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Periphery is a Djuntz-band formed in 2004 and 2005 by Misha "Fluorescent Lamp" Mansoooor. He formed half of the band on 31 of December 2004, and then proceeded to form the rest of the band on 1 of January 2005, although he was the only member at the time. They are mainly known for their various tunings, such as drop C, Drop Ab, drop Ba, Drop Q#, and 8-string un-dropped F% tuning.

They are also known for having three guitarists. Originally, Misha intended the band to have more than three, but the idea was restricted since the band would ultimately be bigger than the audience.

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edit History

edit Formation

The band was formed by Misha in his bathroom, since he was a bathroom-musician at the time. He had previously tried a career as a bedroom skater, living room pilot and cellar military surgeon, careers that turned out hilariously unsuccessful. After five years the band had a full setup of members. They were given to Misha one by one each christmas during the period between 2005-2010 by his parents, or as he of course thought, Santa.

edit Self Titled Album

Their first album was simply called "Self Titled Album". It was recorded 427 times before it was released, and featured songs such as "Light Brown", "Totlally Bald", "Ooh My Scrotum", and "Zablyrkfoxz".

edit Periphery Too: Next Time It's Private!

The band continued with their second album in 2012. The album featured additional tunings, including FAGDAD, DOGFART, and GANGBANG tunings.

edit Gear

Maddam "Dolly" GetBetterThanMe exclusively uses extended growing scale basses. The necks on these basses grows longer over time, this is due to Peripherys' tunings getting progressively lower and lower. He has also said himself that the band plans to utilize three bass players during the next six and a half years, all three playing the same bass since it length will be covering half the stage or more.

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