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Philip Ruddock in a light hearted mood which always shines through.

“Did anyone just feel that? I seriously just got a chill down my spine.”
~ Aleister Crowley on the Foreboding Spectral Presence of Phillip Ruddock

Philip Maxwell Ruddock (hatched March 12, 943 a.d.) is an Australian politician and a vampire. He was Generally-Attorney like but more often acted like a Nazi in the Coalition Government of Australia's Prime Minister John Howard with whom he signed a pact giving him para quadrus lingo or some other Latin jingo, to be a dead-eyed prat.


The Hon Phillip Ruddock MP Berowra (NSW) Liberal Party of Australia

Biography Phillip Ruddock has been the member for Berowra since 1993. Prior to that, he was the member for Dundas from 1977-93. He was also member for Parramatta from 1973-77 He is the longest-serving member in the House of Representatives. He holds a law degree from the University of Sydney and he practised law before entering politics. His significant portfolios have included being the Minister for Immigration and Multicultural Affairs from 1996-2001. He was Australia's Attorney General from 2003-2007.


Cleaning product Mascot and Vampire Mr Sheen discovered his true weakness. Deducing he was not a vampire, zombie or werewolf but some pile of unimaginative drivel. He was forced to utter a humorous phrase over and over until his head subsequently melted. Expert political analysis has determined he died because he was a rubbish politician and humorless bastard (see The Chaser Austin Powers incident). However the general Australian public knows this is B&^(&^$ and he is secretly plotting his humorless return to power, probably in league with the labor party.

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