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Paris Hilton Hotel

Look at that proud tower standing erect next to Paris Hilton. It truly is a view to take one's breath away

“Does it have a ballroom? It does? Great! I'd love to have my balls held by the Paris Hilton.”
~ Oscar Wilde on the Paris Hilton

The Paris Hilton is a hotel located on the Avenue de Suffren near the Trocadero Gardens in Paris. Rooms in the Paris Hilton offer spectacular views of the Eiffel Tower and the River Seine. This 4-star hotel offers 461 rooms, two restaurants (with one specializing in California-style cuisine), and many business amenities.

On Arrival

Impeccable service is something you can count on with Paris Hilton.

The elegant facade of Paris' greatest hotel is dominated by its iconic doors, which are the largest and widest in Europe. If you've seen Paris Hilton, you've seen its entrance. The doors' two experienced doormen work day and night ensuring the swift passage of guests going in and out, in and out, again and again. Critics have said that the hotel is compromising its security by its willingness to let almost anyone through its main entrance and that, in these days of terrorist uncertainty, such irresponsible openness could leave the site vulnerable to attack from a suspicious package. The proprietors don't appear to care.

On checking in, luggage will be taken by one of the site's many hard-working porters. All bags are handled with the utmost care and loving attention. For a small unpacking fee, the contents can be skilfully extracted and spread across the room.

Dogs are allowed in the hotel, but only if they are small enough to fit in a ladies' handbag. Babies are also welcome. Some hotels get squeamish about them being sick everywhere, but Paris Hilton takes the opposite approach with its refreshingly liberal vomiting policy.

Hilton Paris accom standard

Relax on the luxurious bed, peruse the complimentary reading material and pamper yourself in the marble bathroom.

Staying for Pleasure

A night in the world-reknowned Paris Hilton can be a relaxing or thrilling experience. Just think of all the rich and famous people who have been there before you. It is common practice for guests to document their time at the hotel with audio-visual equipment. This is available from reception for a small fee (equipment may require cleaning). Guests can then share the sights and sounds with friends at home using the wireless internet connection. The hotel also provides extremely secure storage services for audio-visual recordings.

Paris Hilton has a large and fully-heated swimming pool which can provide hours of wet and wild fun for all the family. Guests should make full use of

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