Plumbers Don't Wear Ties

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Take your damn clothes off
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Now c'mon! Just seriously take your damn clothes off! All i really want to see is your side boob. OK. Now how do I put in the code?

“Take your damn clothes off!”
“Note: You must be 17 years old or older to survive playing this game, and don't listen to the game saying you have to be 18 for one decision.”
“Plays like a game, feels like a movie!”
“If you don't start playing this game, I'll be in your face in 5 minutes.”

This is the best title screen done with MS paint you'll ever see in a game.

“De Ja Vue! I've seen this game already. First decision please.”

Plumbers Don't Wear Ties. You may think that's true until to see John putting a tie. This full-motion video interactive masterpiece, which was planned to be released for the 3Dhoe, was actually a banned Super Mario title. It was banned for the following reasons:

  • Some people would think the game would be a slideshow instead of an actual game.
  • The game doesn't include any of the Mario brothers or related characters at all.
  • The game may get more popularity with perverts, because of a scene that contained the line "TAKE YO DAMN CLOTHES OFF!".

The company who developed this game was Karen Entertainment, originally a late 1980s pornographic film company, when they agreed that their films were too controversal to be released all-around California. They felt making games was a better idea, and they felt making romance titles was more appropriate, with a few nude parts here and there. Much info on this company has decided to remain hidden, because of how embarrased of themselves making such a shitty game after it was banned in early 1995.

Make Your Choice

Screen shot 2013-03-23 at 9.38.15 AM
Screen shot 2013-03-23 at 9.39.54 AM

edit Cast

Mostly non-notable bank owners, virgins and bosses (perverts) who were forced into being featured in this game.

edit Story

We get an introduction from a Daddy's girl. You have to help her get her love-life by a tie-wearing (false title) plumber named John. Because Plumbers have everything: Greed, sex, spiritually, whiteknuckled chases, shameful propositions etc. She happens to be about raped by her boss, Killer Thresher, and you have to help John save her from the raper, while having to deal with the best motion-picture quality most people are missing out on.

edit Reception

Though the game was never released, it was somehow well received by video game critics, even though nobody actually played the game. It was widely praised for not actually being a Super Mario title, and for using images instead of video to make it feel you were actually watching a movie. Sadly, these critics were fake people that Karen decided they would put unsaid-before quotes on this game on the back of their cover art, cause they knew everybody would hate games with pornographic content. Well, that's because I was wrong that this is a full-motion video adventure. IT'S REALLY A FUCKING SLIDESHOW!

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