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Early life

Olivia Newton-John is an Australian prodigy that came over here on her father's boat. Her father was Sir Isaac Newton who was too busy with gravity to even pay attention to Olivia. One day she put on her roller-skates and sailed away to the god of Olympia. There she was adopted by the Greek god Seuss. There she lived a quiet life in the comfort of Seuss’s cellar. When Isaac died he was summoned to go to Olympia. That's when Olivia decided it was time to skedaddle. She said to her in that quiet Aussie accent "those assholes will regret meeting my dad". Which of course happened because by that time everyone decided mythology was a stupid religion. Poor Olivia alone on her roller skates with ne where to go.

The trip to Venice Beach

Olivia Newton-John found herself wandering the world with nowhere to go and nothing to do. After decades of helping people and building a series of Roller Discos. She then found herself in Venice Beach. This was about the mid '50s and she met a lot of nice people. one in particular named Danny Zuko. Olivia was intruged by the sight of his sexy flesh. She always told her best friend French "who is Sha na na?" to which French replied "what? We were talking about Zuko." Oliva was puzzled by what French said. Time after time She was stalking Danny and wanted a piece of that beauty. Finally She got asked to go to prom by that guy. Oliva Smiled and was at peace becuase she finally knew who Sh na na was.

The Cool Car incedent

The end of their school year was coming and the Senior Carnival thing was ready for jam packed fun and songs that involve gibberish. After the last song the gang all sang (the gibberish one) Danny Zuko and Olivia Newton- John drove away on a nice red car with a transparent hood. This is when Olivia discovered Zuko's true identity. She turns to Zuko and asked "Why is this car flying, you crazy Puta!" Zuko had an evil look in his eye and turned to Olivia and said "I must find the Avatar." Puzzled again Olivia wanted to leave. Zuko wouldn't stop however; he was determined to find this Avatar.

Later Life and singing Career

When the 1970s hit, they hit big because Olivia sweet wispy voice made a series of albums that no one even knew about. With exception of the one featured on Dance Dance Revolution. Olivia broke up with Danny Zuko because she was becoming attracted to "bigger men" exercising. After that she sort of disappeared from Civilization. Rumor has it that she went back to Olympia. Others say she stole Danny's car and flew away visiting her old Roller Discos. By that time no one liked roller skating or disco or bad movies about the two.

Where is she now?

My friend told me she was on Glee once. I don't really know accept she got some pretty bad surgery.

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