Jim Freklowski three minutes after the Night of Broken Glass

Not long before the Holocaust began, in November of 1938, 27-year-old Jim Freklowski got upset because his mother decided he was much too old to keep up with his early-evening nakee time. He threw his glass sippy cup on the floor, which shattered beyond repair.

Luckily, Jim Freklowski had a wonderful imagination, and the sippy cup did not actually shatter because it was made of plastic. The mess was nothing that Brawny paper towels couldn't clean up.

Interesting FactsEdit

  • Jim Freklowski, although quite elderly, still practices nakee time every day.
  • His mother Sharon is actually a bagel, which has since been buried in the backyard.
  • She was a very tasty bagel, though UN regulations prevent governmental recognition of this fact.

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