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Mclovin-o (1)

The famous McLovin does not have a first name.

A No name (also known as No namer, UnNamed and NoNOname) is a pre-Christian and pre-Islamic name that was given to everyone in Neanderthal time. Many famous people don't have names like George Bush, Nicholas Claus, Jimbo, and the Monopoly guy. The name history goes back about 8.9090909.909090 years BC in dinosaur age. Many countries have taken this fashion and don't have names themselves like Ø, Ø, Ø, Ø, Ø, Ø, and lets don't forget the country that most definitely has no name.

The no name was founded out in 2003 when the world famous Steve Jobs couldn't find a name for his new thing-a-magic. In 2007 (no name) McLovin (pictured) did not have a name and started the (not named) Revolution. After this revolution all no namers from all around the World got their right to eat at McDonald's.

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