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A joint venture of the Museum of Bad Art and the Museum of Sex, The Museum of Bad Sex (MoBS) is a museum that features the low points of everyone's favorite pastime. Exhibits include:

  • "Watch Your Teeth!": History's Worst Blowjobs
  • "This'll Only Hurt For A Second": The Wax and Wane of Hot Wax
  • Kermit and Miss Piggy: A Retrospective

Despite the apparent humor in a museum devoted solely to bad sex, the curators enact rigorous standards as to what they accept into the MoBS. First, the sex must not just be unpleasant, it must be hilariously, embarrassingly bad, such as one person farting while the other person is rimming, and neither person laughing afterward to lighten the mood. Second, the sex must be sincere; the MoBS will not accept hipsters having bad sex ironically.

Collection Highlights

Laurie and Edgar in the Field with A Fucking Mountain Goat Staring At Them

Mass romantic

"Laurie and Edgar in the Field with A Fucking Mountain Goat Staring At Them", used by indie band The New Pornographers for their album cover.

This painting details two lovers who are seconds away from a mood-killing wtf moment. This painting is the first of a series; the sequels are titled "Shoo, You Stupid Goat!", "Goat: Baaaaaaaaahhhh", "Just, Go, I Don't Have Any Food For You", and "Sorry, Honey, Let Me Find A Rock So I Can Throw It At It".

Bathroom Sex

This simply-titled piece is one of performance art, where a couple of partly-clothed actors who aren't paid enough act out attempted sexual relations in a bathroom stall, 12 hours a day, 5 days a week, without success. This work of tragedy has been compared to the story of Sisyphus, who was also forced to work for all eternity but who only had to push a boulder around.

Critical Response

Responses have been mostly negative. Roger Ebert refused to call what the museum exhibits "art", banging on the "make text bigger" button on his keyboard to prove his point.


The MoBS is located in the lower level of Your Mom. Admission is $2, not including the student/senior/group discount. Hours are 8am-8pm Mon-Fri, except on her birthday. Free lube is available at the coat check.

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