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Santopapa Benedict XVI

Welcome to the official Twitter page of His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI
Vatican Cityhttp://www.news.va/en

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Tweet to Benedict XVI
Typical Butler Dec 23Paolo Gabrielle @HolyButler

Hey dude, thanks again for the pardon. I messed up big time, gonna make it up to you!
Twitter retweet iconRetweeted by Benedict XVI

Santopapa Dec 21Benedict XVI @Pontifex

We're still here suckas! That'll teach you to listen to stupid old civilisations! See you in church on Sunday! #MayaLiarPantsOnFire

Santopapa Dec 20Benedict XVI @Pontifex

People are making apocalypse jokes like there's no tomorrow :-D #ArmageddonOuttaHere

Santopapa Dec 16Benedict XVI @Pontifex

My bad, messed up at mass today, still having probs with genitive and dative after 7 years in the job lolz

Santopapa Dec 15Benedict XVI @Pontifex

Dude, seriously hungover today, fit for nothing. Seeing the Big Man tomorrow! VEgetating tonight! #What'sOnTV?

Santopapa Dec 14Benedict XVI @Pontifex

Some serious hotness at the bar!!! #HolySeeHolyLike


Santopapa Dec 14Benedict XVI @Pontifex

Cocktails at #MICCA CLUB via P. Micca 7/a - who's down for getting tipsy?

Santopapa Dec 14Benedict XVI @Pontifex

@KimKardashian, Friday night is when I have it large. Tend to chill on Sat, gotta get up on Sunday! #Mass

Santopapa Dec 14Benedict XVI @Pontifex

For me, every Friday is a good Friday!!! #TGIF

Santopapa Dec 13Benedict XVI @Pontifex

OMG can't wait for work to be ooooooover. Is it only Thursday?

Santopapa Dec 12Benedict XVI @Pontifex

FML! Anyone know how to get red wine stains out of a cassock???

Santopapa Dec 12Benedict XVI @Pontifex

It's that time of year again! bit.ly/bZ95ot

Papa santa

Santopapa Dec 11Benedict XVI @Pontifex

Just threw some dirty socks straight into my laundry basket from like 10 foot away! #Infaillible

Santopapa Dec 11Benedict XVI @Pontifex

What really went down 2000 years ago! bit.ly/T95Of4A #Spoilers

Santopapa Dec 10Benedict XVI @Pontifex

LOL just knelt down in church and my mind totally went blank. Just stayed there kneeling for a minute. #FAkingIt

Santopapa Dec 09Benedict XVI @Pontifex

Thanks for all the kind words, especially from @ChrisRock, so sick of keyboard warriors man!

Santopapa Dec 08Benedict XVI @Pontifex

There, I RTed the first prick who made a paedophile joke. Can we move on now? #Lame

Graduate peeping tom Dec 08Tom Pratchett @PratchettMan

Twitter retweet icon Retweeted by Benedict XVI

Santopapa Dec 08Benedict XVI @Pontifex

Oh my gosh! Can't believe @BishopTawkey posted this!!! bit.ly/T5OfUE #ProfilePic

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