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(List of People who are Politically Incorrect)
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*[[George Bush]]
*[[George Bush]]
*[[Michael Richards]]
*[[Michael Richards]]
*[[Richard Dawkins]] (Richard Dawkins has his own brand of political correctness - religious correctness)
*[[Richard Dawkins]] (Richard Dawkins has his own brand of political correctness - "religious correctness")
*[[Sam Harris]] (ditto)
*[[Sam Harris]] (ditto)
*[[Dave Chappelle]]
*[[Dave Chappelle]]

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“That dress makes you look like an Afghan whore.”
~ Gregory House on Politically Incorrect
“I'd rather be right than politically correct.”
Look up Politically Correct in Undictionary, the twisted dictionary

An advanced case of political correctness

Political correctness is a form of constrained writing. It is slightly more popular than other forms of constrained writing, such as palindromes, omitting letter "e" or "your mom" poetry. The most common definition is that it is a form of writing where political incorrectness also known as the truth is outlawed. Political incorrectness is extremely offensive to minorities, gays, disabled people, and women. The reason for this is because these people are wussies and can't handle the truth. A bunch of gutless conservative politicians, (predominantly Republicans), invented Political Correctness (PC for short) in order to win votes and protect people's wussy feelings.

Political correctness is also defined as the act of altering the wording of a statement that refers to a certain group of people so that they feel better about themselves; for example foreigners and overweight people. However, over time, society has decided that the truth is rude and unacceptable, so we are made to sugar-coat reality.

Political correctness is generally considered a taboo trait, but the Daily Mail, shown to the right (the extreme right), has supported the practice of political correctness for many years now.

The movement for political correctness has spent many years researching the most neutral way to address a group of people, without stepping on any toes. Phrases such as "souls", "brothers and sisters", "carbon-based lifeforms", "sentient protein chains", "spatial distinctivenesses", "not-self" and "friends" have all been found insensitive. originally the word "Love" was the only universally acceptable form of communication, but it was found this could be used to insult an individual by expressing it to everyone BUT them, those wishing to conform to current standards of acceptability, should follow the guidelines of shut up you fucking nazi

Political Incorrectness activists frown on the term 'politically incorrect', seeing it as politically correct in the same way they see pretty much everything they don't like. It was therefore universally agreed that they shall henceforth be known as 'cunts'.


Politically Incorrect Politically Correct
Bad Morally Exotic
Man Oppressor
Woman Vaginal-Americans
Pimp-mobile Culturally responsive transport
Useless, Lazy, health-budget-draining, Fat people Full-figured
Dirty minger Hygenically challenged
Ugly Aesthetically challenged
Poofter Heterosexually challanged
Midgets Vertically challenged
Fat bastards Horizontally excessive
Fat midget bastards Bidimensionally challenged
Useless old people Biologically Advanced
Bum Financially Challenged
Dick van Dyke Penis van Lesbian
Half-homo Metrosexual
Ho Sex worker
Slut Promiscuous Woman
Prostitute Financially compensated reproductive organ stimulation assistant
Cunt Vagina (or Politician)
Player Male sex worker
Homeless tramp Locationally challenged
Hell Virginia
Sodom San Francisco
Retard Intellectually special
Jesus Christ/Jesus/Christ Shhh!
Cattle Ranch Moo-schwitz-Burger-nau
Crunchy Nut Cornflakes Crunchy Testicle Cornflakes
Deep-fried shit factory McDonald's
Root beer Sexual intercourse beer
Peanuts Urine testicles
Arrogant assholes Neurotypical syndrome
Idiot Michael Moore
Religious Wingnut Jerry Falwell
Black Pigmentally diverse
Coons Koories
Leprechauns Irish
Jew Jew
Colored People People Of Color
Stupid call centre pricks Indians
Jew Jew
Criminals Lawfully Challenged
Boongs Indigenous Australians
Whingeing fops Tories
White trash white peoples' waste
Rednecks Toby Keith
Niggers Niggas
Whingeing poms Complaining Britons
Imperialists Russians
Slaughter of innocent people Collateral damage
Hearts and Minds of the people The stuff they don't show you on CNN
Torture Extraordinary rendition
War on Terror Intrusion of Muslims' rights
Morons Socialists, Mormons
Abortion Near Life Experience
Anti-choice Pro-life
Pro-baby killing Pro-choice
Electoral Fraud Voting Irregularities
Pussies Democrats
Psychopaths Republicans
Civilized People Modern Christians
Uncivilized People Modern Muslims
"Baa baa black sheep" "Baa baa ethnically-diverse sheep"
"Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs" "Snow Caucasian And The Seven Vertically Challenged People"
"Every Tom, Dick and Harry" "Every Tom, Penis and Harry"
"Pot calling the kettle black" "Mariguana calling the kettle pigmentally different"
"Your momma's so fat..." "Your Home Engineer is so full-figured..."
"Black coffee" "Rainbow coffee"
"I think political correctness has gone mad" "I am a bigot"
"Rusty and dented heap" "Metallurgically challenged late model automobile"
"Ho, ho, ho! Merry Christmas!" "Sex worker, sex worker, sex worker! Merry Festive Period, if you are not a Christian we respect your life choices. But you do get presents..."
"Dot or Feather?" "Indian-American or American Indian?"
Terrorists Muslims
The Nativity Scene The holiday home deprived family
Bible bashers Christians
Repressed Homosexuals Evangelicals
Jew Jew (it's a race and a religion!)
Religious nuts People of faith
Cult Scientologist
Christmas Non-specific wintry gathertime in which people spend horrendous ammounts of money because 'its the spirit' of things
Dennis Prager Sanity impaired
Muhammad Ali Anything that will not be of offense to Prophet Muhammad and a teddy bear
Jack Thomson Asshole

List of People who are Politically Incorrect

Example of Politically correct nursery rhyme

Baa baa black sheep:

Baa baa multicoloured sheep,

Have you any wool?

Yes person of no particular gender,

Yes person of no particular gender,

Three bags full, in no way implying that the three is the number of colors that should be present on a flag at any one time, or discriminating against third world countries.

One for the master who does not dictate but runs a fair and equal democracy,

One for the dame who could by all means be a man in drag,

And one for the child of no particular height, weight, ethnic origin or gender who resides along a lane, which is not a row which indicates poor living standards and discriminating against anything third world, but a lane of unspecified size that houses people in an unspecified manner.

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