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This page attempts to document our latest scheme to harass the wiki, the creation and propagation of banner campaigns. Updates made here won't take effect unless they're properly configured.

Very important notice, as evidenced by its being bright red: All Uncyclopedia:Notice Templates changes prior to 2010 could be who knows where; please add them if you find others. All new changes shall hopefully be automatically added to the list below through use of magic code.

Documentation: Uh... do we look like we keep track of our crap?

Templates: Template:Notice banner, Template:Notice banner/default

Please note: These are really huge.
Please don't use them unless the Wikimedia folks are actually running one of their own campaigns or whatnot.
Also, even if they make them really big, that doesn't mean we have to.

Please take potential notices to a forum or something and discuss them prior to using them.

edit Banners

edit 2012

SOAP (edit)

edit 2011

Zombiebaron - Braydie (edit)

RDB's dog (edit)

multiple (edit)

Zombiebaron (edit)

Tom Mayfair (edit)

Roger the Bum (edit)

MY CAT II (edit)

MY CAT I (edit)

Don't bother (edit)

Appeal (edit)

edit 2010


I was going to put something clever and funny here, mastered in impeccable imagery
worthy of announcing that voting has begun for Uncyclopedia's most visually-stunning award,
But I couldn't think of anything.

Jimbo Wales toilet - GotY

PLS mustache guy

This guy will be entering the PLS this year
in the Best Article by a Noob category.
Can you beat him?
Green yesSpacerGreen yes
The Poo Lit Surprise
Watch your step around this one.
Poo Lit Surprise Logo


Spanny thingy
It is time to call out a writer amongst us who simply does not suck as much as the rest.

Potato hands - UotY

Top 10 Dec

Zombiebaron - Braydie

Zombiebaron Braydie small
Please consider:
Leave no subpage unhuffed --  Vote for deletion

Jimbo Lisa appeal

Jimbo Lisa 1
Brown read
Vote to put articles you wrote on the Main Page
Vote for Highlight

Jimbo Wales appeal - Nymph

Jimbo header4
Leaf read
Nominate an image to be featured   –  Vote for Pictures

jimbo Wales appeal - Adam

What you will be doing this January  –  Poo Lit Surprise

Jimbo Wales appeal - Overlord

Jimbo header3
Vote to put articles you wrote on the Main Page
Vote for Highlight

Jimbo Wales appeal - Bomis Admiral

Jimbo header1
Blue read
The Holy Uncyclopedian Empire requires your writing skills
Imperial Colonization

edit 2008

Appeal from Codeine's Mum

Puzzle Potato Dry Brush-notext

Please Read:
An Appeal From
Uncyclopedia Mother Codeine's Mum

And then realize that YOU MISSED YOUR OPPORTUNITY TO VOTE for Writer of the Year, Uncyclopedian of the Year, and Potatochopper of the Year
& Top 10 of 2008. There, aren't you proud of yourself now you lazy sod?


Uncyclopedia Puzzle Potato Notext


"... But ya that uncyclopedia.wikia.com wat a strange site. like a big joke or something"

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