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edit Pinoy Big Brother

Pinoy Big Brother 3 was the Philippines' third series of Endemol's Big Brother format, aired in the rainy season of 2006. As with previous editions - Wait. There's a Filipino version of Big Brother? And it had more than one season? Shit.

2006 was apparently a very important year for Pinoy Big Brother, as it emerged that racism had plagued the house. Personally, the author of this article thinks that anyone who has the ability to live in a house that isn't infested with rats in the Philipines should be on their knees praising the lor- What? No I'm not racist! Jesus, It's just that the Philipines is an underdeveloped country, just like those countries in Africa. I didn't even know people could afford TVS in those countries.

edit Housemates

Housemates were randomly selected from the Philippine phonebook. If you're a person not from the Philipines, or otherwise not having anything to do with the Philipines, like approximately 95% of the population of the world, then you've probably moved onto a different entry.

edit Filipino Big Brother

Holy shit man.

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