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Phil always means:

However, just to cover our backs from legal threats, we are required to point out that it is remotely possible that we're wrong, in which case you may want one of these:

PhilPhil Collins
Phil HellmuthPhil Latio
Phil MickelsonPhil OchsPhil Osophy
Phil RuddPhil Selway
Philadelphia 76ersPhiladelphia Eagles
Philadelphia FlyersPhiladelphia InquirerPhiladelphia Police Department
Philip GlassPhilip K. Dick
Philip PullmanPhilip Ruddock
Philip YeoPhilip Zimbardo
Philip the ArabPhilippine Network War
Philippine TourismPhilippine cuisine
PhilippinesPhilips CD-i
Phillip Banks
Phillip Schofield
Philosopher KingPhilosophers
PhilosophyPhilosophy, Politics and EconomicsPhilosophy and Pop Culture
Philosophy of Science
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