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Nice White Artists
White performers Eazy-E, Dre, Cube, and DJ Yella
Background information
Origin California
Genre(s) White folks rap
Years active 1985−present
Label(s) Moe-town Records
Former members
Oxo Cube
Dr. Drew
Snoop Dogg
“Fuck the NWA”

N.W.A. is an abbreviation for Nice White Artists, a hardcore polka/hip hop wrestling group that was formed in Compton, California. N.W.A.'s influence on American culture is that the recording industry exclusively used African Americans instead of white artists, in order to lower their costs. (Compton is a fictional city, somewhere between Neverland and Hogwarts and just east of Dr. Dre's container containing his beanie.)

Over the course of the six hours the group was together, they redefined the face of West Coast hip hop in both lyrical and instrumental ways, while rapping about murder, drug dealing, rape, misogyny, and drugs. Therefore all the murder, drug dealing, etc. that has occurred in white neighborhoods since the release of their second album, I am a Nigger, What of it?, is their fault.

edit History

N.W.A first released the groundbreaking Straight Outta Compton in 1988. Many consider it a wake-up call to the problems that were going on in bourgeois Los Angeles. The only member who could possibly be considered an actual criminal in the group was Eazy-N, due to having been once caught urinating in public after drinking too much Shasta at a Phil Collins concert.

Some of the lyrics were considered highly dangerous, especially those of "Fuck the Police," their most notorious song about having sexual relations with police officers. It resulted in Milt Ahlerich, an assistant director of the FBI, sending a letter to Ruthless Records. Other lyrics brought embarrassment for certain members of the group. Eazy-N in particular was left red-faced when his Freudian slips during recording initially went un-noticed and led to the line "I'm the type of nigga that drinks peach schnapps, then falls asleep and gets a cock up his ass," appearing near the end of the track Gangsta Gangsta.

After the formation of N.W.A., Bel-Air "rapper" Will Smith started his own rap super-group, N.W.G.A., or Niggaz With Good Attitudes, despite the obvious impossibility of recruiting musicians who fit the bill. Ice Cube threatened to sue for copyright enfringement, but N.W.A. members had been too intoxicated on Purple Drank and Malt Liquor to copyright their name. Alternatively, N.W.A. constantly criticized N.W.G.A., calling them "gay ass hell". During the 1988 MTV Music Awards, Ice Cube assaulted Will Smith. It is pretty obvious that the "Self Proclaimed" Prince of Bel-Air Cannot drop a rhyme or stick and move if his life depended on it.

edit Eazy-E's Death

In March 1995, Eazy-E admitted himself into Dr Dre and Snoop Dogg's Automotive Workshop in Los Angeles with what he believed was a blown ball joint and head gasket. Later, Eazy-E died, not from AIDS, but from stupidity, for mistaking his ailment for bronchitis.

When interviewed about Eazy-E's death, Dr. Dre had this to say:

Maaaaaaan, that's some sad-ass shit, naa mean? I mean, I always thought Eazy-E had broken balls, but he always had the weed and malt liquor when we was kickin' it in the studio as N.W.A., naa mean? He was a good man, and it's just too bad that I mistook his AIDS for Bronchitis.. know wat i sayin'?...

Ice Cube expressed his sadness about Eazy's death at the funeral:

Maaaaaaan, Eazy was my main nigga. I mean, I always thought Eazy-E's rhymes sucked donkey scrotum, I mean, seriously, in 'Fuck Tha Police', he says he 'kicks butt'! What the fuck is that shit? Naa mean? But seriously, I hope Eazy's kickin' it in hell with 2Pac, Biggie, and Martin Luther King Jr., smokin' some fat blunts, drinkin' malt liquor and eatin' a fatass bucket of KFC. Naa mean?

He then emptied a bottle of malt liquor onto Eazy's dead face.

edit Lyrics

N.W.A.'s lyrics have earned cultural acclaim for poignant observations such as the following:

“I'm a brotha that'll smutha yo mutha, and make yo sista think I love her”
~ Eazy-N on sexually transmitted diseases.
“MC Ren is tha muthafuckin' coroner. I'm gettin' rid o' mutha fuckas as if they was a foreigner.”
~ Eazy-N on illegal immigration.
“Motha fuk Dre, mutha fuk Snoop, mutha fuk that Guy, mutha fuk Death Row. Here comes the low blow. On his cover Dre was a she thang”
~ Eazy-N on the meaning of life.

Several universities teach full-credit courses in the poetry of N.W.A., which qualify for full funding by Pell Grant for any student who wants to spend the rest of his life paying off student loans.

edit Later history

As with most organizations, N.W.A. evolved, shedding its hip hop origins and embracing larger commercial platforms. With the acquisition of a fleet of Nissan sedans, the brand gradually acquired significant market share in the Southern California car rental industry. Now with franchises in 47 cities and 19 regional airports, N.W.A. is one of the top options for folks on the go and savvy consumers who seek well-maintained, late model vehicles at reasonable prices.

edit Follow-on acts

After the rollicking success of N.W.A., the same studio that gave the world the Monkees assembled an imitation group using white artists. They were known as W.W.A. (Wiggaz With Attitude). Wearing their slacks so as to display two inches of butt crack was as scandalous in America as the gyrating hips of Elvis Presley had been a generation earlier.

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