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“In Soviet Russia, Negi rapes YOU!!”
~ A poor attempt on Russian Reversal
“When 31 girls and one guy get in a classroom together, shit happens.”
~ Captain Obvious on Negima!
“I pity Negi Springfield bein whoop'd by Asuna Kagurazaka”
~ Mr. T on the difficult relationship between Negi and Asuna

Negi Springfield and the Philosopher's Stone
The original cover
Genre gay/lesbian fiction, nonfiction, erotica, children's/early readers, heavy metal, third person shooter
tankōbon 38, plus like a hundred spin offs.
Published by Kōdansha
English Mistranslation Publisher Del Rey (US); Tanoshimi (UK)
Demographic People of all ages, colours genders and religions. We got errbody in this manga!

Mahō Sensei Negima! (ネギ・スプリングフィールドと賢者の石)is an educational manga and anime made especially for young children. It is the story about nine year old wizard Negi Springfield, who is sent off to an all girls school filled with female paedophiles, most of whom take vast amounts of growth hormones. Being another illegitimate child of the very crafty Akamatsu Ken (creator of Rabu Hina), there are copious amounts of fan service using incredibly well-drawn sexually suggestive pictures of hot 15-year-old Japanese chicks. The series received critical acclaim for being very well crafted in showing the delicate balance between panty shots and mages who can brutally kill someone. The series also ranked in the top 10 for ‘hottest set of minors as characters’, beating all other known harem and/or ecchi manga. The Bleach and Naruto fans beg to differ because they suck.

Two anime series and several OVA adaptations[1], produced by Xebec, Shaft and GANSIS, were animated to ensure otaku like you spend every cent of money they have and die homeless. They chose to camp outside cinemas in anticipation of the film, entitled Negima: The Final Anime We Can’t Think of a Good Name For so We’re Calling it Anime Finale. After the series ended, the otaku disappeared into the night or something.

Plot overviewEdit

All versions of Mahō Sensei Negima! begin the same. Wimpy-voiced Negi Springfield is a ten year old Welsh mage in search of some good pot his dead father, Nagi Springfield. Everyone knows Nagi’s dead, but when Negi was five, his female cousin put on a fake Nagi beard and said ‘Negi, take this staff to remember me before I die’. Negi, treasuring the staff (which was actually just a tree branch) dedicates his entire life to becoming a magister magi (aprox. Latin translation: master of maxis). Upon graduating from the magic academy in Wales, which is not in any way based off of Hogwarts, the school dean Alpus Dumpledore sends him to train his magic by teaching English at Mahora Academy in Japan, where he's not even allowed to use magic. He replaces William Shakespeare as 2- A’s homeroom and English teacher, because Shakespeare chose to teach 2-B (or not 2-B).

Negi has to deal with 31 estrogen-raging cows schoolgirls conscious of who has the bigger boob size and who likes Negi most. Adding insult to injury, it isn’t just a set of normal, smart and fecking stupid students. Rumours have been swirling around that a ghost, a Martian, an android, a ninja, a perfectly normal girl, a half-demon and even a girl who knows how to drive a car are in the class.

After Negi is sexually assaulted by an EPA estimated 90% of the class, Nodoka slips over a banana peal, and Negi saves her life in slow motion. Kagurazaka Asuna makes a discovery. ‘You’re a wizzard, Negi’, she says, and decidedly agrees to join forces in the mad duck man hunt for his father and to fight the evil magical forces of Voldemort and Christine O'Donald. Their first job is to find and stop the reported vampire attacks on students. They meet up with Evangeline McDowell on a full moon, and the following dialogue is exchanged:

Negi: I know what you are.

Evangeline: Say it. Out loud.

Negi: Vampire.

Evangeline: Are you afraid?

Negi: N-n-n-no. Wha… Why— why would I be afraid? Heh. Just kidding about the stuttering thing. Biatch, why would I come out here if I were scurred, hmm?

Sadly, even to this point in time, the girls in 3-A do not take Negi seriously since he has not yet hit puberty. Out of all things, Negi has topped the rankings as ‘most favourite plaything’ over the dildo. However, many of his students become valuable prostitutes allies, and he uses his wand, or magic stick, to help them feel the magic come inside them. It feels so good they don’t want to stop.


Thirty-one slutty girls in a classroom with a ten year old boy… and not to mention a crack-smoking ermine.


Aisaka SayoEdit

(相坂 さよ) Actually a ghost, Aisaka Sayo doesn't remember how she died, but does know her death occurred at Hiroshima a little before World War II ended. Like her boyfriend Casper, she is very shy and fearful. Some of her fears include talking to scary people, talking to everybody else, and dying. Unlike most ghosts, she is not a member of the KKK. Due to discrimination against ghosts (necrophilia), she is ambushed and attacked by Tatsumiya Mana, Sakurazaki Setsuna, the Ghost Busters and Danny Phantom’s parents before her unpaid internship as a photojournalist for Asakura. Unseen by most characters prior, she is noticed after spinning Negi’s pencil skillfully in her hands. We actually told Aisaka that joke, but it just went right through her.

When she was alive she had black hair, but after she died she could no longer afford to buy hair dye like your mother does every week. Also, she has a ghostly tail instead of legs, which she lost when she messed with Texas (in a game of Texas Hold ’Em, actually. It’s a funny story. I should tell it to ya some time). Her skin lost colour when she developed Michael Jackson Syndrome, and her eyes are redder than when she was alive.

Akashi YūnaEdit

(明石 裕奈) The most interesting thing about Akashi Yūna is that she is a female basketball player. In other words, there is nothing interesting about her at all. Really, she's just a typical girl who likes video games and sports and has a crush on a cute boy who happens to be her father.

Her father, Professor Akashi, is actually a magical sensei like Negi, but he didn’t want Yūna to know about this. She ended up finding out the hard way.

Yūna: I’m… I’m a mage?

Yūna's Dad: I’m sorry. I needed to lie in order to protect you. It was for your own safety, Yūna.

Yūna: But… but Santa Claus said lying is bad!

Yūna's Dad: Actually, there's something I have to tell you about Santa Claus…

Asakura KazumiEdit

(朝倉 和美) Asakura Kazumi is a professional amateur journalist, newspaper photographer and stalker. She writes for the school newspaper, The Mahora Morning Post Times Journal, not realising that people have been getting their news from the Internet since the 15th century. Her most famous article is about a vampire attacking Makie. The article has approximately 400,000 views and an upskirt photo of 14-year-old Makie’s panties after she wet herself. A copy of the photo can be found on R Kelly’s wall. Another of her notable stories is More Cases of Paedophilia at Mahora, which includes an interview from an anonymous class president. She hopes to one day become a real journalist, like Stephen Colbert.

Ayase YueEdit

(綾瀬 夕映) Ayase Yūe currently has a low level of magic. However, she does know a very useful spell which allows her to light cigarettes without a lighter. She is highly intelligent, but has some of the lowest grades in the class because she hates studying and is very lazy. Yue is the leader of the Baka Rangers, wearing the black uniform.

Though she is interested in studying philosophy and reading books, she hates studying. For this reason she may become a bartender when she grows up, given she has a talent for mixing drinks. One of her favourites is made from strawberry, banana, sugar, gasoline, milk, and ice. Sometimes, she puts stuff into Nodoka’s drinks late at night.

Izumi AkoEdit

(和泉 亜子) Izumi Ako is a student nurse, and though she does not meet all the requirements of one, (such as knowing anything about being a nurse and being able to look at blood), she does meet all crucial requirements such as looking hot in a nurse outfit and playing bass guitar. She also coaches football (soccer) for little boys, so you know she's definitely not a shotacon. Her artifact is a giant syringe, which injects a drug that can boost the abilities of the one injected to amazing levels; while Ako herself calls it the ultimate support item, her classmates are disturbed by the fact that the drug apparently must be injected into the ass.She does not consider herself anyone special and is very insecure due to a large scar on her back. Ugh!! Sooo sexy.

Ōkōchi AkiraEdit

(大河内 アキラ) Having almost no role in the story until the magic world ark, Ōkōchi Akira was once a lifeguard with Pamela Anderson. Although she is an excellent swimmer (even earning her several scholarships to crappy colleges nobody's heard of), she did not meet the following requirements for being a professional lifeguard:

  • being hot
  • being sexy
  • being good-looking
  • wearing white stuff on her nose like Larry the lobster

Kakizaki MisaEdit

(Misa Kakizaki|柿崎 美砂) As a cheerleader, Kakizaki Misa's diet provides her with almost 100 Calories a day. She is often seen with her fellow cheerleaders Shīna Sakurako and Kim Possible.

Kagurazaki AsunaEdit

(Asuna Kagurazaka|神楽坂 明日菜)

Asuna Kagurazaka-2

Asuna Kagurazaka...trying to ring her bells or something...

Kagurazaka Asuna is the main heroine of the story. She is also Negi's roommate, but it's OK because she's not into kids. In fact, she's an oldaephile. Her eyes are different colours: one is blue, one is green and the other is brown.

She is immune to magic, but because this was not yet explained in the manga, in the anime writers took it upon themselves to make up a story to explain it. Ten years ago, Asuna's village of Oakvale was attacked by ruthless bandits. Everyone is killed, including women, children and emos. Asuna desperately makes a deal with a demon. He offers her powers for only $9.99 a month and her eternal soul with no interest for ten years. Figuring the demon needs the money more than she, Asuna accepts. She is an exact copy of Asuka Langley Soryu except without a brain!

Kasuga MisoraEdit

(Misora Kasuga|春日 美空)

Kasuga Misora is a nun in training. She made a pactio with a little girl nun in training, her artefact being a pair of Adidas that let her cheat when she runs track. Despite having the appearance of a friendly and benign lesbian nun, she is actually quite the prankster.

Some of her pranks include:

  • setting a trap so that an eraser falls on her teacher when he walks into the classroom
  • pretending to be the priest during confessions, so that she can make people pray rosaries a million times even though God gets really bored when he hears them
  • putting condoms in people’s carts at Wal Mart
  • putting fake blood on Chachamaru so that she freaks out and starts to scream before remembering she’s a robot and therefor can't bleed
  • putting nude pictures of Wall-E and Gir in Chachamaru’s book bag so that Hakase thinks she’s looking at porn

Karakuri ChachamaruEdit

(Chachamaru Karakuri|絡繰 茶々丸)


Chachamaru the Android

Chachamaru is an Android built by Rinshen Chao with help from Hakase Satomi and Bill Nye the Science Guy. Her hobbies include helping cute kittens, helping cute children and helping a cute, murderous vampire (though that one kinda counts as helping cute children too). She also likes to drink tea, because she has been programmed to mimic British behaviour.

She has high-powered weapon capabilities, rocket boosters, and a built-in cup holder designed to compete with these features which are also available on the iPhone 4, along with an MP3 player that lets Evangeline listen to Justin Bieber and The Jonas Brothers while she sucks the blood of innocent children.

Appearance-wise, she has two green antennas on her head. She also needs to be wound up every day, which is kinda stupid because even Wall-E can afford to have a solar panel and that guy lives in a dump. Literally.

Kugimiya MadokaEdit

(Madoka Kugimiya|釘宮 円) A professional karaoke singer, she has an upcoming concert in her shower. She attempts to keep out of trouble, but usually fails.

Fei KūEdit

(Kū Fei古 菲; Japanese: クー フェイ; Chinese: Kǔ Fēi) A disciple of Chuck Norris and frequent player of Mortal Kombat, Fei Kū can kick anyone's ass who doesn't have any special powers or weapons. Unfortunately, she's going to school at Mahora, where half the kids are magical demons, vampires or super robots. Of course, the story takes place in Japan, so I didn't really have to mention the super robots, which, as you know, totally exist in everyday Japan.

Konoe KonokaEdit

(Konoka Konoe|近衛 木乃香) A very sweet girl, Konoe Konoka enjoys cooking, cleaning and making tea for her guests. Because she loves to help people, her artifact is a sandwich. Traditional housewife stereotype that she is, she really needs a traditional husband to take care of her. The female kind of husband. :) She fortune-telling, fortune cookies and Fortune Magazine.

Sakurazaki Setsuna

Sakurazaki Setsuna. Looks can be very deceiving; she gots 1337 sw0rdz0rz skillz.

Saotome HarunaEdit

(Haruna Saotome|早乙女 ハルナ)

Saotome Haruna, also known by her pseudonym Paru, is a self-published mangaka best known at Comicet for Magical Sensei Megina!: Not Based on Anything in Real Life if That's What You're Thinking! A frequent companion of Yue and Nodoka. After finding out about the existence of magic, she is initially hurt that she wasn't told, though they explain it was because of her gossiping. She can also draw copies of herself, allowing her to draw at a much faster pace. She is also a good pilot, able to drive the goldfish-ship Paru-sama.

Sakurazaki SetsunaEdit

(Setsuna Sakurazaki|桜咲 刹那) Sakurazaki Setsuna is the coolest, most badass, loyal girl ever! And you can't have her because she's a lesbian. Bet that pisses you off, huh?

Sasaki MakieEdit

(Makie Sasaki|佐々木 まき絵) Makie has extremely honed reflexes, but she lacks mental strength, which is detrimental to her gymnastics. She has mastered control over a ribbon, which she carries with her at all times, the point where she can use it to easily grab a balloon out of midair. Ayaka often leads to conflicts over their shared obsession with Negi, although Ayaka's desire for Negi far outstrips Makie, or anyone else in the class for that matter. In Negima! If this would be the case, the tools still missing to complete the set would be rope and hoop.

Shīna SakurakoEdit

(Sakurako Shiina|椎名 桜子) She loves karaoke and her pet cats, Cookie and Biscuit, and is in the lacrosse club. She constantly gambles, though she wins very often. It appears she has almost supernatural luck, NOT!!

Tatsumiya ManaEdit

(Mana Tatsumiya|龍宮 真名) She is the daughter of the keepers of the Tatsumiya shrine. She acts as a priestess, exorcist, and mercenary, employing guns with spellbreaker bullets as her tool of exorcism. She is not particularly sociable, keeping to herself most of the time. She carries a deceased contract pactio card. Mana possesses a number of mystical abilities, one of which is her Demon-Eye, which allows her to see demons and spirits. As well as being a skilled gunman and sniper, she is also skilled in close combat, Mana has revealed that she is a half demon in her fight with Zazie's sister. The queen of guns. Can kill anyone in a millisecond. She can turn into her demon form. If you see her pointing a gun at you, run like hell. FAST. Does not have a crush on Negi. She likes someone else.

Rinshen ChaoEdit

(Chao Lingshen|超 鈴音 Japanese: チャオリンシェン) She self describes herself as a martian, and claims not to lie. She is known as the smartest student in the class, and one of the smartest people on campus. She spends most of her time on robotics research, Chinese medicine (drugs), life sciences, and atomic research with Satomi Hakase, though she also works at the Chao Bao Zi restaurant with Satsuki Yotsuba. Chao is also a master of various Chinese martial arts, having learned from Kū Fei. Student genius, mathematician and physicist (those Chinese!), Rinshen Chao enjoys karate, eating with chopsticks and fortune cookies. She is also the inventor of the Play Station. She is revealed to be a descendent of Negi from the future who has traveled back in time to expose the existence of magic to the world, thus serving as an arc's primary antagonist.

Nagase KaedeEdit

(Kaede Nagase|長瀬 楓) Is almost always seen with her eyes almost closed, a trait shared with Mitsune "Kitsune" Konno of Akamatsu's previous work, Love Hina. Kotaro admires her strength very much since she's the first girl who has ever defeated him.She trains in the mountains, displaying a wide range of cinematic ninja abilities such as the ability to create clones. She refers to herself as "sessha" and she frequently ends her sentences with "de gozaru", an archaic verb form historically used by samurai. After learning about the existence of magic, she helps Negi in various situations. She later forms a pactio with him, which takes the form of "Tengu no Kakuremino", a cloth that contains another plane of reality, complete with a house while under the cloth. She is close to Kotaro and often trains with him.

Naba ChizuruEdit

(Chizuru Naba|那波 千鶴) According to notes taken down by Kazumi of Class 2-A/3-A, Chizuru is the girl with the biggest breasts of all the class. After Kotarou comes to the school to challenge Negi to a fight, she forces him unwillingly to live in their dorm under the identity of Natsumi's younger (transvestite) brother, although he lives in great great fear of her home remedies, which invariably consist of spring onion "spells".

Narutaki FūkaEdit

(Fuka Narutaki|鳴滝 風香) The elder of the Narutaki twins. She constantly causes trouble, often using ninjutsu "skills" taught to her by Kaede to sneak around or run away. Her pactio in Negima! allows for the creation of unlimited cloning.

Narutaki FumikaEdit

(Fumika Narutaki|鳴滝 史伽) The younger of the Narutaki twins. She is the opposite of her sister, often telling her that her ideas are good. Her pactio in Negima! allows for the creation of unlimited cloning as well.

Hakase SatomiEdit

(Satomi Hakase|葉加瀬 聡美) She is very close to actively taking part in the plan to reveal magic to the world, and utilizing Chao's magic and technology from the future, although she defers to Chao in judging whether they are doing the right thing. Her great intelligence, obsession in her work, and lack of common sense. Absent-minded professor Satomi leads her classmates to refer to both her and Chao as mad scientists. She is the creator of Chachamaru. She is seen essentially acts like her mother. She constantly upgrades her and takes special interest in the ways she develops, such as developing feelings for Negi. An expert in robotics.

Hasegawa ChisameEdit

(Chisame Hasegawa|長谷川 千雨) Sadly she is grumpy, unsocial, and views her classmates as freaks! Chisame avoids any and all attention in the real world, in the privacy of her own room, she takes on the role of devoted to cosplay. Although she is, fitting with her character, rather disturbed by the idea of other students being openly attracted to and/or in love with 10 year old Negi, she eventually becomes very close with Negi as he convinces her to interact with the real world. Chisame is extremely skilled with computers, and she is able to hack into large databases with minimal effort. After forming a pactio with Negi, she gains the artifact that allows her to actually enter as a physical realm, upon which she can internally hack into [[cyberspace systems.

However, her Pactio ability has the drawback of being near-useless when not connected to the internet for porn and attention whore, although her spirits can also navigate the magic worlds systems which might be electrically powered. Her spirits disappear when her laptop's batteries are low. Her Pactio has an additional ability which she often uses more, which allows her to transform into various Net-idol cosplay outfits. During the "Magical World" arc she takes Asuna's place as Negi's "Guardian" temporarily.

Evangline A.K. McDowellEdit

(Evangeline Athanasia Katherine (Kitty) McDowell|エヴァンジェリン・アタナシア・キティ・マクダウェル|Evanjerin Atanashia Kiti Makudaweru, listed as Evangeline A.K. McDowell|エヴァンジェリン・マクダウェル|Evanjerin Makudaweru) She is a "high daylight walker" who was turned at the age of ten during the Hundred Years' War. After many years of struggle, hiding in the attic, and hardship, she eventually became known as one of the most feared mages in both worlds. After coming into contact with Nagi Springfield, she starts following him around out of love until he seals her within the Mahora Academy grounds, telling her to "live in the light for a change" and promising to free her upon finishing. Evangeline McDowell turns into a vampire on a full moon. Evangeline specializes in ice-based spells and dark magic. Evangeline attempts to obtain Negi's blood and free herself from the curse, but as she cannot regularly access her power, she is eventually pwned. Her vampire abilities allow her to fly and give her extremely fast regeneration. She takes an interest in Negi afterward, and decides to not pursue him any longer. She takes him as a student sometime later, helping him improve his combat and magical abilities. She occasionally takes his blood as payment. During regular school activities, she is in the tea ceremony club out of enjoyment. Evangeline McDowell stole Negi's bike later on.

She is also a master of sock puppetry, and she is able to control hundreds of trolls at once, or use the ability on her opponents. She currently only uses one sentient doll, (Chachazero|チャチャゼロ), a very rude and violent being, though she cannot move without a large concentration camp of magic. Chachamaru is a servant to her. She refers to Evangeline as "master" and does anything she orders. While Chachazero is a sock puppet, Chachamaru is a robot, and requires no power from Evangeline. Instead, she plugs herself in.

Miyazaki NodokaEdit


Nodoka Miyazaki...don't let the bookworm deceive you!

(Nodoka Miyazaki|宮崎 のどか) She is among the top ranking students in the school, and she possesses knowledge of a wide variety of topics from her constant reading. She often uses her hair to cover her eyes completely, but when brought out of her shy shell, gains confidence, and shows one of her eyes. Although Negi is several years younger than her,(Negima being 10, and herself 13 luckily nobody cares) she still has a crush on him because she believes he carries the maturity of an adult frog. She is also very close to Yue, and after learning of Yue's feelings for Negi and her distress of having the same crush as her girlfriend Yue. Nodoka takes an interest in learning, and shyly asks Negi to read to her bedtime story.

Murakami NatsumiEdit

(Natsumi Murakami|村上 夏美 )

She is a shy girl, who is an actress in the theatrical club. She feels that her body is underdeveloped, so she is constantly depressed and jealous of her more developed classmates. She bonds with Kotaro after he arrives at the school; and begins to develop slight jealousy of his interactions with other girls. She is accidentally brought to the Magic World, where she is forced to become an indentured servant. Although she is very embarrassed by the idea of kissing Kotaro to form the contract (due to the romantic implications and the age difference between herself and 10 year old Kotaro), she is convinced due to Kotaro's speech in which he states that he thinks of Natsumi and friends as the closest things to family he has and that he loves her. She succeeds in the formation of the Pactio and then suddenly tells Kotaro that she has feelings for him.

Yukihiro AyakaEdit

(Ayaka Yukihiro|雪広 あやか) She comes from a wealthy family, and is the class representative. As such, she is frequently referred to by other classmates as "Iincho," (Japanese: 'class representative') One sexy bitch. She is one of the top ranking students in the school, and she is well trained in martial arts. She has a heated rivalry with Asuna that often causes conflict between the two, although the rivalry is in truth a cover for a caring friendship. She is obsessed with Negi, claiming that he needs a mother figure, and is the most vocal in her class in her open desire to "claim" and seduce him. However, most of her classmates feel that it is an unhealthy obsession, as Negi is only 10 years old, but she seems to have no qualms at all about his age. She later reveals her obsession with Negi still appears to be romantically based.

Yotsuba SatsukiEdit

(Satsuki Yotsuba|四葉 五月) An aspiring chef. She is part of the school's cooking club, and cooks at a streetcar restaurant. Satsuki's dream is to have her own crap restaurant, as she likes making people happy through McDonalds.

Zazie RainydayEdit

(Zazie Rainyday|ザジ・レイニーデイ|Zaji Reinīdei) Zazie Rainyday is an emo pirate and acrobat.

Other Students of MahoraEdit

Kotaro InugamiEdit

(Kotaro Inugami|犬上 小太郎|Inugami Kotarō) is a ten-year-old dog half-demon, a humanoid with pointed ears and furry tail. He can perform a partial dog transformation which gives him more canine aspects similar to modern movie representations of a werewolf but more humanoid. He forms a strong rivalry and friendship with Negi after facing him as an opponent in Kyoto while serving as a mercenary. He later joins the school where Negi teaches, living with Chizuru, Natsumi, and Ayaka under the guise of Natsumi's brother. Kotaro is an expert in physical combat fight hand to hand using a self-taught ninja style and charms, and has the power to summon dog spirits. He is also capable of temporarily transforming himself into a black puppy. He trains with Kaede in ninjutsu in order to strengthen himself enough to be a help to Negi's future battles. Although he holds no Pactio with Negi, Kotaro often acts as a partner of Negi in combat, partnering with him in a tournament in the Magical World in order to gain money to free their friends from indentured servitude. Instead of forming a Pactio contract with Negi, Kotaro acts as the Magister in a contract with Natsumi, who is in love with him, although as a 10 year old, he fails to comprehend the meaning behind Natsumi's interrogation of his thoughts towards other girls. He then develops romantic feelings towards Negi.

Takane D. GoodmanEdit

(Takane D. Goodman|高音・D・グッドマン) is a high school student and secret mage. Her magical affinity is shadows, and she can summon and direct shadow warriors, as well as create highly elaborate shadow armor, which mimics clothes. When she is defeated and her magic depleated this causes her armor-clothes to disappear, leaving her naked. This tends to cause her trauma within the story, as it generally happens in front of a group of people.

Mei SakuraEdit

(Mei Sakura|佐倉 愛衣|Sakura Mei) is another student-mage. She travels with Takane and shares her penchant for constantly losing her clothing in battle leaving her nude. Her artifact is a broomstick and she has an elemental magic affinity for fire. She gains a great admiration for Kotarou. It is hinted that she has a crush for him.

Cocone Fatima RosaEdit

(Cocone Fatima Rosa|ココネ・ファティマ・ロザ|Kokone Fatima Roza) is a young dark-skinned ninja-nun. She was born in the magical world and almost always tags along with Misora Kasuga. She specializes in telepathy, and is much better at drawing than Misora. Overall, she tends to show a little (a lot) more common sense than Misora, but rarely speaks, and mostly goes along with whatever Misora does, even if she gets into trouble right along with her. She is very attached to Misora, leading Misora to add in that she would never leave Cocone.

Megumi NatsumeEdit

(Megumi Natsume|夏目萌|Natsume Megumi), alias (Nutmeg|ナツメグ|Natsumegu) is a dark-haired, glasses-wearing girl who is a magic student from the Mahora Elementary School. Nutmeg carries a short staff and primarily uses water magic, and is part of a Mahora nun squad with Mei and Takane. She made her first major appearance with Takane and Mei as they tried to capture Asuna and Negi's other partners in the future using a water spell, but was defeated by Negi's partners.

Mahora TeachersEdit

Negi SpringfieldEdit

(Negi Springfield|ネギ・スプリングフィールド|Negi Supuringufīrudo) The protagonist of the story, Negi is an onion you can eat with yakitori. Yummy! A powerful mage, he specialises in sneezing magic. Like all mages at 10, he was assigned to train his magic by teaching people to speak English. His job at Mahora violates several child labour and sexual harassment laws.

Takamichi T. TakahataEdit

(Takamichi T. Takahata|高畑・T・タカミチ|Takahata T. Takamichi) is the teacher Negi replaces at Mahora, though he takes up a position as a guidance counselor. Although he is greatly respected (and quite famous) in the magic community, he is a magic school dropout due to the fact that he cannot perform erections. Asuna is obsessed with him, though he (hardly) hides the truth from her, and that he (hardly) erased her memories of the Magic World. He comments that he has no right to be loved for an unknown reason. His fighting style and personal appearance/habits are based oncigarette smoking.

Shizuna MinamotoEdit

(Shizuna Minamoto|源 しずな|Minamoto Shizuna) is Negi's advisor at Mahora Academy. She primarily attempts to be a motherly figure while Negi adjusts to the school, slowly leading him into the different aspects of his job. She and Takahata are rumored to have been dating, although this is never confirmed.

Konoemon KonoeEdit

(Konoemon Konoe|近衛 近右衛門|Konoe Konoemon) is the school ([principal]]) dean and Konoka Konoe's grandfather. He is also the chief of the Kantō Magic Association. Despite Konoka being unwilling, he constantly arranges miai ("wedding interviews" or dates pre-arranged by family members), so that she can choose a future fiancée. He humorously offers one of these to Negi upon on their first meeting. His rank is the highest.

Other TeachersEdit

Professor Akashi is the father of Yuna Akashi. He researches magical phenomenon whatsoever. His daughter is unaware of magic, so he keeps porn magazines in his office to distract his daughter from his magic related research papers. As of late, his being a Mage was revealed to Yūna, and furthermore, his late wife, Yūko, was revealed to be not just a mage herself, but a government (CIA) agent sent to Megalomesembira in an operation related to the current situation, which was also where and how she died.

Tōko KuzunohaEdit

(Tōko Kuzunoha|葛葉 刀子|Kuzunoha Tōko) is the woman in charge of the Mahora mage organization's operations division, ranking second only to Headmaster Konoe. She is a swordswoman, who acts as Setsuna's master.


(Gandolfini|ガンドルフィーニ) is a dark-skinned mage, who uses both a smoking handgun and a badass knife in combat.

Sister ShaktiEdit

(Sister Shakti|シスター シャークティ), is a mage teacher, who heads the Mahora nun patrol squad. She seems particularly skilled in Mortal Kombat and uses floating crosses in battle. Both Misora and Cocone are under her guidance at the church on Mahora's campus. Pretty naughty.

Welsh (English) CharactersEdit

Nekane SpringfieldEdit

(Nekane Supuringufīrudo|ネかネ・スプリングフィールド) Nekane is Negi's totally hot cousin whom Negi addresses as "Onee-chan," a more casual Japanese term for "older sister." Nekane took on a maternal role during Negi's childhood, even sharing a bed with him. Asuna bears some physical resemblance to Nekane, which is why Negi sometimes sleeps beside her, much to Asuna's dismay.

Six years ago, when demons attacked the village where she and Negi used to live in, she was almost turned to stone while trying to protect Negi from a petrification spell, but was saved by the Thousand Master just in time. Her legs were turned to stone and broke off. Later s her legs have been restored, although it is not clear if they were magically restored, or if she wears prostheses.

In Negima!?, Nekane chooses to assist her brother by disguising as the "Black Rose Baron", an enigmatic character initially seen not working for either Negi or for the one controlling the crystal. Eventually, Nekane appears as herself to assist Negi and his class in the running of the day-to-day activities, but Negi eventually discovers her secret. However, he kept Nekane's other identity a secret to protect her and his students.

Anna "Anya" Yurievna CocolovaEdit

(Anastasia "Anya" Yurievna Cocolova|アンナ•ユリエウナ•ココロウァ) is a childhood friend of Negi and a former schoolmate and (stalker) lover. Upon graduating, she is sent to work as a fortuneteller in London. She has a magically affinity to fire spells. She eventually goes to Japan to make Negi return to England, UK, forcibly seduce Negi and consummate her love to him. Not only has his contracts and has far surpassed her in magic. Though she is shocked to learn that he has already made Asuna K his girlfriend. She appears to have feelings for Negi. Later on in the series, Anya steals a dangerous artifact known as the "Star Crystal", which quickly consumes her due to her jealousy of Negi. She is eventually saved by Negi and his class, but as punishment, she joins Negi's class as student number 32.

Nagi SpringfieldEdit

(Nagi Springfield|ナギ・スプリングフィールド|Nagi Supuringufīrudo) is Negi's father and a legendary mage known as "The Thousand Master." He traveled for ten years, becoming even more famous for his heroic deeds before suddenly disappearing in Istanbul the year of Negi's birth. His fate is unknown, but he is known to be alive, as his pactios are still in effect, and Negi believes that Nagi saved him from the demons attacking his home village. Nagi is shown to be straight forward, child-like, laid back, and disrespectful. He hates respectful titles, and would rather be called by his name. (In short, an idiot.)

Jack RakanEdit

(Jack Rakan|ジャック・ラカン|Jaku Rakan), also known as "Rakan of the Thousand Blades", is the large, dark-skinned member of Nagi's group. He is known as a legendary fighter, and one of the very few people able to fight evenly with Nagi. He built up his skills from years of life and death battles in coliseums, hunting beasts, and acting as a mercenary. He eventually meets Nagi after being hired to kill him, acknowledges his strength, and joins his group. He has been Negi's master and is joining Negi's group. He has a very greedy and laid back personality, rarely doing anything for free or getting willingly involved in disputes. He also utilizes energy attacks, and though he knows spell incantations, he doesn't use them in battle. He is a skilled hand-to-hand fighter, able to react to lighting fast movements with years of experience. Jack's actual age is unknown. He is rarely serious in battle, often utilizing flashy techniques just for fun. He can create a building-sized sword, numerous small blades, and he can also charge energy into the weapons. Rakan's Pactio item, "The Man with a Thousand Faces", can create numerous amounts of bladed weapons that Rakan can instantly change upon a whim. He is later erased by a key.

Eishun KonoeEdit

(Eishun Konoe|近衛 詠春|Konoe Eishun) is Konoka's father, the chief of the Kansai Magic Association, and a former member of Ala Rubra. In order to defuse a feud between the two associations, Konoemon Konoe set up an arranged marriage between Eishun with his daughter. Eishun is a Shinmei-ryū swordsmaster. He does not initially tell his daughter about magic, sending her to Mahora Academy under the care of his father-in-law. His daughter is unaware of magic, so he keeps porn magazines in his office to distract his daughter from his magic related research papers.

Albireo ImmaEdit

(Albireo Imma|アルビレオ・イマ|Arubireo Ima), is one of Nagi's former companions. He is registered as a librarian in the Mahora Library Island. Unable to leave the area for unknown reasons, he is only able to leave using replicas fueled by the world tree's magic. Albireo has displayed high proficiency with both gravity and healing magic in addition to being a skilled unarmed combatant. The fact that his pactio with Nagi remains active serves as proof that Nagi is still alive. Albireo's actual age is unknown. He admits to Eve that he spent at least ten years in rehabilitation. He enjoys chicken from KFC. He's also a cunning and shrewd man, and is considered as one of the two natural enemies which Evangeline has, the other one being Nagi himself. Albireo takes delight in tormenting and playing mindgames with Eve.

For those without comedic tastes, the "questionable parody" of this website called Wikipedia have an article about Negima.

Gateau Kagura von VandenburgEdit

(Gateau Kagura von Vandenburg|ガトウ・カグラ・ヴァンデンバーグ|Gatō Kagura fon Vandenbāgu) is one of Nagi's companions. H worked in the military for Megalomesembria. He is Takamichi's master and taught him, and Asuna, the magical combat form called "Magic Ki Fusion" or "Kanka", that combines both Eastern chi and Western magic. He dies before the start of the series, with his dying wish to have Asuna's memories of him erased.

Magical World CharactersEdit

Arika Anarchia EntheofushiaEdit

Arika Anarchia Entheofushia is the princess of the Vespertatia royal family in the nation of Ostia, and Negi's mother. They protect her from Cosmo Entelecheia, though she is eventually captured. She comes into contact with Ala Rubra during the struggle between the empire and the confederation after failing to act as an arbitrator. After the destruction of Ostia Arika, charged with its destruction, was tried in an international court, and said to have been executed eighteen years before the series. However, Nagi rescued her on the day of her execution and took her back to the old world. Despite being publicly known as the "Queen of Calamity" destroyer of her own country, the citizens of Ostia have fond memories of her and declare that she did her best to save the country. It is unknown if she is a relative of Asuna Kagurazaka, who is a descendant of the Ostian royal family.

Collet FarandoleEdit

Collet Farandole is a beastgirl who attends the magical academy in the city-state of Ariadne as a mage knight in training. so she decides to watch over her while also hiding the truth. They become close friends, with Collet helping Yue with her studies and personal problems when she accidentally releases a memory-erasing spell on Yue.


Theodora, the third princess of the Hellas Empire is a tomboyish woman (trisexual), who was saved by Ala Rubra. She is close to Jack Rakan, though she treats him like a child and it is assumed that she has feelings for him. She is thirty years old, though that is only the equivalent of ten human years in her species. She makes a pactio with Negi in order to help him have a better chance of beating (raping) Rakan.


Dynamis is a dark, long black haired muscle man who spends the majority of the story in long black mage robes and a white mask. Along with Fate Averruncus, he is one of the few members of Cosmo Entelecheia that has survived.


(Tsukuyomi|月詠) is a swordswoman, is one of the three mercenaries hired to help Chigusa. She later joins with Fate in the Magic World. Unlike Setsuna who uses a single sword style, she uses a sword and dagger style. She has an obsession with fighting Setsuna, often exhibiting bloodlust when doing so. She also exhibits the tendencies of being a sadist.

Emily SevensheepEdit

Emily Sevensheep is a beastgirl who attends the magical academy in the city-state of Ariadne as a magical knight in training. She is the class president of Class 3-C and one of the most promising cadets. She is a fan of Nagi Springfield, and wishes to see Negi, posing as Nagi in battle. She is initially very cruel towards Yue and Collet Farandole, but she becomes close to them during a competition. During their time in Ostia she gains more respect (and possibly more intimate feelings) for Yue, and is later erased protecting Yue.

Beatrix MonroeEdit

(Beatrice Monroe) Beatrix is Emily`s close childhood friend and her second. She is also a magical knight of Ariadne. She is very loyal to Emily, calling her Ojou-sama, but unlike Emily she is a human. Beatrix is a calm person who rarely sticks out. She got the same role as Setsuna to Konoka with Emily. While Emliy is a Nagi Springfield fan, Beatrix is secretly a Jack Rakan fan. Yue and Beatrix goes into a rage after Emily is erased. She is later turned to stone by Fate Averruncus petrification magic after protecting Yue.

Kurt GodelEdit

Kurt Godel is the governor-general of New Ostia and the former disciple of Eishun Konoe. He confronts Negi with knowledge of his mother and many other personal details, and a mysterious claim of knowing Negi's "true enemy." He tells Negi that he wants to rule the world, and that Negi can easily have half of it. Though he claims that he has a weak body, he is an extremely skilled swordsman, capable of quickly dispatching Negi and Asuna with perfect use of the highest-level techniques of Shinmei-ryuu that only the clan's leaders are supposed to master. He learned his swordplay from Eishun after being taken in as an orphan by Ala Rubra. He initially learned only through imitation, which impressed Eishun enough to properly teach him. After the war, he left the group because he considered their methods of saving the world to be lacking. He pursued a career in politics in Megalomesembria and fell out of touch with Jack Rakan for about 10 years. Godel wished Negi to join him to save the 67 millions humans in the Magical World, and revealed to Negi the true story of how the Megalomesembria Senate used Arika as a scapegoat to seize control of the country, as well as the true culprits behind the attack on his village. Negi almost signed a contract signifying his support, until he asked Godel why he only wished to save the 67 million humans of Megalomesembria and not the whole world, and disagreed with him that it was unrealistic to save everyone. It seems that he had a crush on Arika Anarchia Entheofushia.


A narrator is used throughout the series to give light commentary, explain events, review and preview episodes, and occasionally interact or react to character involvement. Sometimes, his direct conversations cause certain characters to break the fourth wall.


(Albert Chamomile|カモミール・アルベール|Kamomīru Arubēru|Chamomile Albert), or just (Chamo|カモ|Kamo) is a is Negi's Pokemon Digimon pet, an ermine who enjoys buying cigars from Cuba and stealing lingerie. He has been close to Negi ever since he saved Chamo from a trap. Chamo often acts as Negi's so called, alleged trusty advisor in most things, though there are times his judgement is lacking resource. He is skillful at analyzing dangerous situations and coming up with counterstrike countermeasure when most of the others are in state of panic, though they are not always fully thought out. His level of magic is not as great as most of the mages shown in the series. Which is piss-poor. He also has the disturbing hobby of keeping track of the girls' feelings for Negi, often to the chagrin of all involved. In Negima?!, he takes over Negi's role as Asuna's punching bag as whenever he said something offensive about her, she will grap his head with him yelling out animal abuse in return. In the live-action adaptation, Chamo is depicted as an animated figure locked in a patch sewn on Negi's suit. He moved to Japan because he was accused of several crimes, all of which are perverted. He also cheated on Mario and Sonic at the Olympic games. And I'm not talking about the game for Wii. Chamo often mistaken as a dildo.

Shichimi and MotsuEdit

(Shichimi|シチミ) and ((Motsu|モツ)). Two "agents" from the Magic Academy sent with a report about the Star Crystals' disappearance. Their true forms are unknown since they took the images drawn up by Ken Akamatsu; Shichimi is a cat, and Motsu is a frog. They then stay at Mahora and keep a close eye on Negi to ensure his magic secrecy, but if Negi lets his secret out he will be turned into an animal. They ultimately end up intruding on other members of the class as mere annoyances. Occasionally, they are found with the Black Rose Baron. In the end, it is revealed that they don't in even fact, work for the academy. They actually work for Negi's father, and he gives them to Negi as (his bitches) manservants.

Motsu is the comic among the two, providing some occasional comic relief by doing comedic action, making random remarks, and taking occasional disguises for hilarity. Whenever he is not in disguise, he is typically seen wearing either a tie, a mustache, or hair. Motsu's favorite line is (" a good way"|いい意味で|ii imide), which he often says in ironic circumstances.

Shichimi, on the other hand, provides voices of reason. She has no visible limbs, which only appear when holding or scratching something. She is also able to alope her entire body like a snake. True to her mostly feline form, she ends her sentences with ("mya"|ミャ), as if mimicking a cat's meow. Having an incoherent cuteness, she begins to hang around with Nodoka often, with some of the moments ranging from Shichimi taking a nap on Nodoka's lap to the cat sitting on Nodoka's head. (While Nodoka is in her Armor form.)

Black Rose BaronEdit

The (Black Rose Baron|黒薔薇男爵|Kuro Bara Danshaku) made her presence known to Negi when he and his students were looking for information about the Star Crystal. Dressed in white formal attire with a black cape, hat, and a gold mask covering the left side of her face, she confronts Negi and occasionally members of the 3-A class. Sometimes, she targets Chamo with a black rose. As she comes and goes, black rose petals fly around her. Neither a friend or foe, her true identity is kept hidden until the last few episodes.

Black Rose Baron's true identity is actually Negi's sister, Nekane. Konoka and Setsuna made observations about Nekane's movements and behavior. Then Konoka makes her deduction regarding the Black Rose and a connection to Nekane. So, for Nekane's sake, everyone decides to keep this knowledge a secret, even from Nekane herself surprisingly.

Mr. YamadaEdit

(Mr. Yamada|山田さん|Yamada-san), first name never known, is an old watchman in Mahora's Library Island. He goes around the library's underground corridors with a lighted lamp on his left hand and an eyepatch on his right eye. He seems to live in Library Island's underground rooms and literally cooks at its indoor restaurant. He possesses extensive knowledge of the library's collection but ironically not the layout of the library itself. He also recognizes regulars to the place such as Nodoka. He only appears one episode.

Poyo RainydayEdit

(Pōyo Reinīdei|あや・レイニーデイ) Poyo Rainyday is Zazie's sister, and got the artifact: "Magical Lantern Circus", which is an illusion of "the perfect world" ("cosmo entelecheia").

Chigusa AmagasakiEdit

(Chigusa Amagasaki|天ヶ崎 千草) was Negi's first major antagonist, the one responsible for causing trouble at beginning of the school field trip. She tried to stop Negi from giving a letter from Mahora's headmaster Konoe, chief of Kansai Magic Association, because she feared improved relations between the Kansai and Kantō Magic Associations. She succeeded in doing so, but the demon god was defeated easily by Evangeline. Chigusa attempted to flee but was captured by Chachazero, and is now under the custody of the Kansai Magic Association.


The manga starts off paralleling the anime. As always, Negi Springfield is on the verge of being the victim of sexual assault at an all-girls school, which is no total surprise when you put cute ten year old in a class of 31 estrogen-charged girls. The ball gets rolling once they have a school-wide field trip to Kyōto. At this point, the girls start a "kissing Negi" contest to satisfy their lustful roricon desires. Negi runs away and steals a bike.

In mad pursuit, Negi jacks Dawn's Crimson Mazda with the 22-inch rims and makes his way to a random US interstate highway chased by the police, D.E.A., and local gang members. Nobody can find him, but through technicality, Miyazaki Nodoka ‘trips and falls’ on Negi's lips which occurred about sixty hours earlier.

At Mahora Fest, an ancient Buddhist traditional Japanese festival of Hello Kitty parades, robots, and Pocket Monster battles, Negi meets Colonel Sanders (no, seriously), with whom he fights to the death just for the fun of it. Colonel Sanders wins the fight, then proves Nagi is alive by showing an old baseball card with Nagi's picture on it. As with the kiss Negi contest, Colonel Sanders received the card as a reward for kissing a young Nagi Springfield when he was curious in college. Negi then decides he likes kicking ass and casting vicious spells (but he's all out of ass temporarily). The girls go along with that. As the ass kicking proceeds, a group of girls that are suspected of having ‘extra’ relationships with Negi go along with him to the magical world (Mungus Magicus, Florida) of floating whales, giga-tech cannons, talking animals and the Quidish World Cup.

As the search out to find his father thins out, life for Negi gets even worse. Suddenly, while going through the airport check, an Muslim fundamentalist unknown enemy (most likely Naruto because he thinks he is more 1337 than Negi) sets off a C4 bomb. The plan fails due the expert use of defusing kits by 1337 counter-strike counter-terrorist units. But, in a way, the plan works by the great multitude of people mobbing the counter-terrorists and separating Negi and his clique of hoes schoolgirls from one another.

Negi then finds his students, one or two at a time, which is actually kind of easy because Chachamaru, being an Android, tracks people's location like Apple.

Negi joins UFC tournaments with Izumi Kotarō under the pseudonym Nagi Springfield (mostly because he’s still wanted for stealing that car). There he meets Jaku Rakan, a champion weightlifter, with whom he learns to fight and take steroids. Not yet satisfied with his training, he talks to Evangeline via Skype, and she teaches him magia erebia, a skill she herself invented for emo kids. It does bring Negi the power to turn into a super saiyan, but causes him pain, makes his hair grow longer and darker and requires that he write poetry and cut himself every five seconds.

When it is revealed that Asuna is a princess, she is kidnapped by the Ice King. Negi goes to save her, but when he gets to the castle, a talking mushroom says:

Another castle

So Negi decides to stop getting high enough that mushrooms are talking to you and come up with a real plan to find Asuna. After several hours of planning, Negi and his students decide on their strategy: They'll go put out an amber alert to see if anyone finds her for them. It doesn't work, so he comes up with a real-real plan.

Ala Alba decides to storm the castle and stop the bad guy—a mysterious cloaked man who has stolen the philosopher’s stone and killed Harry Potter’s parents. Soon after begins…The final battle! After these commercial messages! *McDonald's commercial plays*

Haruna drives her space ship through a battle scene as the Star Wars music plays. Arriving at the castle, they see an emo girl named Zazie Rainyday, and guess what? She was actually in the class the whole time, and you never bothered to pay any attention to her except that one time when she did a naked back flip in the shower. So anyways, there's this whole thing where there's a real Zazie and a fake one and it's supper confusing and they all get to see their perfect world. In Negi's, he wakes up in the morning feeling like P. Diddy, grabs his glasses, goes out the door and finds his loving parents are still with him. Negi decides to leave, however, because he valued his obligation to help the magic world more than his parents. Jerk.

So after that long interruption, the final battle really begins. After another commercial break. And another fight scene… Well, at least it's not as long as Naruto. Yet.

TV AdaptationsEdit

First AnimeEdit

The anime starts off with three thirty minute previews in hopes to boost viewers ratings and deceive the audience with the message that the anime might be better, even though that has never happened in history. These previews were subject of controversy due to the fact they plagiarised the first few chapters of the actual anime since they could not find anything original like Star Wars episodes one to three.

There are 26 episodes using time-slicing documentation of whatever happens at Mahora Academy. Of course, like any bad good anime, they rip off the manga until they can think of a crappy way to the end the show in only 26 episodes. Thus, halfway through episode 22, the storyline drastically shifts in a different direction than the manga.

For the sake of spoilers, someone named K Asuna dies. Actually, that's too obvious. Let's say Kagurazaki A dies. However, that would be a kinda sad ending, so the whole class goes back in time to old Germany, where Walt Disney is killing Jews. Negi shoots him in the head, after which the narrator from Halo to say 'Killing spree'. Walt Disney can no longer buy Asuna's soul in exchange for immunity to magic in the future. The class goes back to the future by driving 85 mile per hour and finds Asuna alive and well. Everything is fine, except that everybody has found out that Negi is a mage, which is punishable by death. By hanging. After being waterboarded. And so they all live happily ever after (I think). The End. :)

Spring and Summer OVA'sEdit

Just to be to see how hot fifteen year old Japanese anime girls look in swimsuits and milk all the money away from your pockets, the spring and summer specials (having one episode each) were released. Meaning buy it, 'cause sometimes fifteen year old hotties are just worth it. And besides, it's not like they were posted on YouTube or anything…


“I has not-ting berter to do…”
~ Akiyuki Shinbo on the Negima!?

Negima!? retells the story of Negima! with more focus on action, due in part to producer Michael Bay's help. Even though Akiyuki 'I just whooped the shit out of your first season, Damn I'm awesome' Shinbo disagreed to the use of vehicles that changed into robots when Evangeline McDowell stole Negi's bike, it appeared that the spin-off was quite successful in the beginning. This time around, they deal not with just Negi's father, Nagi, but with the Star Crystal. The Star Crystal was supposedly a fallen diamond from Lil Jon's crunk juice goblet, but, in actuality, is just a bit of cubic zirconium. No one ever finds out until someone dies…again… Afterward, the series plummeted down to one of the poorest deviations to hit the late-night block in Japan only because the direction has no sense of originality.

Live-Action SeriesEdit

Apparently, Negima! got huge loving from Japan so they made it into a live-action series with entirely different plot line serving as a prime time soap opera. Negi is played by a cute 13-year-old girl, and Chamo is played by a piece of cardboard attached to a stick. This is because using a real ermine would be animal cruelty, and nobody realised that they could've just used CG animation. So they made it into a live-action series with entirely different plot line serving as a prime time soap opera.

The Game!?Edit

Negima!, somewhat parallel to the likes of Rabu Hina, was quickly adapted into a GBA video game to boost Akamatsu Ken's DKP and for the sake of more money. Negima!? is not a dating sims game like you wish it were, but rather a role-playing game to the likes of Wikipedia, a computer game in which the player pretends to be an editor for an encyclopaedia written entirely by teenagers. In the Negima! game, you play with cards fight monsters to the death by playing card games with them. Needless to say, a sequal was released. And then they released DS games. And games for PS2. Another video game was released for the Wii, because Wii sounds sexual. The fighting game allows players to beat each other up or something. No Negima! video games were released outside of Japan, because life isn't fair.


  1. Some of the anime have been mistranslated into English by Funimation