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November 2: All Soul Food Day

  • 30 - Jesus Christ gives his first public performance, with supporting act Judas Iscariot and his Breakdancing Badgers.
  • 1407 - Your mom was born.
  • 1687 - Exactly the same events happen on this day as they will on July 2nd, 1991
  • 1765 - James Brown eats his soul, hence All Soul Food Day is declared. Satan supposedly interested.
  • 1872 - Oscar Wilde invents carrots.
  • 1881 - George W. Bush born to a pack of wild wolves where he is raised and taught politics
  • 1896 - Queen Victoria consumes the soul of George Washington and as a result, invents the iron testicle. The occasion of her death will be marked by the invention of the steam testicle.
  • 1889 - The tallest man in the world destroys Great Yarmouth by taking two steps East, it still hasn't been rebuilt.
  • 1982 - Countdown starts early and students are happy, throwing away David Dickinson into a pile of trash, which sparked his love for antiques.
  • 1987 - Pismo Beach wiped out by tsunami. Bugs Bunny grateful he took a left at Albequerque.
  • 1990 - German President Michael Schumacher is eaten by a bear, and lives to tell the tale.
  • 1991 - Exactly the same events occur that happened on July 2nd 1687
  • 1994 - Dead Nigger Storage inc. expands its storage services to dead spic, kraut, mick, guinea, goon, chin and cracker storage.
  • 1997 - Where the fuck is Wycliffe?
  • 2005 - Cookie Monster attacks Tokyo.
  • 2006 - Nothing happened. That sucks.
  • 2007 - Tokyo has had enough of this shit and decides to blow up everything on the planet. In an ironic twist, Tokyo destroys Tokyo. Will Smith survives.
  • 2015 - Mr T returns the souls of all those he has ever pitied; realizing he has lost his powers, he goes on a pitying spree and brings humanity to the brink of extinction.
  • 2016 - Mr T saves the human race by having sex with every women on the planet.
  • 2237 - George Jetson dies. His boy Elroy is unable to attend. Daughter Judy's husband, Punch, delivers eulogy. Jane, his wife, devastated. Due to time issues, The Flintstones were unable to attend.
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