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Night Terrors - ruining childhood memories since prehistory


you'll sleep well knowing that this face could await you in your Night Terrors

A Night Terror is a mutation of the common nightmare - while most nightmares will cause you to awaken in a cold sweat or sudden start a Night Terror will fuck your mind over with a sledgehammer before shoving your sanity sideways upside a large pointy stick: yes they are that bad, Night Terrors are common amongst children and those who are clinically insane but can occur at any time to almost any one.. think on that next time you fall asleep..

edit History

Night Terrors have been around since mankind first went to sleep, little did our innocent caveperson know that by simply falling asleep they would spawn one of the most messed up conditions known to psychology: it's like discovering fire for the first time only getting horribly scarred as a result.

At any rate ever since that fateful day (or night) Night Terrors have plagued certain individuals across countless societies world-wide: curiously it has not been documented in any other animal species save humanity, leading to further proof that God truly hates us as a species.

edit Causes


Night Terrors - better than Lovecraft!

For centuries philosophers, scientists and generally uninteresting people have debated over what causes Night Terrors and to this day none have reached a universal answer - though numerous theories have been put forth.

Some people believe Night Terrors are the result of suppressed memories or abnormal brain functions, others believe it is one of the many signs of demonic possession while others believe it to be the work of Xenu (who also goes by the name of Space-Satan).

Regardless of the true cause Night Terrors remain one of the most disturbing, confusing and generally messed up conditions known to psychology and further research is required on the subject in order to even begin to understand it..

edit Treatment


a fairly effective treatment in medieval Europe, no longer widley practiced

There is currently no universal treatment for Night Terrors and every culture has its own ways of dealing with the condition - in medieval Europe they had great success in burning people at the stake whenever they had Night Terrors, after death the individuals would indeed be cured of their condition but in time people began to question how effective this method truly was (technically it was very effective but as always political correctness won out in the end).

Thus left with non-lethal options the world began experimenting with all manner of treatments ranging from the mundane to the outrageous - some would employ witch-doctors, shamans or local vagrants to come and vanquish the evil spirits that they believed caused the Night Terrors while others simply opted for locking sufferers away in the hopes they would simply go away.

One of the more common methods of treating Night Terrors in the developed world today is to simply dismiss it as a bad nightmare in the hopes that reality will magically alter itself if one disbelieves strongly enough (this is known as the UBS (Utter Bull Shit) Solution).

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