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“OMGGGG PC4PC! I only comment yew if yew are cuuute.”
~ Typical MySpace attention whore on attention whoring.
“That MySpace group Aesthetic Perfection just stole their name from that industrial band... Aesthetic Perfection”
~ Gummimann of Urbandictionary on The definition of the most popular MySpace Perfection group.

MySpace Perfection Groups are a form of social networking on the popular website MySpace, where only the most skilled indie/scene photoshop users can be found. Usually a cesspool of drama, you can always count on some flame war going on in the pits of the forum. They consider themselves to be the most beautiful and important creatures that walk the Earth (whereas real people see through this and realize they are quite pathetic and are basically fucking retarded, fake, whiny little cunts with no lives) and on no account should they ever address a mere mortal with disdain. So much controversy has arisen through MySpace Perfection Groups that they supposedly have even showed up on the news due to the self-esteem crushing comments and lack of realism.

edit What it Takes to be in a Perfection Group

Considering these groups only accept the most elite (and by extension, shallow fucks who excel at photoshop and have intense self-esteem/God complex issues) of the internets, they must only have the most elite standards. In order to even be considered glance-worthy by the admin/mods of these groups, you must fit these qualities:

  • YOU MUST HAVE PHOTOSHOP SKILLZ. This cannot be stressed any more. Photoshop is an essential key to perfection; it hides that unsightly kangaroo pouch that gives you roll upon roll of fat, your hideous skin, your dull eye color; basically, you must cover up the genetic makeup that makes you truly unique and beautiful in order to mold yourself to their stereotype.
  • You must not be original. Originality is a dead concept in the mind of the Perfection Group members. It does not exist. There is only what Hot Topic, Urban Outfitters, and FakeFaggot wants you to be.
  • You must not be an individual. Unless you are an "indie kid", you are not an individual and your existence is therefore frowned upon. You are a peon of society and must swiftly erase your existence if you are even considering applying to a perfection group with a shred of individuality.
  • You must have zero dignity. This is key.
  • You must be frighteningly conceited and believe you are indeed God's gift to the world. If you show even the slightest hint of being self-conscious you will be ripped limb from limb by the members of the group.
  • YOU MUST be scene or indie.
  • You must have snappy retorts that always include your disdain and contempt for common society, for this is all they know how to speak.
  • You must have the tag of the group you are in displayed in your name. This explains names such as "Natalie apvip" or "Liz Chomp ap vip iq".

edit Most Prominent Perfection Groups

Aesthetic Perfection [AP] This is one of the first and most venerable (not in the sense that you will get a venereal disease from it--although, undoubtedly, you will probably contract super herpes or AIDS from it) groups on MySpace. They consider themselves to be the most elite and difficult group to be in. It is operated mainly by Adrian, also known as FakeFaggot, and Kristin Vance. Recently it has moved from MySpace, due to the new HTML formatting of the website which made the layout ugly and therefore unacceptable. To prove the mindset of a member, you will be provided with the definition of Aesthetic Perfection:

“One of the firsts, most elite perfection groups founded on myspace...It's link is:

It isn't just being pretty/hot. You could be that in real life, but not on the internet. It means it's really important how you represent yourself. I personally think now it's better than Vanity Is Perfection bacause here people has better Photoshop skills and there are prettier members, although few are boring looking. So it isn't true that you must be scene for being accepted in this group. Also topics are more interesting and with more entries. Sometimes there's some enjoyable drama ;p The group layout is sooo much better than Vanity Is Perfection one's. You have to add the Aesthetic Perfection's profile, (and have your pictures not on private), click join profile. If you made it you'll receive an acceptance letter.

Then, you COULD be accepted if (one and/or more on the following options):

  • you are a famous/well known myspace scenester
  • you have good quality pictures
  • you are not badly photoshopped
  • you are good looking/interesting
  • you have a vintage vibe in your pictures (Adrian likes it a lot)

The tag for this group (is mandatory) is AP. Lots of (lame) people put AP in their names, even though they have never been accepted.

There are always few hackers that doesnt have nothing to do with this group, but they just blend in it, cause they are hackers, duh! They are active in topics too! " ”
~ cikacika! on AP

Note the admitted lack of originality, individualism, and intellect of the poster. Also, notice they attempt to glamorize how truly pathetic they really are.

Vanity Is Perfection [VIP] The tagline of the group is "The vain, the beautiful, the narcissistic". They are also the most elite and difficult group to be in on MySpace. You must be vain, beautiful, and narcissistic in order to be accepted. Usually, membership in AP guarantees you a spot in VIP, since the two basically seem to go hand in hand. The leader of Vanity Is Perfection is Ophelia (no surprise here) Vanity. Some people consider VIP to be trash and "the asshole of perfection groups", but that description fits the profile of anything on MySpace, really.

Neverland Perfection [NP] One of the oldest perfection groups along with Aesthetic Perfection. The official Neverland Perfection was the hardest group to get into by far. It was one of the most elite and requested groups on myspace. Even Adrian aka "Fake Faggot [Mod of AP]" requested to join and got denied. Because of the low number of acceptances, Neverland was hacked 5 times. Nowadays, NP gets ripped off by a bunch of fakes.

Here is the link to a fake NP....but it has some parts of the old NP layout:

Innovative Quality [IQ] The most dramatic of all the perfection groups. Most people resign within a day of joining because they cannot handle the emotional damage inflicted upon them by the members. It is ran by Christopher Giovanni, and is only different from other Perfection Groups due to the fact that it copied Mean Girls and has a burnbook. You will frequently see comments such as:

“"I keep getting added by so many uglies because I'm on the top friends list in iq, /deny."”
~ AmandaLynn ap iq
“"I'm fucking beautiful, so many people ask me if I can nominate them in IQ hahahaha,, not happening."”
~ Liz Chomp ap vip iq
“You look like something I ran over with my car......twice.”
~ Maruki ap/iq
“"Don't fuck with me, I will make you resign you nasty bitch you don't know what's coming I will stomp all over that acne covered face faggot."”
~ Morgan apiq
“"Your photoshopping skills fail, get out & eat my ass on the way out the door."”
~ Adrian iq
“"Oh my gosh you are one ugly little bitch."”
~ Boots iq
“"What the fuck is that thing? It needs to fucking get out of Innovative Quality, or I will resign."”
~ Taylor

You get the point. Joining Innovative Quality is rather like requesting to be thrown into the Coliseum to be ripped apart by ravenous lions on their period. If you anger a member of IQ you will be ceaselessly berated, posted in the burnbook, receive heaps of hatemail from other members, and may have your information posted on 4chan and memeparty by Marco.

Perfection Dolls [PD] The only perfection group where there are more scene kids than indie because it refuses to conform further. PD is considered shit by the majority of AP, VIP, and IQ, because they do not meet their elite and perfect standards.

edit Everyone in Perfection Groups are Girls.

They are all girls. In the sense that they all have vaginas which they are perpetually bleeding from. Even the boys, since you rarely see a straight man in a perfection group.

edit The Burnbook

The Innovative Quality Burnbook is where the members of IQ find photos of things/people that are considered ugly or imperfect and post them, along with a link to their profiles, and a comment describing why exactly they were posted there. You will find yourself in the burnbook if:

  • You piss off anyone in IQ.
  • You aren't pretty enough to join IQ.
  • You are strange/unusual, which makes you ugly.
  • You really do have some deformity that they find lulzworthy.
  • You huff kittens.
  • You have cancer.
  • You cosplay.
  • You cosplay Mana.

edit Perfection Groups in the Media

It has been rumored that Aesthetic Perfection has actually grabbed the attention of the news, during a broadcast in which newscasters addressed the problem that emo fags were being beat down by batshit crazy grannies and intolerant teens. However this is a rumor, and cannot be credited until proven true.

edit There's More Than One Aesthetic Perfection?

There is an electro band from Hollywood called Aesthetic Perfection as well as the perfection group. Both are lame and scene and pop up on Google when you search 'AP'.

edit Things You Won't Find in a Perfection Group

edit Things You Will Find in a Perfection Group

  • Fags.
  • Photoshop.
  • Eurgs.
  • Scene kids.
  • Indie kids.
  • Ugly mistakes on humanity's part (aka, the members).
  • Drama.
  • Conceit.
  • AIDS
  • Cosplayers.
  • Vaginas.
  • Conformists.
  • SIFs.
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