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'''Political correctness''' is a doctrine, fostered by a delusional, illogical minority, and rabidly promoted by an unscrupulous mainstream media, which holds forth the proposition that it is entirely possible to pick up a turd by the clean end.
'''Political correctness''' is a doctrine, fostered by a delusional, illogical minority, and rabidly promoted by an unscrupulous mainstream media, which holds forth the proposition that it is entirely possible to pick up a turd by the clean end.

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Political correctness is a doctrine, fostered by a delusional, illogical minority, and rabidly promoted by an unscrupulous mainstream media, which holds forth the proposition that it is entirely possible to pick up a turd by the clean end.


Political correctness was invented for niggers, bitches, fags and retards. AIDS is good because it kills off all those dirty Niggers. All non-white straight working for the man and having 2 kids in a nice family with a picket fence and a dog Christian males should be kiled


Political correctness was brought in for blacks, women, gays and disabled people. People who follow PC should be killed. Black people should die. You are making me self censor myself bitch-


Political correctness was introduced for African-Americans, females, homosexuals and mentally or physically challenged persons, to avoid discrim-



*no no not the face AHHHHHHHHHH*

Now, as I was saying, KKK FTW!

Political correctness is based on the valid idea protected under principles of a civilized society proposed by progressive elements of society and empathic and sociable interest groups to promote civilized behavior and prevent exclusion towards minorities, disadvantaged members of society, and fellow human beings outside of one's own particular society. This responsible code of conduct prevents offensive or otherwise undesirable projections towards persons of specific demographics.

It is slightly more popular than other forms of constrained writing, such as palindromes, omitting the letter "e" or "your mom" poetry. The most common definition is that it is a form of writing where political incorrectness also known as the truth is outlawed. Political incorrectness is extremely offensive to minorities, gays, disabled people, and women. The reason for this is because these people know they are scum to society and can't handle the truth. A bunch of gutless, cowardly liberal politicians, (predominantly Democrats), invented Political Correctness (PC for short) in order to win votes and protect people's wussy feelings.

Political correctness is also defined as the act of altering the wording of a statement that refers to a certain group of people so that they feel better about themselves; for example foreigners and overweight people. However, over time, society has decided that the truth is rude and unacceptable, so we are made to sugar-coat reality.

Political correctness is generally considered a taboo trait, but the Daily Mail, shown to the right (the extreme right), has supported the practice of political correctness for many years now.

It is defined by politically correct people as follows...note the way that no possible entity in this universe could possibly be offended, except maybe the blind or illiterate:

Political correctness is making sure not to offend any person human living thing that is capable of thinking feeling existing.

The movement for political correctness has spent many years researching the most neutral way to address a group of people, without stepping on any toes. Phrases such as "souls", "brothers and sisters", "carbon-based lifeforms", "sentient protein chains", "spatial distinctivenesses", "not-self" and "friends" have all been found insensitive. originally the word "Love" was the only universally acceptable form of communication, but it was found this could be used to insult an individual by expressing it to everyone BUT them, those wishing to conform to current standards of acceptability, should follow the guidelines of shut up you fucking nazi!!!

Political Incorrectness activists frown on the term 'politically incorrect', seeing it as politically correct in the same way they see pretty much everything they don't like. It was therefore universally agreed that they shall henceforth be known as 'cunts'.

PC Protocol

Federal law requires the article to be translated into another language. It is bilingualism, multiculturalism and PC-ness in its best.

La ley federal requiere que el artículo sea traducido a otro idioma. Es el bilingüismo, el multiculturalismo y PC-dad en su mejor momento. (Gracias por los Estadounidenses hable Espanol).

The honky lo made we be jivin in anotha way brothas talk all right. yeah. (Ebonics version for use in the "African-American" communities, ask the Oakland public school district, they said it is a real language).

Liittovaltion laki edellyttää artikkeli käännetään toiselle kielelle. Se on kaksikielisyys, monikulttuurisuus ja PC-ness parhaimmillaan. (thanks to the European Union, but I forgot if this was Estonian or Finnish, not Euskara).

La loi fédérale exige que l'article soit traduit dans une autre langue. Il est le bilinguisme, le multiculturalisme et le PC-tion à son meilleur. (Merci beaucoup, French-Canadian version, not the Parisian French version...oui, oui, euro'pee'in) .

연방 법률이 문서는 다른 언어로 번역해야합니다. 그것은 최고의 bilingualism, 다문화주의와 PC - 다움이다. (Korean is one of California's 100 official languages printed in documents like the DMV handbooks).

联邦法律要求的文章被翻译成另一种语言。这是双语,多元文化和PC -内斯在其最好的。(White people are encouraged to learn this language, we are a globalized economy, dominated by the Yellow, er...I mean "Asian" race. Remember not all Chinks are alike, but all look the same).

Federal legeak eskatzen artikulua beste hizkuntza batera itzuli behar. Elebitasuna, kultur aniztasuna eta PC-Ness da bere onenean. (Again, the PC movement wants to protect very rare endangered languages, like animal species. This one is Euskara or the Basque language in Spain and France, go figure).


Politically Incorrect Politically Correct
Bad Morally Exotic
Good Quailtastic
Woman Genitally-Concave Person
Man Genitally-Convex Person
Tranny, Transie, Shemale, Androgyne Genderless person/people
Lame Anti-Quail
Pimpmobile Culturally Responsive Transport
Useless, Lazy, Health-Budget-Draining, Lard-Ass Fat People Excessively Overweight
Indecent Exposure Jamie Lee
Ugly Aesthetically and Facially Handicapped
Midgets Vertically Challenged
Fat Midget Bidimensionally Abnormal
Old People Chronologically Advanced
Tramp Financially Challenged
Republican Humanity Challenged
Democrat Opinion Challenged
Perfect Challenged Challenged
Half-homo Metrosexual
Slut Promiscuous Woman
Prostitute Financially Compensated Reproductive Organ Stimulation Assistant
Cunt George W Bush
Egghead Wikipedia Editor
Player Male Sex Worker
Cheating Sexually Outsourcing For The Benefit of Oneself
Cunt Flaps Squids Favourite
Retard Vince Cable
Censorship Selective Release of Information
Jesus Christ/Jesus/Christ Ross Peachment(or is it...)
Dead Mortally Challenged
Shut-In Socially Challenged
Politically Correct Of Truth and Accuracy Regarding Government or Public-Related Issues
Politically Incorrect Of Erroneousness and Inaccuracy Regarding Government or Public-Related Issues
Uncyclopedia Editors Extremely Socially Challenged
Wikipedia Editors Suicidally Socially Challenged
Cattle Ranch Moo-schwitz-Burger-nau
Deep-fried shit factory McDonald's
Non-Organic/Not Local/Genetically Modified food Poison
Neurotypical Syndrome Arrogant Assholes
Idiot Michael Moore
Religious Wingnut Jerry Falwell
Blind Visually Challenged
Deaf Audibly Challenged
Crippled Physically Immobile
Those with titchy hands Digitally disadvantaged
Annoying Twelve Year Olds
Black Absorbing all Wavelengths of the Electromagnetic Spectrum
Coons Koories
Leprechauns Irish
Cheese-eating surrender monkeys French people
White People Reflecting all Wavelengths of the Electromagnetic Spectrum
Stupid call centre pricks Hindus
Jew Jew (it's a race and a religion!)
Wops, Dagos and Guinees Italians (considered "white" and a race!)
Criminals Lawfully Challenged
Boongs Indigenous Australians
Whingeing fops Tories
White Trash Caucasian Organic Waste
Niggers Multiple People that absorb all wavelengths of the EM spectrum
Lard-arsed nationalistic trigger-happy religious pricks Americans
Crumpet eating pussies Britons
Imperialists Russians
Illegal Immigrants Mexicans (Also Undocumented Citizens)
Orientals/Squinters Asian People
Jewish terror group Jewhad
Slaughter of innocent people Jihad
Hearts and Minds of the people The stuff they don't show you on CNN
Torture Extraordinary rendition
War on Terror Intrusion of Muslims' rights
Morons Iranians, Mormons
Abortion Infacide
Pro-life Not Infacide
Fox News Arrogantly self-proclaimed "balanced".
Bill O'Rielly Ironically, a pinhead
Pro-baby killing Pro-choice
Electoral Fraud Voting Irregularities
Whiny Assholes/Pussies Democrats
Psychopaths Republicans
Primitive People Modern Atheists
Civilized People Modern Christians
Child Molester Priest
Big Fat Fucks With Goose Shit For Brains Liberals
Any joke. "A non-prejudiced white heterosexual male walked into a bar and got arrested because he made a facetious comment. What a narrow-minded oppressing asshole! I hate white heterosexual males. And Jews."
Mel Gibson Any Joke
"Baa baa black sheep" "Baa baa ethnically-diverse sheep"
"Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs" "Snow Caucasian And The Seven Vertically Challenged People"
"Every Tom, Dick and Harry" "Every Tom, Penis and Harry"
"Pot calling the kettle black" "Marijuana calling the kettle pigmentally different"
"Ten little indians" "Ten ethnically-diverse people living in Las Vegas"
"I'm dreaming of a white Christmas" "My mind is expressing itself in terms of a Caucasian non-denominational winter festival"
"Your momma's so fat..." "Your Domestic Engineer is so full-figured..."
"Black coffee" "Darker-than-thou coffee"
"I think political correctness has gone mad" "I am a bigot"
"Rusty and dented heap" "Metallurgically challenged late model automobile"
"Ho, ho, ho! Merry Christmas!" "Sex worker, sex worker, sex worker! Merry Festive Period, if you are not a Christian we respect your life choices. But you do get presents..."
"Dot or Feather?" "Indian-American or American Indian?"
Hypocrites Muslims
Terrorists peace challenged
The Nativity Scene The holiday home deprived family
Repressed Homosexuals Satanists
Jew Persons of the faith of Judaism
Religious nuts People of faith
Orthodox Christians Another different branch of Xtianity (it's Orthodox and Christian)
Morons Mormons (it's a religion and a separate Christian sect)
Goths, Emos, Satanists and Witches. Pagans
Cult Scientology
Christmas Non-specific wintry gathertime in which people celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. Amen.
Dennis Prager Sanity impaired
Jack Thompson Asshole
Meg Griffin Blind as a bat, dumb as s***, nutjob, ugly as h***, infernal retard spawn.
George W. Bush EVIL White Man. American. Christian.
Barak Obama Our savior. Half-black. Half-Kenyan. Half-Moslem.
Paedophile Gary Glitter

Rules to remember

Muhammed and the Jew
  • Only white heterosexual males are required to be politically correct.
  • It's only racist if white people say it.
  • All native populations lived in absolute idyllic happiness until White people showed up. The natives lived freely on horseback.
  • Societal aspects like slavery and imperialism are immoral when white people do it, but when anybody else does it then it is "cultural differences."
  • If somebody is making life harder for women then they're being oppressive.
  • If somebody is making life easier for women then they must be assuming women are weak and need help.
  • If there is no longer racial or sexist inequality then think of some other excuse to bitch, censor or subjugate in those two manners (white heterosexual males can't).
  • All males are automatically guilty of women's oppression from birth.
  • All whites and no other race are automatically guilty of the oppression of minorities from birth.
  • All women and girls must find everything sexist towards their gender even if there is 0 sexism or if it has nothing to do with gender. Males aren't allowed to complain about any subjugation or stereotyping about their own gender.
  • Since most writers are male all male writers believe their gender is superior and there fore all of their female characters are useless, subjugated or victimised by the male characters.
  • All you need find something racist is when there is an accent of an ethnic group even if he or she is not even remotely stereotyped.
  • All female leaders are perfect and all male leaders are evil.
  • All women fake sex while all men fake entire relationships. Which means all women are prudes while all men are perverts.
  • If there is any positive changes to racial or gender equality then say that they are negative changes to add insult to injury for those who have made an effort to equalise.
  • Women are allowed to use the Misandric word of Dick to indicate they hate men but men are not allowed to use the Misogynistic word Pussy to indicate they hate women.
  • Blacks are allowed to call whites Crackkkers or Redneckkks but whites aren't allowed to call blacks Niggers.
  • Any minority who commits a crime against a white person is okay but its not okay if a white person commits a crime on a minority member.
  • Society in the United States is just blacks v.s whites and no other race because that is all we WANT it to be.
  • Whites are never unfortunate or being subjugated by anyone or anything beyond there Credit Card expiring since after all poor whites don't exist.
  • If you do your research on oppression of collectives and find that whites, males and hetrosextuals are also subjugated and stereotyped then leave them out of the history of oppression altogether since after all they don't matter and only they have oppressed and all of them oppress.
  • Find any excuse you can to write a nasty letter to a TV station, newspaper, or other such media outlet for alleged displays of political incorrectness.
  • For instance, "this page is offensive to people who don't like lists. How could you be so insensitive?"
  • When you see Christmas decorations, the first thing you must think of is all the disenfranchised non-Christians.
  • Bitch and cow are politically incorrect as they compare people to animals, and if you use these terms then you are a male chauvinist pig.
  • Severely chastise people if they are eating any living thing (no, plants and ugly animals like fish don't count).
  • NEVER criticize a politician who is not a white Christian male. Doing so makes you a hateful pig.
  • Even if it is technically true, it is racist and therefore politcally incorrect (for example, "filthy Jew" is offensive, even if used to describe a Hebrew who never showers).
  • If a book, TV show or other entertainment source depicts a minority character that isn't perfect in any way, then they are perpetrating unfair stereotypes. But it must have minority characters, otherwise it is racist for having only white characters.
  • The only justified war that America has ever fought was the Civil War, which replaceded the immoral culture of southerners with the newfound open-minded liberalism of the north.
  • Do not insult anyone who cannot defend himself (herself, itself), only Christians that are instructed to turn the other cheek.
  • It is okay to harshly criticize the worldviews of people who are white men, Christians, and Republicans. They are all bigots, so their opinions make them biased.
  • If anybody tries to point out hypocrisy in this, tell them that they're horrible racists.
  • Christians are bigoted only if they are white Republicans. Being a Black Christian is good, though it is the culture given to them by the slave traders.
  • Using the term "African-American" is offensive because they might not identify themselves as Africans.
  • Using the term "American" to describe a person from the US is offensive to people from Canada, central and South Americans.
  • Using the term "black" is also offensive for some reason.
  • Only black people are ever to use the word Nigger.
  • No white person is allowed to use the word Nigger, unless they are on a website and can't get caught.
  • A vast majority of the world is pessimistic and if you are optimistic then you are oblivious the the dystopian earth.
  • Anyone who disagrees with homosexuals hates homosexuals.
  • Everyone who disagrees with christians loves everyone.
  • The Lord of the Rings is racist because white wizards are better than any others.
  • Pianos are racist because the white keys are bigger even if they are black grand pianos.
  • Tell others how to be politically correct and nag them excessively about how it's wrong to preach about one's worldview.
  • Look up any word in the dictionary. If you try hard enough, you will find some kind of xenophobic connotations.
  • Be ready to accuse people of saying something offensive after every sentence.
  • Find a hidden racist history behind every insult known to man. The phrase "heebie-jeebies?" Make up something about it being related to Jews, even though it isn't. In fact, go ahead and make every seemingly innocuous insult offensive to Jews.
  • Use the word "tolerance" excessively, even though the word usually implies only reluctant acceptance. Remember, that kind of logic only applies to hateful white men, not to you.
  • Due to a history of colonialism, it is fine to criticise British people without being racist. It is also acceptable for Scots, Irish or Welsh people to attack the English for being 'evil invading Saxons'.
  • Even if your family just moved to the US a generation ago, you are just as responsible for slavery as every other white person in the US.
  • The above stated rule does not count in Britain. A black person who is born as a third generation in that country, is a victim of Imperialism. British Imperialism however, was invented by Benjamin Zephaniah so he could blame someone else for being born in Bromieland. AND make some poetry.
  • The best way to create racial understanding is to single out people of different races and have them discuss race issues. Nothing helps a problem like making people think about it and discuss it.
  • Even if a group isn't offended (which of course isn't possible, such as how we all know how horribly offended African Americans are when they're called "black") it's the job of every white person to stick up for them as if they're sticking up for themselves.
  • Never, under any circumstances, use the word "hate." For instance, instead of saying, "I hate this horrible migraine," say, "I strongly do not agree with the actions and point of view presented by this migraine."
  • NEVER discuss gender differences, you may be "sexist" and women think you hate them. Wrong...you love women, that's why you wanna flirt with one, but that's now considered "sexual harrassment" and be lucky you're not fired, sued or registered a "sex offender".
  • Do NOT educate your children by letting them read Dead White Males (DWM), or any other 'literature' regarded by the nazelite as 'genius'. The fascists' narrative called 'history' states that these 'people' were responsible for the lion's share of all the world's 'scientific', 'technological', 'artistic' and philosophical '"'"'inovations'"'"' and '"'"'accomplishments'"'"'; it is of no merit and epistemologically in-correct - they are still white (DWM)!
  • The reason why "Girls Need Role Models" is a bad thing is because misandric subduction is the only one we accept.
  • Women should deny sexism and abuse against men because of our beloved Double standard that we have created. Since after all only men are sexist and also are all men are misogynistic oppressors and all are violent potential rapist.
  • Wanting Tibet to be freed is racist because the government of China tells us that it's an independent state.
  • Anarchy is a perfect system since its after all with out authority there for no one will rape or murder anyone.
  • Communism is also perfect a perfect system since it did no harm in the past and all communist states where successful in brining equality.
  • If you do not believe that taxes just go to the goverment and nothing else the you work for the oppressive government.
  • All males are responsible for the economy since after all all men are bankers.
  • All the youth of this generation do is sex drugs and spoilt rotten behaviour.
  • Everything in the 00s was hell and everything before it was heaven.
  • Religion is the root of all evil.
  • A world without religion is a peaceful utopia.
  • A Lesbian Utopia is a perfect world because after all women don't fight each other.
  • There is no such thing as male on male subjugation.
  • In a world without religion there would be no war, since no war has ever been started over resources or ethnicity or power or anything else besides religion.
  • Anything evil ever done in the name of Islam is entirely the fault of conservative Christian voters and politicians in the U.S. who provoke them into doing it.
  • Money can only be used for evil.
  • The only way to end corporate greed is if we get rid of the corporations all together.
  • We boycott Disney because it was created by a white man even though there is no evidence that he was a racist. We do same same for Star Trek and its creator Gene Roddenberry for him being born in the same collective as Walt even though there is no evidence that he was a racist either.
  • Robert Heinlein was a misogynistic oppressor just for him being born a male.
  • If you are or where hopeless at school then you should take your life because your worthless.
  • Regardless of who you are or what you do you will go to hell for not choosing the right religion.
  • You must be fearful of death because it just goes black when you die.
  • There is no proof that your parents love you whether they approve to your behaver or not there fore your parents don't love you.
  • Children have no future simply because everything they try to do is beyond their abilities.
  • The nursery rhyme "Bah Bah Black Sheep" is racist because it mentions the word black.
  • No one is allowed to question false rape allegations by women because that would be Politically Incorrect.
  • In the Norwegian Party called Fremskrittspartiet, allegation is actual evidence. (All feminist in every country operate the same way as they do in Norway)
  • If you're going to put garbage in broken newspaper dispenser, make sure you know what paper it was for first. Putting garbage into a Jewish newspaper box is offensive and a display of anti-Semitism. Based on a true story
  • If you support the State of Israel then you are a blind Republican imperialist who hates Arabs. But don't criticize Israel, else you are an anti-Semitic monster who worships Hitler. Your best best is to look uncomfortable and change the subject whenever Israel is mentioned.
  • Don't ever stereotype people. Even if it's in your cracker-ass beer-swilling gun-toting wife-beating Southern hick genes to do so.
  • Studying at Oxford? Not if you are an Israeli Jew. Such is the law of Professor Andrew Wilkie (not the Aussie chap). Cambridge is more PC.
  • In case it is not already stated, a British Embassy is there only to help ex-pats find a good quality turkey for Christmas. Don't you dare question where your tax money goes to....that is offensive.
  • GET THIS CHINA GOVERNMENT: Because Norway blokes are the coolest people there is, they are to be rescued from the Everest!
  • On flights, domestic or otherwise: Flightattendants love your brats. You can go ahead to watch that film with Julia Roberts, or have a nap. If a Flight Attendant complains, he or she might oppiniate that David Cameron is a leftist softie.

By following these rules and using the chart above, we can turn the world into a utopia where the only criticisms are directed at white Christan male southerners and where the entire language has been replaced by completely non-offensive wording!


I'M NOT HISPANIC. I'm NOT LATINO. YO SOY CHICANO! Just another word for a confused Mexican American. And no, I'm not Puerto Rican. They are Boricuas.

Example of Politically correct Q & A session

Q: What is P.C.

PC stands for Politically Correct. We of the Politically Correct philosophy believe in increasing a tolerance for a DIVERSITY of cultures, race, gender, ideology and alternate lifestyles. Political Correctness is the only social and morally acceptable outlook. Anyone who disagrees with this philosophy is bigoted, biased, sexist, and/or closed-minded.

Q: Why should I be PC?

Being PC is fun. PCism is not just an attitude, it is a way of life! The PC movemeent offers the satisfaction of knowing that you are undoing the social evils of centuries of oppression, while at the same time still grouping people into races. This has never caused bigoted thinking, ever.

Q: How did the PC Movement happen?

This was part of the Cultural revolution of the 1960s and "Open mindness" that grew in the 1970s, now known as the "second age of ignorance". By the 1980s, it was the "in thing" to become workplace policy in the 1990s, and now it's the law of the land, in the bible or sketched in our heads.

Q: I am a white male. Can I still be PC?

Sure. You just have to feel very guilty.

Q: Why?

If you are a white male, your ancesters were responsible for practically every injustice in the world ...slavery, war, genocide and plaid sports coats. That means that YOU are partially responsible for these atrocities. Now it is time to balance the scales of justice for the descendants of those individuals whose ancestors your ancestors pushed down.

Q: How?

It's simple. You've got to be careful what you say, what you think, and what you do. You just don't want to offend anyone.

Q: You mean I should guard against offending anyone?

That's right. Being offensive is destructive, and will not make the world a harmonious utopia, like in John Lennon's IMAGINE.

Q: How else can I be PC?

Oh, there are lots of ways. For example, why buy regular ice cream when you can buy Rain Forest Crunch?, and another is to make sure you don't buy bottled water anymore, it's just out of style.

Segrega ... whoops ... separate all of your garbage into different containers: glass, metal, white paper, blue paper, plastic, etc. Make sure that all your make-up has not been tested on animals. Try to find at least sixty ways to use your water; when you take a shower, brush your teeth at the same time. Then don't let the water go down the drain, use it to irrigate your lawn. Or better yet, replace your lawn with a vegetable garden. Don't use aerosal. By all means, don't burn American Flags! If you are fortunate enough to know your ethnic heritage, dress the part! Don't do drugs. You should listen to at least one of the following PC musicians: U2, REM, Sinead O'Connor, Sting, or KD Lang. Harrass people who wear fur coats. Remind them that an innocent baby seal was mercilessly clubbed. Or just yell, FUR...is murder! They hate that.

And don't EVER eat meat.

But, the best way to redeem yourself is to marry a politically correct hermaphrodite, and let him/her whip you around and tell you how to vote.

Q: Don't eat meat? Why not?!

Cows are animals, just like humans are animals. That means that they have rights. When you eat meat, you're oppressing animals!

Q: So all killing is bad?

No, not always. Sometimes killing can be justified, like in the Persian Gulf. You have to be able to tell when an animal has rights, and when it doesn't.

Q: How do I know when an animal has rights?

The general rule is as follows:

   If an 'Animal' is rare, pretty, big, cute, furry, huggable, or lovable, then it has rights.

Examine the following lists:

RIGHTS: Cows, cute bunnies, dolphins in tuna nets, whales, red squirrels, harbour seals, pandas, dogs, cats, all non-White/Caucasian Humans* and mice.

NO RIGHTS: Cockroaches, rats, tuna in tuna nets, flies, sharks, grey squirrels, loggers, barnacles, Native Americans** and lobsters in high-end restaurants.

  • - No affirmative action rights. May include Australians and New Zealanders.
    • - Yes, if you're 1/100 Indian (oops, Indigenous, the current trendy word) you can collect a ton of money from your nearest tribal nation gaming casino.

Q: WOW! What else can I do to be PC?

Hug a tree. Rejoice each day in our cultural differences, for they are what gives flavour to our great country. Get in touch with your sexual identity. Check your refrigerator for freon leaks. Subscribe to National Geographic. Search it for neat non-Western cultural traditions and costumes. After you read it, use the paper as an alternate fuel source.

Q: I'm not sure about all of this.

If you are feeling unsure about your motivation, just remember. YOU ARE RIGHT. It's that simple. You are right.

Q: How do I know if an action is Un-PC?

Good question. It's important to know when someone is saying something insensitive so that you can have that person removed from society.

The guideline is as follows:

    Is the confrontation between two white people?
    The liberal is right.
    Is the confrontation between a white person and someone pigmentally different?
    The white person is oppressing the ethnic person.

Here's a fun practice drill for you: See how many newspaper articles you can make into race bias stories. It's fun! Some PCers are so good they can make the weather report look like a KKK pamphlet! Or a workplace sensitivity training class like Nazi indoctrination courses! ZEIGH HEIL! Oops...that's offensive to Jewish people...or is it People of the Jewish religion...or Jewish ancestry?

Q: If being PC is right and only white people should be PC, doesn't that mean that you're suggesting that white people are superior to other races? Doesn't that make you ALMOST AS BAD AS Hitler?

I can say whatever I want, because I'm black. So no.

Q: You're black?

African American, you insensitive white trash redneck!

Q: But you said you were black, why can't I say that?

Because you're white.

Q: But don't I have equal rights?

No. White people are responsible for all the problems in the world.

Q: Are you a woman?

A: Yeah. And don't you dare say that word in that tone to me, you male chav pig.

Q: Omigod! I am sorry.

A: Yeah, whatever. That wasn't a question...and don't swear god's name in vain.

Q: We need to be religious tolerant...

A: and we don't permit the un-PC topic of religious indoctrination, like in the annual display of any religiously-oriented/themed holiday at any workplace.

Q: What should I do if I see someone do something NON-PC?

It all depends on the situation. If you are not in a position of authority, by all means report this activity immediately to whomever is in charge. If your school leader, employer, or superior is hip to the trend of the 90's, she or he will take the necessary steps to have the insensitive offender disciplined.

Q: But isn't that censorship?

The Constitution never meant for racism, sexism and insensitivity to be espoused by anyone. That's not what free speech is about. Some call it censorship. PCers call it ``selective speech. Saying something negative about a particular race or gender is just as damaging as, say, punching them in the face. We just can't allow that kind of verbal assault.

Q: I've heard a lot about PC words to replace ``Black, ``Indian, etc.

Yes. That's part of the PC movement. You see, part of the way we think about people comes directly from the words we use to describe them. Take "black"' for instance. Why should a person be judged by the color of their skin?

Q: You mean they should rather be judged by the content of their character?

No, I mean they should be judged by where their ancestors are from. If your great-grandparents are from Africa, or Asia, or wherever, then you should be identified by that fact. You can even apply for special scholarships!

Q: I'm a mixture of French, German, Irish, English, and Russian. Can I get one?

No, there are no scholarships for any of those. Sorry. If you are a woman (like me), however, there should be plenty.

Q: Hey, Wouldn't a White person from Libya or Egypt, Or South Africa technically be An African-American?

Technically, yes. But that's not the kind of African-American we mean. That is, we're REALLY talking about skin color, but we're pretending that we aren't. Another example: a white South-African U.S. immigrant is not an African-American either.

Q: Why do the PC have to hyphenate everyone, but NO singular term "American"?

Well...the right-wingers are known to fight hard to preserve racism, promote the official use of racial categories, ethnic insensitivity by insisting all ethnic groups become "Americanized" and ethnic discrimination against "Non-Americans" by espousing patriotism. This is what the Nazis did: Nationalists, but we left out the notion they were Socialists, as in their original name: National Socialists. Also we don't use the word "Nazi" that may offend (time to be PC): Jewish-Americans, German-Americans, Polish-Americans, African-Americans, and other "Non-White" Americans. You gotta remember the Krauts are Nazis, they are fat stupid blonde blue-eyed white swine.

Q: How can I learn to make my language more Politically Correct?

See The Thinking Man's Reference of Politically Correct Terms.

Q: I'd like my Child to be PC. What can I do?

Well, for one thing, we should forcibly encourage students to volunteer their time with philanthropies. Also, we should re-emphasize non-Western perspectives on history. Finally, we should re-structure tests and quizzes to reflect cultural biases.

Q: I don't get it.

Well, the way the system works now, "select"' under-represented minorities who tend to do worse on entrance tests have lower standards of admissions at school and work and receive preferential treatment. This is unfair and wrong.

Q: It is?

Yes. The truly PC way to do it is to have a different grading scale for different groups which gives or subtracts points from the final score, depending on who is taking the test. If you are white, then you have been benefited by society during your life. That means that you lose ten to fifteen points to make the test fair to everyone else.

Q: Uhhhhh...I guess that sounds right.

It IS right. That's the beauty of PC.

Q: What else do I have to be careful of?

Humor. PC people take every comment VERY seriously. We will not accept any comment, joke, remark, or anything that sounds like it could be a racial slur.

Q: Give me an example.

"What's black and white and red all over? has been staple humor for decades. Not PC - it can be taken the wrong way.

In every day speech, try to use phrases like, "Isn't that the pot calling the kettle African-American. Any racial jokes or jokes even mentioning culture or gender should be omitted. True, this mostly limits comedy to the level of sitcoms, but that's the price you pay for social equality.

Likewise, get used to using the word "gender" (PC people don't like the word "sex"' as it has confusing connotations) but we're trying to abolish the scientific classification of humans into "genders", as well we have transsexuals, transgendered people and transvestites.

Q: Is tht all there is to it?

Yes. The Politically Correct belief is essentially a recognition that people are diversely equal. We rejoice in this equality by treating people differently based on their equal individuality. Hop aboard the bandwagon . . . Be PC. Or you're a stupid redneck piece of white trash, you racist, sexist insensitive pig.

The Moar "We" Know

Does anyone remember the 30-40 second PSAs on NBCTV in the 90s?

  • Save the Earth, it's the only one with chocolate.
  • No Smoking, I don't care if you're standing outside.
  • Don't bring your religion into the workplace...if you're a Protestant Christian that is, everyone else is fine.
  • Remember, you're not retarded, you're special.
  • We are people with the same skin color, but if you're White you don't get affirmative action and if you're 1/8 black, we call you an "African American".
  • Don't say "man", "woman" or "child", we are "persons".
  • Never question authority, that's so politically incorrect, you "right-winger".
  • Men: Please be there as fathers, Women: Keep screwing and become single mothers.
  • Don't say "Stupid", No name-calling and let's not fight: Peace man, don't be hatin' and GROUP HUG (except you don't do that either, male chauvinistic "sex offender").



A white nigger. Someone who is white but thinks they can pretend to be a nigger.


The interaction of pigmentation to paleness separating a nigger from a wigger.


Don't do this, around a woman, gay man, lesbian, transgendered, transsexual and any straight man without a gender identity disorder issue. Jokes like that is not PC, can be considered a "hate speech crime" and indeed, it's sexual harrassment.

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