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Pangea as it appeared shortly after the break-up, mere seconds before being melted down into high-concentration building material for an oil rig. Note that the Moon collided with the Earth and fell into the Earth's seas before gravity suddenly threw it away out into space again.

Pangaea was a colonial empire established by a series of earthquakes that made all the continents come together. it was destroyed by another series of earthquakes that made the north and south continents seprate.


Pan Gay ahhh was founded in 300 billion-trillionPC by pyromaniac panda painters Pango and Panga, who named the country after their most recent collaborative work of art, which featured a dramatic exterior shot of a polar bear eating marshmallows inside an igloo during a blizzard. This painting required so much white paint that it caused a worldwide shortage, which Pango was able to solve by using new-found Pangaea's massive white-paint lakes, a phenomenon not seen anywhere else worldwide. Pango received so much money from selling the white-paint lakes that he was able to clone himself 400,000,000,000,000,000.45 times. His clones soon became his loyal subjects in the mighty empire of Pangaea, over whichi like men tht is in pan helloago Pango ruled as supreme dictator. (Panga vanished from the timeline somewhere around the time the paint shortage began. Her fate is as of yet unknown.)

Banana-Cream Pie Controversy

The Future

After a period of global warming Pangea will reform, but it will be called Frying Pangea.

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