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Whoops! Maybe you were looking for Old People, or Indians?

Pariah is a first-person shooter produced by Cowphobia, in which the player controls super-PAKYUE and sets on an adventure to kill the mad female killing Cow from Mars. There are a total of 2234.76 different types of weapons available including the farting gun, methane choker, and the flammable bamboo trap. There are 3.4 stages in the game, and every level features a panda-boss, hyper-freak female cows with powerful bamboo spears. the last boss (level .4) has a blow-up-de-haystack grenade, killing the player upon contact.

EE & Company, the distributor of the game, has denied crictism comparing the haystack spears to Britney Spears.

You may be looking for Grue and not even know it!

edit Algebra engine

The game stimulates 3D environments by using the new algebra engine, which works by solving extremely complicated algebra questions.the inventor of this engine is mdm ng

Examples are: the character turns right

 v_\mathrm{right} = \sqrt{ \frac{(1+e)\mu}{(1-turn)a} } \,)

the character shoots

\Omega =\arccos { {n_{weapon}} \over { \mathbf{\left |n \right |}}}\ \ (n_{shoot}\ge kill);

the character buys a panda-porn magazine

c^{buy} {d \tau}^{cow} = 
\left( {money} - \frac{r_{s}}{porn} + \frac{r_{Q}^{2}}{r^{2}} \right) c^{2} dt^{2} - \frac{dr^{2}}{1 - \frac{r_{s}}{r} + \frac{r_{porn}^{2}}{r^{2}}} - r^{2} d\theta^{2} - r^{2} \sin^{2} \theta \, d\varphi^{2}

edit System requirements

a computer, with the following-

  • 8942 TB RAM
  • Windows 8900 or higher
  • 84 inch LCD screen (recommended)
  • a black keyboard and a white(but not furry) mouse
  • a scanner

also requires-

  • a photo of a killer chec han
  • 2 hands, with 5 fingers each (preferably the player's)
  • your mum (optional)
  • a TimeOut

edit How to install

Unfortunately, the game does not include an installation wizard from h-aystack-ogwarts, so you have to install it yourself.

  1. first, scan the photo of the killer panda into the computer. your mum might come in handy here.
  2. next, delete the scanned photo.
  3. third, do the first and second step over and over again until your recycle bin is full.
  4. fourth, by then, your mum's fingers would have already been sore.
  5. fifth, have a TimeOut
  6. sixth, kill your mum.
  7. seventh, your mum's ghost will haunt the computer, disguised as the game.
  8. eighth, enjoy the game!

edit Characters

  • female killing cows
  • super-PAKYUE
  • professor EE AH
  • chocolate cakes
  • ch_ch (stage 1 boss)
  • checkhan@cow=me! (stage 2 boss)
  • cowdy (stage 3 boss)
  • tan cow/chek han (secret stage .4 boss)
  • chowng wee ( bonus stages boss)
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