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A luscious chocolate Petrarch, with or without iambic pentameter


Some Italian bloke

O, Petrarch, your caramel ganache cream

Surrounded by milk choc'late, and inlaid

With jeweléd pralines, that from nuts are made

Dissolves in mouths as softly as a dream.

The taste, enough to make young females scream,

Their bosoms heave, their inhibitions fade.

It fills their minds with thoughts of getting laid;

Their cheeks flush red, their eyes begin to gleam.

The fine taste that my torrid tongue engaged,

Enraptured all my sweet taste buds to bloat.

I grinned as pleasure flowed throughout my brain,

and yet, whene'er I've read your verse, I've raged!

I wish that you had ne'er a sonnet wrote,

For writing this has driven me insane!

Nuvola apps important Article written in the style of its subject
This article is written in the real or imagined writing style of its subject. If you do not find it funny, it is probably because you are the type who needed this explained to you. If you still do not find the article funny, that is surely because a joke loses its humor when it is explained. The authors sincerely hope that you will pick up your game and laugh without prompting in the future.
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