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“My peach tree just grew five centimeters!”
~ Oscar Wilde on Plants Tycoon
“Lolz, im in ur garden waterin ur petunias.”
~ n00b on playing Plants Tycoon
“The most Mexican game ever....other than Super Mario”
~ Me on Plants Tycoon

Plants Tycoon is a real time computer game where players design their own garden by planting trees, grass, flowers, and other plants. You must then take care of the plants while they grow in REAL TIME!!!. The game was designed by Atari and Tinky-Winky, from the original concept designed by Chris Sawyer, the creator of the RollerCoaster Tycoon series and the massively popular Holocaust Tycoon.

edit The Game

The idea of the game is simple, build a garden with tools. There are two game options on the game: sandbox and career.

edit Career


The sole product of five years locked in the shadows of your home. A wonderful, virtual garden.

In this mode you start with a land already built, and you can change it. Once you have the land ready, you must dig holes and put in the seeds and water them. All this in real time!!! Then you can buy trees and plant them in your garden and watch them grow in REAL TIME!!! Here is where the game guarantees hours, days, months, and even years of continued play. Just imagine you at your screen watching how the trees grow at the incredible rate of 5nm/min (5 nanometers per minute) which is about the speed of continental drift!!! At this rate, in only 2 years after you started building, your trees will have grown up to 1 meter!!! And if you are very lucky, then your garden will still have money, and you can decorate your trees with ornaments ranging from frilly Christmas decorations to halogen bulbs. Then you can open your garden to the public. HERE the second funnest part begins (the best part is see the trees grow in REAL TIME!!!): your garden starts to make money, by selling apples from your lemon trees, or making lemonade!!!

If your garden has enough money you can spend it on things like paying off your debts or putting your children through college, but if you want to continue the expirence of REAL TIME growing trees, you can expand your garden. Then when you die you can let your garden to mantain itself or you can gift it to a family member or anyone you like, so in this way they can also apreciate the adventure of apple trees that grow in REAL TIME!

edit Sandbox

Sandbox is more or less the same, it's just that you have unlimited money. And the REAL TIME game stats!

edit Multiplayer

In multiplayer mode, you can now play your garden online. This means your garden competes against other gardens across the globe. But the best part of the multiplayer mode is watching other people's trees grow in REAL TIME!!!

edit Expansion Packs

The massive popularity of watching trees grow in REAL TIME could not be contained in one game, thus the creators of Plants Tycoon

edit Plants Tycoon: Tree Wars

One of the next games is the multi-player Plants Tycoon: Tree Wars. In this game, gardens battle for supremacy by amassing an army of apple trees or Professor Oak trees and attack the other gardens in REAL TIME! Yes, new scientific advances prove that trees can move from one place through millions of years of erosion. So you move your trees by producing erosion and watch them battle for sunlight in the gardens. The army where the trees have no sunlight dies and loses the battle. Now you rule the garden! Then you can watch your newly captured trees be born, grow up, move, battle for sunlight, until they die IN REAL TIME!!

edit Plants Tycoon: Slow Motion

Another popular feature on production is Plants Tycoon: Slow Motion. This game is an option to the original game. Imagine the fun of watching trees grow on REAL TIME, now imagine on SLOW MOTION! Now you will not play for years, but for decades!

This game also has the function of SuperZoom, where you can see how leaves grow in REAL TIME or on SLOW MOTION! Now you will see things you can't see when a tree grows at REAL TIME!!! Imagine the possibilities, with Plants Tycoon: Slow Motion!

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