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Philip Paul Doormaker, or better known by his in ring name, PM Punk, is a professional wrestler currently signed in PWE. He is known for being a 2-time PWE Champion, having held it the longest on both occassions, the first reign being 1276 days from 2003 to early mid 2006 and the latter being 2007 to 2013, where he lost it to the returning The Hock. He is a 1 time money in the bank winner, and a 1 time tag team champion, which he was with Alex Gallows, now wrestling as Big Show, when they were still part of the Prophetic Straight Edge Liberation.

2003 - 2007: PWE Championship

At the Annual PWE New Year's Revolution, PM Punk captured the then vacant and brand new PWE Championship against six other wrestlers inside the elimination chamber to become the first ever PWE Champion, a championship that he would carry on until mid 2006.

Various Feuds and Storylines

He had feuds. He beat them all

End of first reign and departure

He lost the PWE Championship.

Extreme Philippine Restling (EPR)

He tried to wrestle there.

2007 - 2011: Independent Circuit

He was wrestling.

2011: Demented Sidewinder

A different gimmick.

2011 - 2013: The Best Fortuneteller in the World

PM Punk returned to the now renamed PWE which was established by Beans Mcman. He was awarded the PWE Championship. Although it was shown on the first raw of 2011 that he was awarded the championship, it was awarded to him way before the company was established. He would then defend it against anyone and turned out to be victorious.

Heel Turn

On the first episode of raw of 2013, The Hock returned, issuing a challenge to whoever the champion is at royal rumble. On the same night, The Hock would then save PM Punk from The Crew. Punk then turned on The Hock by delivering a GTS, signalling a feud and turning heel in the process for the first time again since 2009. Punk explained his actions the following week on raw.

End of second reign and Wrestlemania

At the 2013 royal rumble, PM Punk dropped the title to The Hock. Three weeks before wrestlemania, after PM Punk beat a random loser jobber jerk, Sanghoontaker interrupted Punk's victory with his signature "rest in peace" gesture, signalling that he wanted to put an end to his losing streak at Wrestlemania via Punk. Punk would then beat Sanghoontaker in his own Casket Match, ending their feud with Sanghoontaker's streak extending to 0-22.


The following raw, Punk talked about being champion, and stopped there. He looked around, and put an expression as if he was leaving the company, hugged Paul Heyman and walked away, leaving the fans wondering what's with Punk. Punk tweeted: "I'm leaving, for now". That night Punk kayfabe left the PWE. (In reality, he was sick and tired of the Kim Bashes.

Return to the PWE and Best In The World - 2013 - present

The raw before Summerslam, Bengzon Jericho issued a challenge to Punk. On Summerslam, at his hometown of Pque, ML in the Pque Staples Arena, PM Punk returned, debuting a new shirt and a new entrance theme, signalling a new Punk era.

Feud with GM Punk

He beat GM Punk.

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