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“Netiquette brother, Google loves you.”
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In the land of civil rights violating criminal hard-archiving commercial piracies and online rogue of dictatorships there sits usenet that restricts nothing from the commercial top and carries hundreds of pages of religious mania of restrictions upon restrictions. There is no way to protect people from blackmailing piracies and no way to run a larger than bible-sized ethics guideline for grains.

edit History

Usenet belonged to the computer community till the early 90's, the netiquette was a few lines. Then commercial piracies filled the Internet in and after 1995. All things were taken by companies as commercial pirate Deja Inc for commercial interests. All archives became commercial property, and Universities and others who used usenet now were washed with the mass-advertising intents of others who had other things in mind for these archives.

Thus was the birth of the civil rights violating Capitalist and his big brother regime better known for President Bush than Google.

The netiquette that grew larger than the bible now descibes life to be under Google, for grains, one way netiquette to heaven for grains who are good in the use of this near 400 page book found online.

Google runs such public-asset inquisitions, five times overpowering it's nearest competitor Yahoo. Microsoft gained unfair advantage but at the time everybody was in it. Recently Google who took on another public asset library source, 15 million books from libraries not following on the proper business arrangements for copyright use of copyrighted materials pointed at Yahoo and said: they are in it. They would do it. Yahoo refused to comment.

Usenet remains a pirate-ran mafia business since 1995 while the running of the netiquette fell from the 150 IQ techo dude of the 1980's and early 90's to a religious organization that is likely linked to the Vatican.

Upon further analysis the Netiquette is now run by Google, reminding of the circumstance of Scientology taking over the American Anti-Sect Hotlines by running them out of business and purchasing them for one dollar.

edit From the Netiquette

Things are fun when you think they are not. Nothing can go happen.

Alzheimers cookies are like American fortune cookies.

Foreigners hate you, but keep up the smile and leadership.

Remember, war on terror is a new way to stalk enemies like Venezuela and list them as those harboring terrorists. Such things demonstrate America's openness to 'things are fun where you think they are not'.

All things serve the Gestapo, can't deny, games are of dilirious depth to wickidness, boy.

(You are watched at all times. Boy. "Do no evil.")

You are property of Google.

See also civil rights madness.


Hardwatching problems? I am playing a different game, they are not. You're it. "No games." Want to speak with the boss? Dispite it is 1802, boy, maybe the boss knows who you are. As of now you are property of Google.

See also "Gestapo" on the Internet

Whenever I say, you do it.

Do whatever I say.

Boy. Learn what this thing online is about commercial advertising.

We have a different thing in mind for you.

"Humans disgust me" -- Agent Smith from Matrix

Radical extremism.

We have a different thing in mind for you.


"All companies are in it, but we are in it even more" -- Google

Civil rights money.

edit Fascist proprietarianism and the Vatican

  1. Sheep and not sheep = Internet
  2. Religious diagonal ethnics
  3. Speaking 'in the presence'
  4. Groups sessions (Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday)
  5. Commitment to submit to the money laundering pirate who has a different thing in mind for you.
  6. Google wants you to send more money. 50 percent of your salary.
  7. Google is in it even more than you, 'stay away from girl germs'. Must stay focused on the mission.
  8. Your life becomes managed.
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