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Captain condom provides birth control insurance

PPI, or Prepaid Penis Insurance policy, you as a policyholder can receive help to save yourself from babymaking if you are too unwell to work or suddenly lose your job. PPI can cover most types of penis, including circumcised and uncircumcised varieties, and is available in ribbed or unribbed, latex or lambskin. They are mostly offered from the drugstore along with the unique instructions, but you can take out any endure-entirely policy, also known as Viagra.

edit Instructions

Difficulty: Moderate

  1. Decide whether insuring your penis is a requirement for your lifestyle. For illustration, if you are old and have any increased opportunity of contracting debilitating illnesses, have a large family by way of many folks to help, or you are underemployed, insuring your penis might deliver you peace of mind in case regarding an crisis.
  2. Reveal out if your medical situation disqualifies you from claiming on some PPI strategy. There's no stage in taking out PPI if you are monogamous and are sure your partner is not cheating, use another method of birth control, or suffer from any existing medical problem.
  3. Don't hint up to a PPI policy if you're hoping it will preserve your health if you must be incapacitated by any serious illness, such as heart failure or stroke. Should you be at risk of heart conditions, you should abstain from sexual activity.
  4. Ask your doctor to explain the health condition relating to extended phrase sickness. Though some employers will only pay Statutory Sick Pay if your illness exceeds four days, most boast their own ill pay schemes. Should you contract an STD, it can last longer than six months and lead to bad effects. Ask your doctor for a note so that you can be excused from work during this time.
  5. Check the details of your policy thoroughly previous to you dedicate to something. Condom policies are generally valid as long as the wrapper is intact and there are no holes. Should you need baby protection but not STD protection, you might use a trustworthy partner who uses birth control pills, an implanted IUD, or regular depo-provera shots.

edit Suggestions & Warnings

There are additional methods to insure your penis also protect yourself against defaulting other besides getting out a PPI policy. Check by means of your church or any religious advisor to find the finest option.

Penis Protection Insurance is notoriously hard to declare on. Only about 4% about people with policies generate declares, although insurers reject on least 99.9% of these claims. Be prepared to give total proof to support your claim, and be persistent until you obtain what is owed to you.

If you think you have been mis-sold a PPI, the PPI comes apart during ejaculation, or you were sold it without your understanding, you might be able to claim it back. Partners are allowed to insist you have some form of penile protection insurance policy, though they may't force you to purchase theirs. If this has happened to you, first go through your store's usual complaints route. If you don't receive pleasure, take your complaint to your partner or advocate.

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