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The Paystation 2 logo

“Damned whacked thing! This isn't funny at all...”
~ Oscar Wilde on Paystation 2

“I fucking love paying games”

I will recommend this gaming console, especially for <insert name here>.

~ Random celebrity on Paystation 2

The amazing The Money(tm) Paystation 2 is a revolutionary gaming console for the whole family. It's filled up with cool stuff, parts from old Lada's and much more. And guess what: It's made in China!

edit Operation

  1. Approach P$2
  2. Insert money
  3. Play P$2

You'll just have to pay some money, but


edit Technical specifications

The P$2 has some impressive guts...

  • Storage type: NES Cartridges (not compatible with the NES, 512 KB storage.)
  • Video card: 128 KB DDR1 ATI EGA Card.
  • Video card GPU: 1024 Khz.
  • Processor: Intel 4004 12,64 mhz.
  • Connectivity: SECAM RB4 6v Analogue Cable

edit Games for the P$ 2

edit Criticism

Critics have been saying that the P$ 2 is way to expensive. As the Daily Mail wrote last sunday:

If Oscar Wilde says it's not funny, it's not funny. Give me pie!
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