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An example of a petticoated boy.

“I remember doing this to my nephew Ryan Seacrest”
~ Oscar Wilde on Petticoating

Petticoating, or pinaforing, is a kind of child discipline that revolves around a male's being made to appear nude, before being dressed as a girl, either in front of his stepmother, his sisters, or, in some cases, girls of his own age whom he has offended by his boorish behavior. As a form of child discipline, such forced feminization is employed, usually by stepmothers, to dress unruly boys as girls.

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edit Transformation

Their transformation usually includes being forced to wear makeup and to carry dolls, purses, and other items associated with girls. Sometimes, boys are made to perform tasks that they consider to be "girls' work" and to appear in public in girls' clothing with their stepmothers, who occasionally dress in matching outfits. Some people claim that, for the stepmothers, pinaforing sometimes has a sexual context, and many stepmothers who discipline their sons in this fashion either have long wanted daughters or find it erotic to feminize their stepsons.

Boys are transformed into "sissies" and have petticoat dress codes. To avoid spoiling their dresses and panties, the sissies are required to wear a chastity girdle under their skirts. Circumcision may be requried for hygenic as well as ritual and religious reasons, although uncircumcised sissies are more sensitive thus more controllable. To avoid needing to make any modification to the sissie's anatomy, a Tether Spout may be used, and you will find that a suitably sized and locked Tether Spout is perfectly sufficient to prevent any possibility of the sissy being able to escape from their chastity confinement sheath. The use of a locked Tether Spout avoids the need for a Prince Albert piercing, which is irreversible. With a Prince Albert piercing, a ring is placed through the end of the penis as a symbol of male servitude, similar to a wedding ring, although the risk with this modification is that it will make males into shemales and they turn gay. They are required to wear panties, knickers, dresses, skirts, high heels, and other female accessories.

However, there are women and crossdressing men who still like the feminine, sexy look of a dress or skirt with petticoats, as well as the use of corsets, girdles, or garter belts with nylon stockings instead of pantyhose.


Shinji Ikari was caught wearing Asuka Langley Soryu's panties again. This time she actually caught him attempting to masturbate while wearing one of her dresses and peeping on her, so she decided it was time for this to stop, and for a little payback! She put him into a girdle of chastity and locked him into her dress. Now he will have to wear her dress and chastity belt under his skirts. He'll have to be a girl.


Being a boy in the Girl Scouts isn't always as much fun as you'd think. Especially once you realize that the lock you heard the girls clicking closed was the one securing your girdle of chastity.

edit Chastity

As a sissie you are required to wear a secure chastity belt and panties under your locking petticoat dress. Once you are appropriately dressed as a sissie, your stepmother clicks the locks on both your chastity belt and petticoat dress closed and hides the keys away for safekeeping. Without the keys, no matter how frustrated you become at having to stay dressed as a girl, you won't be able to unlock yourself. Once you realize that you cannot take off your dress or get out of your chastity device, you learn to accept it. This is the beginning of your feminisation. You soon learn to surrender to the frustration of being forced to remain chaste under your petticoats while dressed as a girl, with no way to take off your dress or to hide your newly-feminised predicament. In this way, you learn to be demure and to keep your knees together under your petticoats, so as not to draw unwanted attention to yourself from boys. Your petticoats and chastity belt ensure that you will stay soft as a girl, unable to have the slightest erection. In addition, no masturbation is possible while you are wearing your chastity belt under your skirts. Your chastity belt will be inspected frequently, and if any evidence is found that you have been attempting to escape from it, you will be immediately disciplined. This will start by having your hands cuffed together behind your back (so that you won't be able to struggle), then being made to bend over as your skirts are lifted so that the spanking that you know you deserve can be appropriately administered. In most cases, a simple spanking will be sufficient to instill the proper respect for your chastity belt, but additional bondage such as the Segufix humane patient positioning and restraint system or a silk straitjacket leotard in conjunction with an appropriately padded room may be used if deemed necessary. These forms of restraint are especially recommended if the escape attempt took place at night, as they can be used to impose the appropriate remedial discipline for an extended period of time. A silk straitjacket leotard is the most appropriate for extended bondage punishment. A silk leotard straitjacket remains wonderfully cool and comfortable no matter how hard you struggle against it. The apparently delicate silk material should not be underestimated. Despite its light weight, a silk straitjacket is surprisingly inescapeable. Silk has a very high strength to weight ratio, making it an extremely strong material when used as a straitjacket leotard. As you struggle in your silk leotard straitjacket, you will have plenty of time to dwell on your attempted transgression and learn the proper respect for your chastity belt. The silk leotard straitjacket can also be imposed to enhance the rate at which you become submissive and subservient. It has been proven that the imposition of a chastity belt in conjunction with appropriate periods locked in a silk leotard straitjacket will help accelerate the process of turning a boy into a submissive sissie. A chaste sissie knows you are doing him a favor by keeping him under lock and key, because he is simply too small to ever satisfy a woman. A sissie must remain soft under his skirts within the confines of his chastity belt. In extreme cases, a corset can be imposed, as well as a pantie-girdle, to make sure that you remain appropriately dressed at all times. An all-in-one pantie-corslette can help keep your chastity belt hidden on those occasions when you have to wear a shorter skirt. Since pantie-corslettes are quite tight, they will help you get used to the discipline of being laced into a corset. You will find that a chaste and properly corseted sissy will tend to behave at all times in a truly lady-like fashion. Many stepmothers use this method of chaste corsetting discipline on their sons and nephews. Once you are corseted and locked in a chastity belt by your mistress, she has complete control over your erections and you cannot touch yourself under your petticoats. Your chastity tube quells you and forces you to always curve back between your legs, which can be frustrating when you are first dressed as a girl. Once a sissie has been locked in chastity for a period of about four months, their erections will gradually subside as they get used to being permanently quelled. This time can of course be shortened by using six shots of female hormones, three in each arm. Mistresses often impose feminisation training on sissies, this includes chastity training and orgasm control. Once you have completed your feminisation training, you will not be permitted to have any erection, nor will you be allowed to have any orgasms. Once a sissie is properly feminised, those disgusting ejaculations of theirs will simply not happen any more. Properly feminised sissies are forced by their training to be clean and pure. There are no more inappropriate erections for you to worry about. The chastity confinement sheath, which keeps their penis securely locked away, fits snugly to the sissie's body and forms a nice feminine silhouette. The sissie will gradually adjust to the feminine feelings of enclosure from their chastity belt and the chastity confinement sheath locked between their legs. The petticoated sissie is forced to lead a perfect life, corseted and of course locked in a chastity device without any access to the key. No removal of the device is possible, it remains in place under his skirt at all times, and that is the way it must remain. The last resort of punishment by this exercise is castration, which is very rarely used ever.


Here is another example. This is Sally Syaoran. His name was Li Syaoran until he had a sex-change after behaving to being a naughty little boy towards Sakura Kinamoto. So Sakura Kinamoto used forced feminization on him and drugged and dosed him with hormones, thus, the result made him change into a female. A name change was required for her to be a good little girl, so she decided to change her name from 'Li' to Sally. Sally Syaoran is now required and forced to wear a school dress. She also is forced to wear short preppy skirts, dresses, high heels, panties, knickers, and other female accessories.

edit Masturbation

No masturbation is allowed at all, under any circumstance or at any time whatsoever. You have to refrain from attempting to touch yourself, or a chastity belt will be imposed. If sissy boys are caught attempting to masturbate or are seen by minions of the house, they will be forced to put on a chastity belt and a chain leash which they will wear under their mistresses control and be supervised at all times. Boys know that they cannot cum! They are forbidden to attempt to get past their chastity confinement sheath to try to touch their penises. Sissies may be released from the chain leash for good behavior, but they will never be released from their chastity belts, ever. It greatly increases your humiliation to have the girdle of chastity locked around your waist, with the chastity confinement sheath forcing you to curve softly back between your legs. No matter how you try to push down your girdle of chastity, you cannot get it past your hips and you'll find that the confinement sheath will remain securely in place between your legs, preventing you from touching yourself or getting any erection, which can be frustrating but you will get used to it as you begin to feel more and more like a girl. The boys know that they can't escape from these secure chastity restraints. Many stepmothers who use this method of discipline on their sons in this fashion either have long wanted daughters or find it erotic to feminize their sons.

edit Spanking

Spanking is also sometimes added as a pinaforing component to properly discipline a disobedient boy. Often, to increase the boy's humiliation, such corporal punishment is delivered by his sister and her friends, all of whom are given the right to spank him at any time, for any reason. Surrendering to a spanking is the petticoated boy's way of showing his obedience to the dominant women, who take care of males by locking them into chastity and controlling their sexual life. Boys will be deprived of their hot masculinity and forced to be extremely feminine. Strictly controlled chastity is an essential component of many other ways you might choose to dominate your locked males, such as feminization, sissyfication, babyfication, catheterization and various other treatments. Other methods may be used too, such as the electronic chastity leash, which is very effective in preventing the chastity-locked boy from moving more than a few feet away from you without the risk of being electronically shocked on his defenceless genitals.

edit Steps For Teaching Sissy Maids In Petticoating To Serve For Masters And Mistresses

These steps in Petticoating will teach your boy to be such a quiet, obedient and hard-working little sissy maid! He will no longer be a boisterous boy, but a gorgeous girl; the docile and deferential composed young lady will now become a submissive slave complete with the clothes, bearing, gestures, language, tastes, thoughts and even the soul of a girl. Boys are transformed into cute sissies, sexy sluts, rubber dolls, or sweet baby girls.

  • The first day in will be putting your boy in a corset. He will have to wear corsets for the rest of his life. He will no longer be a boisterous boy, but a composed young lady and a gorgeous girl.
    • Definitely a cage-type or full-lock chastity around the penis is appropriate. (The type of chastity belt is optional and up to you.) You want your unruly girl to realize how open and available she is to a very humbling time across the lap of the Governess! The chastity confinement sheath should keep the penis suitably hidden, pressed as closely as possible between the legs, where it is not visible. The most effective and secure way to accomplish this is by means of a contoured steel hip belt, which will hold the curved chastity confinement sheath properly in place between the legs at all times, disallowing any attempted erections. (Castration is optional. It's your choice.)
  • The second day will be putting your sissy maid into boots. Her boots are so important to maintain Her perfect posture, sissy gait and her enforced femininity! (Knee high's optional. Again, it's your choice.)
    • Males that are inferior WILL adore the sexual positions and beg for it. Make you sissy maid understanding their place in the social order of your new household is very important that you are the boss and the Governess is in charge! Stockings, a rather sexy article of clothing usually worn by women with a skirt or dress. Most shemales refuse to wear them because they say they're uncomfortable which makes the sissy learn their lessons easier.
  • The third and final day will be ear piercing. You are to pierce her ears yourself. Earrings in place with every feminized movement throughout her days in obedient serfitude. (This and genital piercing are optional. Again, it's your choice.) You know have a perfect sweet little sissy maid who is obedient, submissive, demure, loyal, and chaste. The role of the perfect sweet little chambermaid and she will be obedient, demure and chaste in her every activity! Understanding their place in the social order of your new household is very important!
    • I'm sure that you will be very careful. It is about the dominant women who absolutely love and take care of males by locking them into chastity and controlling their sexual life. Boys will be deprived of their masculinity and forced to be extremely feminine. Boys are transformed into cute girls, maids, sexy sluts, and sweet sissies.That includes chastity training and orgasm control.

edit Political incorrectness

Stella Gonzalez-Arnal of the Department of Philosophy at the University of Hull sees pinaforing as a "politically incorrect form of sexuality" in which "women's clothing and women's traditional occupations" are regarded "as inferior and humiliating; reinforcing undesirable stereotypes by characterising females as submissive, passive, helpless and subservient." Critics of this theory point out that Ms. Gonzalez-Arnal is a trisexual woman and has no place in a center of learning.

edit Petticoat Discipline Monthly

I himmler

Popular Zahlen von Geschichte sind gewesen, wissen Sie, um petticoating zu üben.

Petticoat Discipline Monthly bringt Briefe durch pinaforing-Mütter und Artikel auf solchen Themen als:

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  • Schlüpfer-Woche

edit Literary accounts

Such was the popularity of petticoating that a number of erotic novels of the Victorian period contain accounts of pinaforing. References to the practice are mentioned in a number of Charles Dickens works, including Oliver Twist, as well as the writing of Mark Twain and Jack London.

edit Gynecocracy

In Gynecocracy: A Narrative of the Adventures and Psychological Experiences of Julian Robinson, by Viscount Ladywood, the author recounts his punishment as a boy at the hands of the governness to whom he is sent, along with three female cousins, after having taken indecent liberties with a household maid. Forced to wear girls' clothing as his ordinary attire, Julian, as Julia, is subjected to frequent flagellations, as are his cousins, one of whom he later marries, submitting to her dominance through continued forced feminization and crossdressing.

edit My Secret Life

The Victorian classic, My Secret Life, contains an account of pinaforing in which the main character, Walter, witnesses the birching of a wealthy middle-aged man by a prostitute while the man wears feminine attire.

edit The Pearl

The Pearl, A Journal of Facetiae and Voluptuous Reading, another Victorian novel, also contains an account of the flagellation of a victim dressed as a woman, although, in the strict sense, this account does not represent pinaforing per se because the man, Frank, is not petticoated as part of his punishment but has, rather, dressed in ladies' garments to disguise himself as a woman: to avenge herself, Lucretia persuades Frank to pose as his sister and to join a ladies' private whipping club, the qualification for admission to which is the applicant's receipt of a whipping.

edit The Adventures of Baron Ringpiece

William Thackeray's literary classic The Adventures of Baron Ringpiece describes petticoating as a standard practice within the British Armed Forces, sometimes as a means of punishment, whilst at other times purely for ceremonial usage, alongside such practices as the Nappy Changing of the Guard.

edit Additional information

French maid dingo

Where does it end?

For a greater and more detailed of literary accounts of pinaforing, see Petticoat Punishment in Erotic Litearture by Peter Farrer.

For those who are interested in pinaforing, MacDonald recommends the following books:

  • The Rise and Fall of the British Nanny
  • A History of the English Public School

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