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My So-Called Life is an American Documentary series using found footage in the similar vein as The Blair Witch Project.


High school is tough for a teenage KGB agent

edit Synopsis

The series is set in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The pilot episode debuted on Mtv in 1994 and went on to produce 18 more episodes before being cancelled in May 1995, due to the untimely murder of the whole Chase family and ABC having ran out of episodes.

The series dealt with the daily struggles of Angela Chase, an American teenage high school student, her friends and her family being filmed on live camera 24 hours a day/7 days a week ala cinema verite`. Despite being new, the fledgling series had received many accolades for tackling real-world issues such as Drugs, BDSM, Masturbation, Obesity, Jaywalking, and Coprophagia.

edit Characters

edit Angela Chase

Appearing at first to be an innocuous high school student when in secret she is actually a spy for the KGB named Natalia Romanov. Her mother almost finds out about the murders and her secret life before she throws away her diary and changes her hair color to a deep red color in order to both infuriate and get her mother to change the subject. At school she befriends drug-dealer/prostitute Rayanne Graff and flamboyant gay man Rickie Vasquez, who know her secret life as a Russian KGB serial killer but promise not to tell on the basis of coke and cigarettes. In her penultimate episode, Angela murders her entire family precluding to the premature cancellation of the series and subsequent recasting of the main characters.

edit Brian Krakow

Also known as "Krakhouse", Brian is Angela's perverted next door neighbor who has been spying and lusting over her for years. An avid Star Wars fan, Brian has been known to collect vintage Star Wars paraphernalia that others would find bizarre and disgusting. He enjoys practicing autoerotic asphixyation while jacking off to pictures of Cheetara from the ThunderCats. His most famous episode involves him smuggling a kilo of cocaine in his anus thus earning him the name "Krakhouse".

edit Patty Chase

Angela's thoughtful albeit controlling mother, Patty was raised by wolves during her early years before being adopted by German Nazis. She runs the Chase household like a personal Reich and demands to be called "Fuhrer Patty". When she was 9 she married Graham through an arranged marriage, and because both children were so ugly that nobody wanted them. She is notoriously known for the episode in which she is possessed by the spirit of a Rastafarian/midget/rapist/chimney sweep.

edit Graham Chase

Angela's clumsy father and Patty's idiotic husband, Graham is known to be quite a butterfingers in and around the house having had set fire to their original home in Amityville. Little known to Angela or anyone else is the fact that Graham is a serial pervert and pedophile enjoying lacing ice cream, tea, shampoo and candy with spanish fly and soaking the kids' wash cloths in chloroform before bath time.

edit Rayanne Graff

Drug-addicted prostitute and Angela's friend, Rayanne gets mostly bad grades in school but always gets A's under the bleachers after school. Her most infamous episode details the 24 hours wherein she was messed up on angel dust and believed she was Zarmogg the Destroyer. In it she raped a janitor, ate the face off of a puppy, stabbed a classmate, and had sex with a sandwich.

edit Rickie Vasquez

Rayanne and Angela's extremely gay and effeminate best friend. He comes from a long line of homosexuals, in fact both of his parents are gay and kicked him out of the house for being too straight. He moved in with his uncle only to be turned away for not being gay enough. Eventually he moves in with his ephebophilic teacher and his partner and the three of them share an extremely gay, polyamorous life together.

edit Jordan Catalano

The object of Angela's desire, he is an extremely retarded fifth-year senior at the high school Angela goes to. He was supposed to have graduated sometime back in the eighties but was held back indefinitely due to his stupidity. One of his most prominent episodes features him arriving to school late, only to have his face bitten off by a rabid monkey.

edit Danielle Chase

Angela's bratty younger sister, she is whiny, annoying and all things typical of a 9-10 year old. Her most famous episode in the series sees her arrested, tried and executed for murdering her teacher.

edit Sharon Cherski

Angela's former best friend, she is extremely judgmental and stuck up and Christian. She likes to look down her nose at others while harboring a secret obsession with scat-eating.

edit Trivia

  • The show began its initial run in August 1994 and was expected to run indefinitely, however due to the murders of the Chase family the producers had to temporarily cancel the show until they could find suitable replacements for the main cast.
  • Originally Claire Danes portrayed Angela Chase but with her murder and imprisonment she was replaced by Aubrey Plaza.
  • Pat Morita replaced Tom Irwin, Roseanne Barr replaced Bess Armstrong, and Mary Kate Olsen replaced Lisa Wilhoit.

edit Notable Episodes

  • "Your Brian on Crack" the 21st episode, in this episode Brian Krakow is bullied into smuggling a kilo of cocaine in his anus into Liberty High School. When the balloon containing all of the cocaine explodes inside his ass, hilarity ensues.
  • "Führer Patty" The 683rd episode of the series, the family is schocked to come home only to find Patty decked-out in full WWII Nazi attire with some new das befehlen for the whole family.
  • "Angela's Die-Job" The finale of the first season, notoriously depicting Angela's murder of her family members by burning Danielle alive, decapitating Graham, and locking Patty in a freezer. The episode got a special rating because of its over the top graphic content and the gory execution-style deaths of the actors/family members.
  • "Tooth or Dare" The 305th episode of the series, in it a bully is pestering Rickie and Angela deals with him the only way a Russian KGB assassin knows how to: through torture.
  • "Dude the Walls are Melting" is the 39th episode of the series and details Rayanne's overdose on angel dust. The episode is infamous for its real-life portrayal of a junkie devouring the face off of a living puppy, stabbing a student, raping of a janitor and unconsensual sex with a sandwich. It's notoriety is more widespread than "Angela's Die-Job", the episode which depicted the brutal murders of the Chase family.
  • "Shit or Off the Pot" the 412th episode of the series, it is a very special after school episode detailing Sharon's neurotic obsession with orally consuming feces. At the end of the episode she is tricked by her mother into eating a "chocolate" cake made from human excrement. The episode won 12 Emmys and an Oscar for its vivid portrayal of a scat-craven schoolgirl out in the town.

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