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“OBJECTION! This game makes no fucking sense!”
~ Typical attorney on Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney
Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney
"I object to this game case!"
Developer(s) Capcom
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Release date 2005
Genre Text Adventure with Pictures+b00bs
Platform(s) Nintendo DS
Port Where they insert Dicks
Rating T
Would Shakespeare play it? Only if there's free steak involved.

Ace Attorney, known in Japan as Gyakuten Saiban (逆転裁判, lit. "Turnabout Trial"), is a series of adventure/visual novel games created by Shu Takumi, in which players assume the role of a a Prosecuting attorney, but not just any prosecuting attorney. You're a prosecutor hired by the defendant. Your goal is to find some other schmuck to take the blame, and prosecute him, because it's impossible to prove your client's innocence without convicting someone else. If you fail to prosecute someone other than your client, your client is found guilty, because of course, only your client is considered guilty until proven innocent. This is how the Japanese legal system works in real life.

edit Phoenix Wright

edit Case 1: My First Turnabout

The first level is quite easy. Your best friend kills his girlfriend by giving her a cursed clock. Luckily the clock possessed a burglar who happened to be in the area, and your goal is to pin it on him. You do this by mercilessly asking him the same questions over and over again until he mispronounces one of the words he is attempting to say and throws his toupee at your face. Then you throw down random shit that has nothing to do with anything and the judge is so confused he immediately sentences the innocent man accusing your friend to death.

edit Case 2: Turnabout Lesbians

You kill your boss because she refuses to make you a sandwich (woman learn your place), and then defend her sister who is accused of the crime. You start off by collecting clues and whatnot like an illegal wiretap, blood written messages, the cursed clock from Case 1, and drugs from the suspicious man across the street. It looks bad, with you not being able to pin it on anyone except the obviously guilty sister. You then go about confusing the judge's sense of direction until the judge's sense of direction are worse than the time you got drunk with a bunch of hookers and prostitutes. You then decide to confront Mr. America, but he easily punches you out of window of his billion dollar office. However, you manage to survive the 1,000,000,000,000 foot fall by screaming out 'OBJECTION!' at the last second. The next day, you don't know what to do, so some dead bitch gives you a random piece of paper, allowing you to win the case and frame it on Mr. America just because he punched you out of his office.

edit Case 3: Turnabout Bar Thug


Wolverine needs a fall guy

Some actor is killed and you're hired by Wolverine to convict someone else of it. Thankfully, you discover that the victim was a drug addict and blame the rap music, successfully pinning it on Amy Winehouse.

edit Case 4: Tunabout Prosecutor


An example of the best and brightest prosecuting attorney in the game

A prosecutor is being prosecuted by another prosecutor for killing a defense attorney. You have to defend the prosecuted prosecutor by taking references from the Lochness monster hoax, asking for tree fiddy, information about a hobo and a parrot, and finally pinning the blame on the prosecuting prosecutor by taking advantage of the bullet in his shoulder he got from 'Nam.

edit Case 5: Turnabout Turnabout

A hooker, a cowboy, and an annoying bitch that won't shut up about staring at small objects for copious amounts of time. In this case you defend a murderer by making up so much confusing shit the judge forgets what's going on and pins it on the nearest ethnic stereotype.

edit Phoenix Wright Crap for All


Pleading the 5th is held against you

The second game in the series, Justice for all is basically the same, except that now, not only can you shove "evidence" at people, you can also shove people at them. And if they know anything, they will tell you. Or make you play a minigame.

edit Case 1: Turnabout Crack Smoker

First, you have a dream of Thor smashing you with his hammer. Then, stumbling out of bed to get a can of Red Bull, you slip on a large pool of blood (which isn't evidence) and get amnesia from slamming your brain into your skull. Phoenix wakes up to find a crazy woman dressed as a police officer. This person in actuality is your guilty client, she gives you a hard time for having amnesia. Then you go in to court, having no memory of being a lawyer, which is probably a good thing. The prosecutor is still as manly as ever, so he calls a gay British rich guy who loves LARGE bananas. Your memory kicks back in of yelling, a lot. So you own the rich guy by pinning it on him, the only proof you have is that he's gay. But that's enough to win.

edit Case 2: Turnabout Doctor

Maya kills some doctor because he tried to shut down Burger King, though luckily some dumb nurse didn't know the doctor so she becomes your target. You soon find out that Maya's aunt (the heir to MacDonald's) helped the dumb-ass nurse in the murder to the new master of necromancy (or spirit channeling, as they claim). The prosecutor is probably the most manly one in the whole series. Yet she is also incapable of speaking unless whipping is involved. You end up pinning the crime on the stupid nurse because she stops in midsentence with her alibi.

edit Case 3: Turnabout Poofter

Maya tells Phoenix to lose his homophobia, so he gets a gay client. This case seems hopeless since the only people you can pin it on are a carrot obsessed clown (literally, this guy is covered in carrots, thank god his outfit is legal), a possessed, abusive puppet owned by Pee-Wee Herman, and Dick Gumshoe. Knowing you'll go to hell if you pin it on one of them, You decide to pin it on some poor guy in a wheelchair!

edit Case 4: Turnabout Names Are A Drag

You get yet another guilty client, the french Johnny Bravo who killed the victim with the help of Shelly De killer, who is actually a woman. You try to find someone to pin it own, but with no luck, until you find a woman in tight clothing who is conveniently convenient: Adrian Andrews. Let's just say Phoenix didn't get over his nervousness to spandex. So you pin it on Adrian, but egads! The whip lady gets shot by an unknown gunman (where was Maya all this time...). So Edgewoth takes the prosecutions job. Later when you visit Johnny Bravo You find out that he is innocent. Angered, you give him three scars and get him drunk. Later, when you get used to him being innocent, you find out he is guilty. So you own him by telling Shelly De Killer that Johnny only liked her when he thought she was a man. Johnny owns his own face, and then Shelly owns him later. You win again. And so do not go to hell. Maya gives you a happy ending for saving her ass.

edit Phoenix Wright Trials And Other Crap

edit Case 1: Turnabout Hell No

This is a flashback case. Some bimbo is defending you in court because you killed your best friend for breaking your iPod. The stupid hooker defending you pins it on your ex-girlfriend, and you become emo and cut yourself.

edit Case 2: Turnabout Cookies

Adrian's cookie jar gets stolen (remember her from Case 4 Game 2?) and you have to find it. Then you figure out a fat guy nobody cares about gets killed. A transvestite gets blamed for both. You pin the murder on Pinocchio, but don't care about the cookie jar. Adrian bashes you up.

edit Case 3: Turnabout Impostor

A French Resturant poisons someone and the waitress is blamed. You pin it on a wannabe of yourself.

edit Case 4: Turnabout Bitch

Another flashback case and the hooker is back. She's up against a poofter, so this won't be so easy. It's about your ex-girlfriend nearly killing herself and blaming it on her boyfriend. It ends up with the poor guy killing himself.

edit Case 5: The Final Turnabout

A fortune-teller gets killed and a lovely, innocent girl is blamed. Your ex-girlfriend becomes a zombie and raises from the dead. Your current girlfriend is responsible for that. You end up pinning it on Darth Vader.

edit Game 4 Case 4 Part 2: Turnabout Pwnage

Harry Houdini is killed, and it has to be either Chuck Norris or Oscar Wilde that did it. You end up accidentally presenting your sister's diary, and lose your attorney's badge.

edit Apollo Justice

This is the sequel to the trilogy. A guy cosplaying as a bunny is the main defense attorney now.

edit Case 1: Turnabout Illegal Gaming

You hire Oscar Wilde to kill Chuck Norris because he beat you in cards, and get Apollo to say Oscar did it for his sake.

edit Case 2: Turnabout Mafia

Some wigger kills some dude for being a preacher (and a doctor). You also steal some magic girl's panties, but you pin that on the smartest man alive.


Oh...Right! The murder. You pin it on some Short midget.

edit Case3: Turnabout Murder...thing

Some emo kid kills a 7'5 foot man. He pretends he is blind, and can not speak English. His girlfriend (Who is your MOM) does the same. Later, you pin it on Micheal Jackson.

edit Case 4: Turnabout Fakes

Leonardo da Vinci is murdered, you look at his paintings to see he somehow knew about your cases. In court, you defend his daughter and try to prove Mr. Mint guilty, but the victim's daughter faints from the poison that murdered Leonardo. See Turnabout Pwnage for what happens next. Next, you use a time machine and cause time paradoxes to steal evidence from Oscar Wilde. In court, you say Oscar was the killer and see the devil is on his hand, you make up so much bullshit he goes Super Saiyan and before the judge can prove Vinci's daughter innocent, the jury stops him and they all say innocent, this brings Leonardo's daughter back to life and she decides to stalk you while you don't know you're getting into the pants of your sister.......

edit Phoenix Wright Dual Destinies

This is the sequel to Apollo Justice. This time, both Apollo and Phoenix are playable, along with a new chick called Athena, who can read your emotions using emoticons on a computer.

edit Case 1: Turnabout Terrorists

A girl bombs a courtroom as she finds it an overly-stressful environment. Luckily, the bomb-disposal squad warned the court and everyone escaped. You blame the bomb-disposal member, claiming his warning was a sign he activated it. The girl begins worshiping Apollo and uses her magic knitting kit to make him a scarf.

edit Case 2: The Demonic Wrestling Turnabout

A wrestler kills his rival as his identity is going to be revealed, which means his persona will be dead. You confuse the court by talking about ancient demons the wrestling personas are based off, so the killing wrestler and his daughter pretend to be possessed to confuse everyone. In the confusion, you pin it on The Joker.

edit Case 3: Turnabout Law School

A judge teacher in a law school is murdered by the same girl from Case 1. You meet Klavier(Remember him from Apollo Justice?), and reenact a mock trial that the murder was based on. In court, you harass Solid Snake's sister, then attempt to accuse a boy who is actually a girl and your client's girlfriend. Next, a law student with a rocket launcher appears on the stand, and him, the she-male, and your client all accuse each other, driving the court into confusion. You use the distraction, and learn the rocket launcher guy bribed his teachers, and is actually 7 years older than he says he is.


Oh right, the murder, you pin it on the headmaster.

edit Case 4: Turnabouts IN SPACE!

An astronaut kills another astronaut. However, this is the trial where a courtroom was bombed, so it ends with no verdict.

edit Case 5: Turnabout Cameos

You find out Athena killed the astronaut last time, so you distract everyone by talking about how Athena killed her mom when she was 11 and hire Edgeworth to prosecute her on that charge. Pearl comes back, and wants to help, so she goes around pressing all the buttons, and you learn about Athena trying to dismember her mom with the robot repairing machine. There are no courtrooms, but then you remember a letter Maya gave you, mistaking Case 4 to have continued through the bombing, and decide to hold trial in the bombed courtroom, while Athena's mom's girlfriend holds Trucy and a shit-load of people you don't care about hostage. In the trial, a prosecutor claims he killed Athena's mom, but you constantly call bullshit until he becomes confused, and then you pin both the murder of Athena's mom and the astronaut on a detective, calling him a spy. You win, and once again avoid going to hell, and Apollo, still oblivious to the truth behind his mom, gets into Trucy's pants. Athena and Pearl call Maya so they can all give you a happy ending for saving the world's ass, not to mention for old times sake.

edit Phoenix Wright Meets a Guy in a Top Hat

Phoenix Wright

Object my ass!

In October 2010, Capcom announced a crossover of Phoenix Wright and Professor Layton, a game where everyone randomly gives you shitty complicated puzzles about numbers and ropes and shit. The game involves Phoenix and Layton trying to save a witch from the KKK, all while an old man writes events in a book that makes them all happen.

edit Objection!!!

The most heavy weapon stuck in your arse-nal, if you perform this correctly by yelling as loud as you can and wiggling your middle finger at the opposing party, you release the mental equivalent of a black hole. Everyone's beliefs and personalities become instantly shattered and are completely at your beck and call, no matter how much unbelievably random and irrelevant shit you bring up.

edit Hold It!!!

Rumored to have the power to stop time itself, one defense attorney wields it (and like a bunch of other people who passed the bar exam). It is such an important power that if not used to prove someone guilty or not guilty could lead to the complete stoppage of time in the entire universe, thankfully its in the hands of a group of eccentric lawyers who would do anything to be proven Wright.

edit Take That!!!

As each lawyer graduates from their fledgling position, they are taught the secret ability, passed down by the legal elders of the ability to take absolutely anything that they desire or are in need of from their back pocket. After years of use and practice though, it has been adapted and changed so that anyone can use it, whether their clothing has pockets or not. Fortunately for humanity it is illegal for anyone with this power to use it with anything that isn't going to be immediately used for the case at hand. Many attempt to use this power, the power of "Hold it" and the power of "Objection" but all fail because they always forget to use their voices, reducing its power by half. The only exception is a certain dead attorney (Mia), whose legal powers are halved by death.

edit Characters

The Ace Attorney series has so many diverse characters in the game, and literally all of them have been accused of murder at least once in their life. Here's a list of them.

edit The Steel Samurai: Warrior of Neo Old Tokyo

Please imagine if all of the greatest power rangers, Godzilla, Ryu form street fighter, Dante from DMC and every single fighting robot from every single Japanese anime about fighting robots all came together and made/built a baby and his power suit, then you will get the Steel Samurai. He is the greatest worior of all time, and his only match is the Jammin' Ninja, legend states that any battle between them will lead to colossal collateral damage, yet absolutely no loss of life.

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