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The Playstation Move controller was developed by Sony Computer Entertainment in 2010. It has sold exactly 10 units and has become a huge hit with people who have never heard of the Nintendo Wii.

edit Design

An interesting fact about the Playstation Move's design is that early prototypes of the design were based off of the Wii Remote's sucks final design, and the final design of the Move was based off the Wii Remote's sucks initial design. Despite this fact, Sony were limited by the fact that they could not harness the power of magic as Nintendo sucks did. They therefore decided to recycled the Eye Toy from the Playstation 2, and just make you spend extra for a controller with a light on the end.

edit Pricing

The Playstation Move was designed to be cheap to manufacture, so it can only be presumed that Sony are stealing your money by making it at less than a quarter of the price they sell it for.but it worked

edit Games

edit Available Games

Due to the fact that the system completely failed some 5 minutes after it launched on September 3rd 2010, there are very few games available for it. It should be noted that existing games will not be given patches to change this, because Sony are lazy. The following PS3 games are compatible:

  • EyePet
  • Kung Fu Rider

The total number of sales from PS Move games is 20, which means that every owner of a Playstation Move has one copy of each game.

edit Scrapped Games

There are some other games which were planned to be released for the Playstation Move, but were cancelled after it was realised that they would be extremely boring for both the player to play and the developer to produce. It should be noted that most of these planned games were simulators:

  • Handshake Simulator: Over 9000 different handshakes
  • Thickshake Simulator: Over 9000 different thicknesses, all with no flavor
  • Earthquake Simulator: Over 9000 different quakes, ranging from 1 to 1.000001 on the Richter scale (This was due to the controller's bad vibration capabilities)
  • Leaf-rake Simulator: Over 9000 different rakes
  • and more...

Due to a lack of originality in the developers, they all had subtitles beginning with 'Over 9000', with the exception of Base Simulator, which had the subtitle; 'All your base are belong to us.'

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