OGF1 OpenGeofiction (OGF) is a website which has been originated by a German Nazi known as Thilo who wants to conquer an imaginary world which the Nazis failed to do. Gathering a few followers, the website was thus open for the general public who likes to create the other world, a hobby known as 'geofiction'. The OGF site is known as the other OpenStreetMap, the other Google earth, you name it.

The management of OGF is distinctly similar to 1984, with the Inner Party known as the admins managing the site, while registered users, the Outer Party, create the maps of their countries monitored by the admins and monitor others. There is even a form of newspeak with words like 'overwikification' being used frequently against users who spent too much time writing about their nations and mapped little. Proles, or just visitors, gives little impact to the world. Banned users who repeatedly violate the admin commandments were 'vapourised' and then rendered unpersons.