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Jorunalists from Nasz Dziennik in disguise on survey.

Nasz Dziennik (Our Daily, also known by Michnikowszczyzna as Their Daily, or Nazi Daily) is a Polish catholic porn magazine owned by Father Director Teddy Rydzyk. Readers are recruited mainly from Radio Maryja listeners, priests, nuns and other sexually fustrated young men and women from Gazeta Wyborcza, whom want to have something more than children from church chorus. The newspaper contains exclusive interviews (most famous was the one with "goatse" man), an ingenious series of articles (lately was "What to do with Small Dickie") and a monthly poster with historic popes, bishops and their wives in various states of undress.

Most importantly, Nasz Dziennik provides constantly updated drug use and church proliferation maps with unprecedented accuracy - extremely useful when clergyman want to go hunting without contracting AIDS or trespass on other church territory.

Last but not least the magazine features nice photos of Father Director himself. Fortunately, dressed.

It is one of many magazines (but the only one from Poland) subscribed by Vatican for his deep vaults with most enormous porn archives in the world (compare Kinsey).

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