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A typical day in the city, where Nuummioqs are gathering to see their dear leader
Motto: "Kim Kieslen is better than Kim Jong-un"
Civic anthem: Walking in a Winter Wonderland
Country Greenland
Official nickname Nukerville
Official language(s) Greenledic, Danish, Nonsense
Mayor The Green Goblin
Currency Green Bills and Grass
Population World's Best Kim and 14,000 other people

Nuuk is the capital of Greenland and is in the Southwestern region of the island. Nuuk in Greenledic means, "G". Nuuk is home to the world's best leader named Kim, Kim Kieslen. Their rival is Pyongyang, in North Korea, the home of Kim Jong-un.

edit History

The city now known as Nuuk was first occupied by the Elf Clan in 222222BKK (Before Kim Kielsen), and they called it "Elf Town". It was a settlement 1,000 years until, a new group came in: it was the Green Group. They overthrew the Elf Town government, and renamed it "Godt-Haab". They elected "Santa" Claus Paarss as their royal mayor. The elves were banished from Godt-hab up to northern Greenland. Then, the Danish came in. They overthrew the Godt-Haab government. They then called it Godthab, (aka Nuuk). They then colonized Nuuk, and the rest of the island. They called the island, "New Denmark". Nuuk is now considered a Danish city today, even though it is not. It is Greenledic.

edit Geography

edit Location

Nuuk is located next to the Kim Sea the Kim Mountain Range, and the Kim Forest in Southwestern Greenland.

edit Climate

The climate of Nuuk is always snow, nothing else. The warmest its ever been in Nuuk is -300 degrees. On average, it is -1,000.

edit Weather


The sun rising over Kim's hut.

The weather Nuuk is usually snow. Whenever Kim Keislen in in Nuuk, rainbows and the bright sun sprout out of the sky. However, when he's gone, it rains all day and all night. Some people wonder what's going to happen to Nuuk's weather once Kim dies. Some forecasters predict in 100 (Kim's future death) years, there will be eternal severe weather.

edit Demographics

Nuuk's population is 30% Elves, 20% Inuits, 59% Greenlanders and 0.0000001% Kim Keislen.

edit Population

Nuuk has the fastest growing population in Greenland. And, it is fast. About 1,000 people are born per hour. The fast growth of Nuuk is making the population insanely large, making it the largest urban area in Northern North America. It now has 15,000 people.

edit Culture


This is Nuuk. You can't really see anything because everything is painted green.

The culture of Nuuk is special compared to most.. They paint there houses green, dark green, yellowish-greenish, gray-greenish, reddish-green, etc. They also do that to their cars, bikes, and laptops. But the part of the culture that freaks out most people is that parents paint their children green to fit in with the culture. The disturbing part of this is that even their eyes are covered in green. Whenever they paint their eyes, they don't react at all. Nuuk is also not the only city to do this, they also do it in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

edit Government and Politics

The mayor of Nuuk is the Green Goblin, who was preceded by The Grinch. In Nuuk, they only allow mayors to be green.

edit Best Kim

Kim kielsen

The precious green leader, Kim Kielsen.

Kim Kielsen (born December 69th, 1966) is the best leader named Kim in the world. He is Greenland's sixth and eternal prime minister until death. Kim Kielsen has 47 kids, and they are all named Kim (Kim jr., Kim sr., etc.) He has a lovely wife named Kim Possible.

edit Rivalries

As the article mentioned before, Nuuk is enemies with Pyongyang; however, Pyongyang is not the only enemy city. They are also enemies with New York City, home of Spider-Man, Greeen Goblin's rival. Kim Kielsen was enemies with Kim Jong-un ever since he was elected as prime minister. He was humiliated to have the same name as North Korea's "dear leader" . There were many wars against Greenland and North Korea, which annoyed the Canadians extremely. The Canadians became rivals with both Greenland and North Korea, as they sprayed maple syrup at the spitfires to end their stupid Kim War, whatever it was called. That's when North Korea nuked their maple syrup power plant.

edit Nuke Storage

Just like Kim Jong-un, Kim Kielsen set up his own nuclear base. However, these nukes are made out of snow and ice, with 40 bombs stuffed in them. The weakness of their chemical weapons is that they melt halfway to Pyongyang

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