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Olivine basalt

Rock on, magic rock.

A Sorcerer's Stone, also known as a Dilithium power crystal, can be used in the creation of all sorts of cool stuff, such as gold, warp drive and "magic" life-extending liquids. Some scientists claim that the stone is not real and is simply a metaphor for science, or some kind of exotic alien meteor, but recent discoveries by the government indicate otherwise...

edit History

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away... some dudes wanted to get rich quick, so they thought it would be a grand idea if they could turn ordinary junk into pure gold. This desire lead them to try many recipes in their quest for riches, including experiments leading to the discovery of TV, whales, mercury poisoning and tin cans. Despite their valiant efforts and amazing discoveries, they mainly ended up angering a whole bunch of other people (no one really likes whales, so their invention was clearly intended to enrage everyone). The backlash from their epic failure to produce shiny materials quashed all further attempts to create a stone.

The stone is coveted between high school math geeks due to it's helpfulness with Calculus, equipped with the ability to find a derivative and an Integral. Sorcerer's stones are also helpful in heating up your bread with cosmic radiation to make a strange foreign substance called Toast and making a homunculus out of Pillsbury dough. Side effects may include King Midas syndrome.

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