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Death of Pepe, killed by his creator.

Pepe the Frog is a cartoon character that got away from his initial inventor and became an Internet meme supporting white nationalism, Breitbart and Donald Trump. Despite attempts by cartoonist Matt Furie, who came up with stoned lily pad inhabitant, to reclaim his invention, he instead resorted to violence and killed off his creation.

Pepe's career as icon for trolls dates back to 2015 when their earlier symbols of choice — the Swastika, Celtic Cross, and images of Ann Coulter — were judged offensive even for Facebook and YouTube. Pepe was co-adopted as he was already a figure of fun as the drug-taking amphibian who also happened to be a in a comic aimed at children — at least in France. He was designed to represent "cool rebellion", including waving his weiner and indulging in LCD toilet humour. This latter aspect appealed to Internet trolls whose average age is 12, who had grown up (if that's the operative word here) with Pepe and wanted to be as famous as a green frog. He was also the anti-Kermit. No being a nice frog!

edit Origins


Pepe was an early Nazi supporter?

Matt Furie had long wanted to draw his own cartoon frog. Artists and comics have always loved frogs rather than toads or newts. Furie's frog would be one cool dude, though he had competition from the hyper druggie Crazy Frog and SpongeBob SquarePants — who of course isn't an amphibian, but has to absorb a lot of water to survive.

In 2005, Furie published his comic book, Pepe the Frog and His Hallucinogenic Hangovers. The comic's supposed audience of potty-sitters didn't get the drug references but liked the comic strips showing Pepe regularly barfing up his breakfast of dead flies and generally getting into trouble.

edit Adoption as a hate symbol

For the religious among us who choose to believe lies, the so-called experts at Wikipedia have an article about Pepe the Frog.

Since this humor has always had its target audience (potty users and downwards), perhaps Furie was being naïve not to think his creation would start appearing in some strange guises, like joining the Nazi Brownshirts. But he was wrong; in 2015, Pepe escaped from his liberal-nice-guy pond to head for the swamp, where stormtroopers and stiff-armers liked to congregate and exchange opinions that Pepe was the most misaligned figure in history, excepting only Jesus Christ and Ivanka Trump.

edit Suppression


Pepe the Frog and Hillary Clinton.

The more Furie attempted to return his character under his control, the more it literally spawned another 1,000 memes. Suppression always leads to the Barbra Streisand effect. The less you want people to know where you live, the more they will click on the links to find out more.

In the end Furie gave up. He hoped the "trolls" would soon tire of the meme as the next generation will look for someone (or something else) to target. When they didn't happen, Furie killed his character. Except of course, next up will be Zombie Pepe.

The show will go on.

edit Kek

Some claim that Pepe is the reincarnation of the ancient Egyptian frog god of darkness Kek (also known as Kuk or Keku), and worship him as such as part of a 4chan in-joke. This meme sprung from the shocking similarity between 4chan's slang term for laughter, "kek", and the name of said ancient Egyptian frog god. Internet denizens believe that this coincidence is due to the influence of "meme magic", a mystical force that causes Internet memes to cross over into real life.

In 2017, intellectualist YouTuber Sargon of Akkad noticed that shitposters technically could classify as an ethnic group for the British Census, so he contacted them and requested that Kekistani be added to the census. While he was unsuccessful in getting the ethnicity added to the Census, the meme went viral; many teenagers and alt-right "Kekistanis" can currently be seen trolling protests waving the national flag of Kekistan (modeled after, and a parody of, the Reichskriegsflagge) and decrying the "oppression" of their people.

The occult meme has even found its way into the world of music. In late 2016, "Shadilay" — a 1986 Italo disco record made by the band P.E.P.E — suddenly went from previously being heard of by three people to gaining national attention, due to both the name of the group (P.E.P.E) and the record art which depicts a frog holding a magic wand.

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