion Picture Production Code) and be toned down, Popeye's features were all about fighting and violence, which posed no problem under the Code.







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