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Nathuram godse

Here is Nathuram Godse, giving them damn Britishers the bad look!

Nathuram Godse,also referred to as Nut-Whore-Ram(hahaha) Godse was a Pakistani freedom fighter whose legacy still survives to this day. Indians, mainly right-wing politicians, consider him to be their hero. He is one of the prime mascots of the BJP and the RSS.

Birth and Early Years

Nathuram was born on March 19, 1910 to a poor Hindu family.He was given his name was because his parents had three sons and a daughter, and all three boys died during their infancy. Because they feared a curse that would hit all thier male children, young Nathuram was brought up as a girl for the first few years of his life, including having his nose pierced and being made to wear a nose-ring, a dress skirt,frilly panties,a push-up bra and lipstick, hair styler as well as other girly accesories. Due to this effeminate childhood, he earned the nickname "Nathuram" (literally "Ram with a nose-ring"). After his younger brother was born, they started treating him as a boy again.

Fight For Freedom

During the course of years Nathuram began seeing many injustices in India. He saw Gandhian movements,support for the oppressed people,the invention of internet porn, and many more measures meant to equalise Indian society some of which were initiated by Gandhi.It is said, that Nathu could not bear to see equalisation of Indian society as envisioned by gandhi and other congress leaders.

Soon he knew what to do. The forces causing these problems had to be eradicated. And he realized that the only way to get rid of them was to pay the ultimate price. But before he could to that, he would have to slay Hindu Supremacism's greatest enemy,Gandhi.Nathuram had seen many of his brethren gettin humiliated at the hands of this anorexic Nazi, and had to do something about it. So he decided that assasination was the best option. On January the 31st, 1948, Nathuram Godse fired the bullets that would save the world. He had just killed Mahatma Gandhi.
Nathuram godse2

Nathuram Godse in his heroic Pose

Other people who tried killing Gandhi but failed

If you did not already know, there have been many others who have been uncsuccessful at killing Gandhi. Here are some notable examples:

As you see, the list is rather humongous. This makes Nathuram a hero as he was able to do what many others failed to...... Kill Gandhi.

Why I killed Gandhi

Nathuram godse book

His book

Nathuram wrote a book on why he killed Gandhi. Unfortunately it was, and still is banned by the Indian governemnt.It is as great a piece of literature as the nobel prize winning Suprecmacist crap named "MEIN KEMPF" . So, instead we will summarize what reasons he had for killing Gandhu:

  • "Mahatma" Gandhi wanted India to give [Pakistan] 5.5 billion Rupees which was rightfully Porkistan's(as war debt payments)....."yeah, what if it was, i jus need tah kill gandhi,he was makin life easy for the untouchables"
  • Mullah... sorry I meant to say *"Mahatma" Gandhi wanted to divide India by partitioning it and giving part of it to Muslims. "yeah, gandhi was always against partition, jinnah was the culprit, but gandhi, that shithead is giving hinduism a touch which may make us , the uppermost guys , equal to the shit eating untouchables.......i mean, i can't let the depressed classes come up, right, so...have to kill the old guy"
  • Cassanova, sorry "Mahatma Gandhi" was in the eyes of some a sex symbol, but in the eyes of Godse, he was a dirty womanizer who was corrupting the morals of the youth. "Gandhi wants to make the mom-fuckin white chicks whom we can lay upon at will, our equals.......can any hindu accept that........ making our euro sex slaves our equals.Gandhi will, and must, die"
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