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The "L" is for "Listen".

The term nikki lesson refers to the self-realization of the limitations of one's own abilities, usually by way of some particularly dismal failure.

edit Phases


The "L" is for "Learn".

Nikki lessons are usually learned (the hard way) by n00bs who are:

  • Legtimately unaware of the magnitude or complexity of the groups or systems they are attempting to interact with, or,
  • Delusional about the extent of their knowledge and abilities, or,
  • Aware of their shortcomings, but in denial.

Regardless, the stages of progression remain the same for all afflicted individuals, though the time in progressing through them may vary.

edit Confusion Phase


The "L" is for "Lesson".

In this stage, a n00b will experience conflict within a group or system. This may stem from feelings of personal rejection or persecution (real or imagined) or from a general sense of error or injustice within that system. In response, the n00b may either lash out in defense, attacking the people or things that she or she feels wronged her or her, or, take a passive approach and withdraw completely.

edit Rebellion Stage

In this stage, n00bs will create their own opposing group or system, which seeks to duplicate those facets of the original system which were workable, while replacing improper elements with others more suited to the n00bs world view.


The "L" is for... screw it, this is too much work.

While this can be good in theory, cracks in the integrity structure of the new construction may form if elements from the original system are used without credit, while the n00b and other members of the new system or group actively vilify the old one.

edit Denial Stage

In this stage, n00bs experience friction in their new endeavour, as they begin to achieve understanding of the fallibility of themselves and their new creation, while continuing to feel anger and the need to blame the original system or group that prompted their defection.

edit Realization Phase


The "L" is for...

In this final stage, which may take years for some to reach, or may never be reached by others, n00bs come to acknowledge and/or accept their own n00bishness, if only internally. At this point they may choose to:

  • Be penitent by seeking forgiveness for their n00bish transgressions, or,
  • Disappear into the depths of cyberspace.

edit Example

Let's assume, for example, that an individual has an unpleasant experience or opinion about a website, like MySpace, Bluelight, or Wikipedia. They then decide to start their own website, in protest. So far, so good.

Unfortunately, the n00b in this example lacks originality in the selection of a name, has little in the way of graphical wizardry, and has no organizational skills and writing ability to speak of. The resulting site is of poor quality. Worse, the n00b compounds their failure by badmouthing the original site and its founders in a completely humourless way.

Will they ever see the light of day? Might they pause for reflection and ask WWJD? Will we ever know the answer?

Only the shadow knows.

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