Pennywise the Dancing Clown

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Pennywise The Dancing Clown
Pennywise the clown is stuck in the 80's. He still dances the "Vogue" at parties.
Born Robert 'Bob' Gray
Residence Derry Water Facility (last known address)
Style Wears Clown Suit, Giant Yellow Shoes, White Face Make-Up, Bright Red Puffy Hair, and Round Red Nose.
Height Around 6'0
Weight Around 170-190

Pennywise the Dancing Clown is a well-known mass-murderer and pedophile. For a long time, he dwelled in a sewer and molested and ate children until he was defeated by a group of children in Stephen King's most famous film. Later, he returned; and so the children, now grown up, had to fight him once again.

Birth of Pennywise the Clown

Who Is Pennywise The Dancing Clown?

Pennywise shower

Pennywise is seen here in one of his favorite places: the drain of the men's shower room.

Pennywise The Clown is not really a clown. Pennywise The Clown is NOT really doing the killings in Derry. That is far more powerful than just a human in a clown suit. This evil has possessed a circus clown by the name of 'Bob Gray' for over 200 years. This demon chose Bob so he could get closest to his prey, the children.

IT feeds off little kids. It manipulates them into thinking it's a clown, making them feel safe and secure. C'mon, who really thinks a clown would hurt them? Then when the children are oozing with fear, he goes in for the kill. Which is usually tearing an arm off or biting into some one's armpit. For some reason only the children of Derry can actually see Pennywise.

The adults just stopped believing and they cannot see him at all. Pennywise is your worst dreams come true, We can not even picture this evil. Pennywise comes back every 30 years to eat. He will usually stay around until he is full and he will sleep for the next 30 years and so on and so forth. Pennywise will never die, something this evil will never die. Le clown est méchant.

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