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On tge run chat

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> Connecting to server

> Connected to network "On the Run"

> cheekyboy38 has joined

> Rocks223 has joined

<cheekyboy38> Hey dudes wassup!

<Rocks223> Not much.

<<insert name here>> Hi guys.

> Bushbaby46 has joined

<Rocks223> Who are you?

<Bushbaby46> I used to be the president of the United States. Who the hell are you supposed to be?

<Rocks223> Whoa dude, chill out!

<<insert name here>> Yeah.

<Bushbaby46> Shut up, <insert name here>! I wasn't talking to you!

<<insert name here>> Sorry...

> LiamJenkins has joined

> lulz556 has joined

<lulz556> hi guys wats up with yal

<cheekyboy38> Sorry, I can't read your grammar.

<<insert name here>> Wow, all you guys seem so cool. I'm going to spend all my time after I get home from school on this chatroom!

<Rocks223> You go to school? You're a kid?

<LiamJenkins> Yeah, chatrooms are dangerous places for kids.

<<insert name here>> Shut up, i'm a teenager! I go to high school!

<LiamJenkins> Still, that isn't exactly legal age.

<lulz556> omg all of u shut the fuk up!

<LiamJenkins> Hey <insert name here>, looks like you're not the only one here still in school.

> Meowmachine has joined

<lulz556> lol! meow machine!

<Meowmachine> Lol! Lack of grammar!

<lulz556> lulwut?

<Rocks223> lulz556, how old are you? Honestly, you don't seem to be of adult age.

<lulz556> im 12

<Rocks223> You got to be fucking joking me?

<LiamJenkins> Yeah, I expected that you were 14.

<cheekyboy38> Hey, sorry guys, I have to study for exams. I'm in university you know, unlike SOME PEOPLE! (*cough* <insert name here> and lulz556)

> cheekyboy38 has left

<lulz556> i doubt wer gonna miss him

<Meowmachine> You know, shut up!

<<insert name here>> Yeah, who told you to start blabbing off.

<Rocks223> For once, I have to agree with <insert name here>.

<Bushbaby46> Hey fellahs.

<Rocks223> Unless you can deal with trolls, FUCK OFF YOU SHITTY PRESIDENT!

<Bushbaby46> You.... made me cry. You jus made a grown man cry.

<Rocks223> Dude, sorry.

<lulz556> lolwut?

<Rocks223> Will you shut up already!

<Meowmachine> Excuse me, Mr. Rocks223, you're being a troll right now. I'll ask you kindly to stop.

<Rocks223> Okay, this place is fucking shit. I'm leaving.

> Rocks223 has left

<Meowmachine> I thought he'd never leave.

> Bushbaby46 has left

<Meowmachine> Good. Bushbaby46 is gone too.

<<insert name here>> Hello.

<Meowmachine> Greetings, <insert name here>.

<<insert name here>> Funny, nobody's talked about the game yet.

<Meowmachine> True. But really, the purpose of these chats isn't to talk about the game.

<<insert name here>> So what is the purpose?

<Meowmachine> I guess to talk to random strangers and pretend they're your real friends.

<<insert name here>> Oh boy! So does that mean we're friends?

<Meowmachine> Why would I want to be friends with you? You're more like a little brother.

<<insert name here>> I want to be the older brother!

<Meowmachine> I'm the only older brother you got.

> Bigbrother85 has joined

<Meowmachine> Well speak of the devil.

<Bigbrother85> Hi guys.

> Titanic has joined

> Digem745 has joined

> Titanic has quit (Excess Flooding)

<<insert name here>> Lol!

<Digem745> Hey. I've never been on this chat before. My first time.

<<insert name here>> Same here.

<Digem745> So what do we do here?

<<insert name here>> Just talk, I guess.

<lulz556> so i herd u liek mudkipz.

<Meowmachine> So I heard you don't shut up.

<LiamJenkins> Yeah man.

> Rocks223 has joined

<Rocks223> Hi, i'm back!

<LiamJenkins> You left? Oh, I didn't notice.

<Rocks223> Shut up.

<Meowmachine> Hooray! Mr. troll is back!

<Rocks223> I will track your IP down and kill you!

<Meowmachine> Just what I need, a wimpy 13 year old kid at my door wanting a fight.

<Rocks223> Fuck all of you!

<<insert name here>> Whoa, watch your language.

<Rocks223> You also be quiet!

<LiamJenkins> Meowmachine, if you need help fighting this faggot, i'll gladly help.

> Palin08 has joined

<Palin08> Hey yall!

<LiamJenkins> Hey, you, wanna come help us jump this Rocks bitch?

<Palin08> You betcha!

<<insert name here>> Whoa,you're actually doing this?

<Meowmachine> Sure, why not.

<lulz556> lolwut?

<LiamJenkins> And YOU can be used as a decoy.

<lulz556> stfu bitch.

<LiamJenkins> No, on second thought, we'll leave you at home.

<lulz556> i will vandalize this chatroom.

<LiamJenkins> Go ahead. Nobody's stopping you.

<lulz556> lololololfhfhdfgbdhesjsnsndbvfhgggffgv464748930230e4hdhdb xdshsksdmdfbfjfmdfncfbnd?L;ik'kl;ll,,l,j'gjgbfvddxnxdxdjkdcmkcmncnfvbfrfhygrfyrg

<Meowmachine> Okay?

<Meowmachine> Dude, I think we should cancel the fight.

<LiamJenkins> No, i'm going. I've tracked Rocks223's IP down with my software.

<lulz556> can i come too?

<LiamJenkins> No, it's a bit too late for you, little boy.

<lulz556> i haet this chatroom. im going to another one.

<LiamJenkins> You do that.

<Rocks223> I'll call the cops on all of you!

<<insert name here>> But I didn't do anything!

<Rocks223> Shut up!

> lulz556 has left

<LiamJenkins> I'm heading over to your house now, bye.

> LiamJenkins has left

<Rocks223> It's not like he's going to find my house.

<Digem745> Maybe he will find your house...

<Rocks223> Shut up.

> Palin08 has left

<<insert name here>> Hello?

<<insert name here>> Where is everybody?

<Rocks223> OMG, there's a car in front of my house.

<Rocks223> The guy is going to ring my doorbell.

<Digem745> LOL. Next time watch who you're trolling.

> cheekyboy38 has joined

<Digem745> Haha.

<cheekyboy38> I'm back from studying. Is Rocks223 going to get his ass kicked?

<Rocks223> He broke into my house!

<<insert name here>> Whoa! I didn't think he'd do that.

<Rocks223> I'm scared.

<Digem745> Now he says it. Next time, don't troll strangers.

<Rocks223> He's in my room! He wants to figggjjbgkgkgi

<Digem745> Hello?

<Rocks223> Hey guys, it's me, LiamJenkins. I actually did it.

<Digem745> Whoa,dude, not funny.

<Rocks223> Just a sec, let me log out of this, and i'll log into my account.

> Rocks223 has left

<cheekyboy38> He's gettign his ass kicked! LMAO!

<<insert name here>> I'm shocked. Are the police there yet?

> LiamJenkins has joined

<LiamJenkins> He's a kid, guys. Rocks223 is a 14 year old kid! His name is Isaac Shrodenburg!

<LiamJenkins> And he's fucking crying!

<Digem745> Well, no kidding.

> OTRmaster has joined

<OTRmaster> What is going on here?

<cheekyboy38> Uhhh...

<Meowmachine> Shit, LiamJenkins, you've went to far with this. If he's a kid, leave him alone.

<LiamJenkins> Oh, here's the police.

<LiamJenkins> His dad is hitting me with a bat and it hur

> LiamJenkins has been kicked

> Rocks223 has joined

<Rocks223> This is my last time i'm going on this chat, since everyone knows my age, and my identity. Bye forever.

<Meowmachine> Bye, Isaac. Have fun at high school.

> Rocks223 has left

<<insert name here>> Wow, guys, i've met a lot of great friends here on this chatroom! We've had such a fun time! Yay!

<Meowmachine> Uh...thanks.

<On The Run Admin> You guys are all such great friends.

> Error we're down!

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