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Mouth breather

Father / Sister relationship

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Mouth breathers are retarded people who are clearly the product unholy relationships between close relatives.

edit Symptoms

Obviously breathing through the mouth in an irritating fashion. This is caused by various mutations one of which causes a flap of skin (Preventicus Inhalicus) to develop at the back of the nasal cavity preventing inhalation and / or exhalation.

Secondary characteristics include:

  • An apparent lack of oxygen in the brain.
  • Being unable to spell...DNA.
  • Dribbling.
  • Obesity.
  • Dirty neck.
  • Originated from Massachusettes, kicked out and now claim to be from Maine.

edit Popular Mouth Breeding Creation Unions

  • Father / Daughter
  • Father / Sister
  • Cousin / Cousin
  • Father / Step Daughter
  • Cousin / Cousin brother
  • Father / Son's new slutty girlfriend

This list implies that mouth breathers are aware of the relationships that they are embarking on. This has led many people to judge the unions immoral or illegal. Most commonly the mouth breather literally has no idea that the girl he is fucking is in fact his sister.

Often the mouth breather doesn't even realise that his cock is being sucked by anyone at all least of all by his gran. As the concious self of the mouth breather is entirely made from reflex actions, very often the female mouth breather will not realise that her dad's spunk is dribbling down the back of her throat until she actually runs out of air.

People should really be more understanding.

edit Spread of Syndrome


A black Hitler would have had something to say.

Mouth breathing is widespread in many communities where inbreeding is rife. Examples include many ethnic communities, but the syndrome is also rampant in white non working class areas, and obviously the public school system.

edit Was Hitler Right?[1]

He said we should get rid of these retards. Was that going too far? Well that is for the reader to judge... but fuck me - they are irritating.

edit Footnotes

  1. no

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