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edit Why use subsections?

edit For clarity

edit ease of use

edit it's fun

edit content isn't necessary

edit Why are they pointless?

edit There is no text to go with them

edit They lead nowhere

edit There isn't really an article at all

edit And yet they just keep going

edit Why a whole page of them, then?

edit Because there should be one

edit Because I wanted to

edit Because eventually someone else would do it

edit And because you talk too much
edit So shut your hole
edit Before I shut it for you!
edit Hello, Im Brian Blessed!


edit If you don't stop crying (shit, this is long to read...)

edit I'm gonna give you something to cry about

edit You little jerk

edit Don't make me get the hose

edit I'm sorry

edit That's better.

edit Now say, "I love you Mommie Dearest"

edit What?

edit Say it, or you'll go back in the hole!

edit Housewife like to use pillows a, Hello did you make that

edit if you read this your not educated enoof

edit there is so much crap

edit I love you mommie dearest.

edit I love you too, darling.

No you don't.

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