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“I'm a Grand Duchess, with over 1 billion points and 90 million gold who faces deadly, dangerous adversaries in a quest for peace... No I don't play WarCraft, that's for losers!”
~ You on trying to score
“The idea for this game came from me catching mice for my mummy in my bedroom.. I mean cellar.. yeah cellar ”
~ HitGrab on Creating Mousehunt.
“In Soviet Gnawnia, mouse hunts YOU!!! ”
~ Russian Reversal on MouseHunt
This article may be funny, but the King's Wikipedia is even more factual. However the Dragon mouse has recently flamed all hilarity out of the article, so don't go there

Originally created by Canadian company HitGrab Inc, MouseHunt has become one of the most popular FaceBook games with approximately 6 users per day. The game involved setting a virtual trap with virtual cheese to catch a virtual mouse for virtual points and virtual gold every 15 real time minutes by blowing a virtual horn with repetitiveness to rival FarmVille. The repetitiveness is thinly disguised under collecting 'loot' and getting enough gold to pay for new traps. Obviously this meant that it was an instant hit with brain-dead 12 year olds invading the internet. They signed up in swarms to rid the kingdom of Gnawnia from the rodent threat. As players progress through the ranks they unlock extra ranks and areas which means they can buy that next trap or hunt that next powerful mouse or waste more time pointlessly hunting weak mice.

History of the GameEdit

The game was offered for beta testing in early 2008. After the lawsuits over damaged mental health were settled, the game was released to the public on 7 March 2008. Not much happened until 9 months after the game was released when HitGrab was offered $250,000 by FaceBook to take the game offline. HitGrab took the money and used it to further improve the game. This resulted in the game becoming even more popular with secondary and tertiary students in Singapore, Australia and America. The initial features of the game involved traps, bases and cheese with the player having to arrange them with all the skill of a florist making an arrangement with nitroglycerine. The areas available were Gnawnia originally then HitGrab added the Burroughs and Furoma regions with extra mice designed to frustrate players with their uncatchability. Version 2 was released on the 6th of October 2008 adding crafting, a timer for the Hunters Horn, and Larry the knight who gave players information about hunting areas. Version 3 was released on the 9th of June 2010 after two days downtime. Over 9000 hunters committed suicide in this time suffering withdrawal after not being able to sound their Horns and check their profile. However the new interface was even easier to use do to the King taking time out from rooting Ronza to advise HitGrab about how exactly he wanted the hunters to hunt and make it easier than ever to change traps, bases and cheese. It has also been awarded a prize for having the most locations that are useless to the player. HitGrab is currently involved in a lawsuit with C.S. Lewis over the name of Gnawnia.


Their are many, many beautiful, quiet and varied places within the Kingdom, however as a n00b you only have access to the ugliest, smog laden, hell holes where the average mouse is worth the same amount of money as is spent on the Nigerian llama space program.


Town of Gnawnia
Motto: Home to famous hunters from the whole Kingdom
State Gnawnia
Official nickname n00bville
Official language(s) Engrish + MouseHunt Terminology
Mayor King
Established 2008
Currency Gold
Hours of Operation ALL

Larry The Friendly Knight=Edit

Everywhere you go or do, there is a person called Larry the Friendly Knight. So I am telling you about who Larry is? Larry the friendly knight is an idiotic hacker, who can travel anywhere and have infinite Super|Brie+. In the beginning Larry the Knight will tell you all the rules about Mousehunt. Than he will ditch you and only give you a Tacky Glue Trap or a High Tension Spring Trap and with only the best cheese Cheddar. Than he will scam your hard earn money. But when you need money, he will burn super|brie+ to make you 'happy'. He then collects the money for fun and he never buys any traps or cheeses. Then he will tell you to travel to this place and he will just teleport and say you are so slow.

Town of GnawniaEdit

This is the first region that hunters have access to, when they sign up and consequently it has the most idle hunters frozen in time due to lack of interest. The mice here are weak so that people can consistently catch them and feel good about themselves. However there isn't really much achievement in catching a White Mouse when it looks less threatening than a butternut pumpkin.

Full map

Mousehunt map. Now 20% more confusing!

However this tactic means that when hunters venture out of Gnawnia they are assaulted by the dreaded red boxes until they give up in sheer frustration. It is also the location of the King's Castle which has no practical application in the game except to highlight the King's massive ego. If hunters listen carefully they may hear the Queen's screams as she is violated by a captive Longtail Mouse for the King's amusement.


It should be noted that the Meadow is where all the "cool kids" hang out to catch powerful and dangerous mice like the Grey or Brown Mouse. Other than that it is pointless. Unfortunately as a n00b you will be stuck here quite a while as you wait for your Working with Rodents check to clear. This is to ensure that you have not been caught sexually abusing a rodent. However if you do sexually abuse rodents but haven't been caught then you will be ok. As soon as you level up then move area. Fast!


The Harbour requires the rank of Initiate to enter and contains more dangerous mice like the Steel and Granite mice who are hunted to make building materials for the kingdom. However houses constructed from these materials seem to retain a love of cheese and a tendency to trip any mousetrap within its walls making it a haven for other mice. The Harbour contains a General Store and a Cartographer, both of which are completely useless to hunters at this point. Hunters are recommended to buy either the Mouse Trebuchet or Mouse Rocketine to hunt here to repel the dreaded red boxes or to purposely waste money creating stale cheese.


Useless to all hunters except those wanting to catch the Abominable Snow and Ninja mice so they can tell their friends that they caught a Ninja. If you have notice a new mouse and this new mouse is called the pebble mouse. Which is set by the devs to further waste your time and sb+



Monster Mouse

Monster Mouse: Notice the general hax0red togetherness of this spawn of the King's left testicle.

Weird and sinister experiments are carried out here on mice, resulting in rare and powerful breeds of mice who can terrify even the most stoic 2 year old. The most powerful mouse in this location is the Monster Mouse which is a thinly veiled rip off of Frankenstein, being made up of all the parts of the other mice in Gnawnia. Hunters can start collecting Radioactive Blue Cheese Curd potions to either create cheese or sell for large amounts for gold to the Gnawnia underground as a possible cancer cure. It requires the rank of Master to enter.

Town of Digby
Motto: We live in a giant drill.
State Burroughs
Official nickname Dirt
Official language(s) Drilling
Mayor Mayor
Established 2009
Currency Radioactive Sludge
Hours of Operation Redlight hours baby

Town of DigbyEdit

The Town of Digby is Hunters require the rank of Master to enter along with the Key to the Town of Digby which has to be gained by performing sexual favors for the Mayor, just grit your teeth and swallow. Two types of mice are available here depending on what cheese you use. If you use normal cheese then you get crap mice. If you use Limelight cheese you get slightly less crap mice who live underground for no adequately explored reason.


That's right its Mouse-oleum... As if you didn't already get that this game was about hunting mice. Hunters require the rank of Master to hunt here and should also purchase a Shadow trap as the mice here are of the ghostly attitude. But rather like a seancé, its all pointless. Use either the Aperture Science Sinister Portal or Aperture Science Ambrosial Portal to trap these shadow mice.


See Shops and Products.



The Master of the Dojo could give any pro wrestler tips on steroid abuse and even could give Goku a run for his money on the Kamehameha.

Training GroundsEdit

This is where mice come to demonstrate some decent level of warlike and vaguely sensual activities like archery, kung-fu, wrestling, back rubs, cooking "dumplings" or attempting to recreate the moon landing. Some mice here drop the Ticket to the Burroughs Bazaar which you will need to access the Bazaar. Or you could just not bother and quit. That's what most people do when the novelty wears off about now. You now need to get your head around another Power Type; Tactical which some mice here are weak against. Buy either a tactical trap here or at the Great Gnarled Tree... CRAP!! More convolution.

The PagodaEdit

How to: Catch the Master of the Dojo and the Dojo Sensei

  1. Hunt Students, collect tokens
  2. Craft different cheeses with different tokens. If you don't have enough tokens, go to Step 1.
  3. Hunt Teachers, collect shards. If you run out of cheese, without enough shards go to Step 1.
  4. Craft Rumble cheese to catch Master of Dojo
  5. Pray that you get an Onyx Stone as loot. If not go to Step 1
  6. Craft Onyx Gorgonzola to attract the Dojo Sensei
  7. Hunt the Dojo Sensei. If you run out of cheese go to Step 1.

NB. The game may require you to return to step one for no other reason than to irritate you.

Whisker WoodsEdit

Calm ClearingEdit


Killer Rabbit Mouse:Just ask King Arthur about how terrifying its attack is.

The Calm Clearing is a new boring location requiring the rank of Journeyman. 'Nuff said.

Great Gnarled TreeEdit

This location requires the rank of Master to enter along with the..... you know what, find your own damn map piece. These mice are even more confusing than the mice of the Mousoleum and Furoma combined. They are weak against Tactical, Physical, Shadow, Hydro and Arcane. As such hunters are more likely to go insane than actually successfully catch a mouse.


Maybe now you can drown yourself to escape the agony of playing this game. However just in case you are a sadomasochist here you go. The lagoon introduced a Hydro mouse, the Hydra, however you can't buy a Hydro trap yet... so you just have to sit there like a lemon waiting to catch the damn thing on luck alone. NOOOOOOOOOOOBBBBB

Bristle WoodsEdit


Use an Arcane trap to catch these retarded little mice. Buy either an Obelisk of Slumber or if your are more pyrotechnical use an Obelisk of Incineration which is more powerful but takes heaps of time to acquire. If you get really big for your boots then craft the friggin' ACRONYM. That stands for Arcane Capturing Rod of Never Yielding Mystery, how the dev's came up with that one is beyond most people.


Acolyte Mouse: One of the most powerful mice in the MouseHunt world. The only way to beat them is with a box propped up with a stick.

Forbidden GroveEdit

Spoiler warning: This section is forbidden, the Acolyte mouse is watching

The Forbidden Grove is forbidden for the simple reason that ages ago, a supreme powerful being was defeated in an epic battle by the forces of good. So now you can completely ignore their sacrifice and risk the fate of the Kingdom for fame and glory... you know like every bad movie plot. Hunters require the rank of Legendary to enter the Forbidden Grove where it is just like the Catacombs except every time you catch a Realm Reaper, you get transported magically transported to the Acolyte Realm. Here your trap is rendered powerless and you lose lots of points and cheese unless you hightail it out of there. If you start to find runes, they can be transported over to your RuneScape account for a fee.

Acolyte RealmEdit

How to: Catch the Acolyte Mouse

  1. Run through Tribal Isles to gain Ancient Box trap
  2. Collect Runes from Forbidden Grove to craft Runic Cheese, repeat until you get enough.
  3. Hunt in the Acolyte Realm with Runic to catch the Acolyte Mouse, if you don't get it then go to step 2.
    1. Collect the Frozen Scroll from the Acolyte Mouse, if you didn't get it go to step 2.
  4. Collect 60 Runes from the Forbidden Grove to craft the Ice Maiden, repeat until you get enough


  1. If you run out of Ancient Cheese, either craft more or go on a staling run
  2. You get transported out of the Forbidden Grove to the Acolyte Realm at periodic intervals where your cheese is wasted on weak mice.


S.S. Huntington IIEdit

Hunters have to craft this ship... as in actually build the damn thing yourself. Wow. Great. More time to waste, building a freaking Spanish Galleon. You have to either catch a Hydra without a Hydro trap so you can build the ship to access the Trapsmith to buy a Hydro trap... to... catch the...Hyd... SEE HOW POINTLESS THIS IS??? Anyway, this area is here so you can collect 3 items that were used for nautical navigation in the 1700's. So this society can build a giant robot, can manipulate radiation to create mutants but can't make a GPS system. Instead you have to collect a sextant, telescope and a compass to navigate to the next area. Obviously has the word hunt in the name.

Seasonal GardenEdit

An area requiring an obscenely high rank. For no adequately explored reason the Earth's rotation speed is increased by a factor of 100 so that each season takes only 4 or so days to pass. However the increased centripetal force means that trying to hunt there is like trying to drink a glass of water while in a blender. Try to collect the 4 pieces of the Key so you can access Zugzwang's Tower. Another new confusing feature is added to this area is the Tower Amplifier which can increase or decrease the power of your trap in the Tower. Great more problems when trying to catch mice. Its almost like the Dev's don't want you to catch mice...

Zugzwang's TowerEdit

So now you have to play a game of chess, inside a game that involves catching virtual mice. Except you have to play two games of chess concurrently (that means side by side, look it up genius). Catching either Mystic or Technic Mice means you get different rewards to create traps that are more effective against that type. Except they are less powerful traps than the traps you have currently. You have to catch 8 Pawns, 2 Knights, 2 Bishops, 2 Rooks then a Queen then a King. If you don't catch the King with the right cheese then you get transported out of the Tower to start again.

Crystal LibraryEdit

A virtual library to visit in a game full of such pulse pounding action. Inside the Crystal Library hunters can access little sub missions that like the worst parts of an MMORPG ask you to go to a certain area to catch a strangely specific number of mice in order to gain points. When you have gained enough points, you can then challenge the Head Librarian, who is slightly miffed at you because you don't know the Dewey Decimal System. Examples of the tasks required is to run through the Seasonal Gardens then Zugzwang's Tower about 5 times. To hunters who have already done this to gain the required amount of points to get to the Crystal Library, this is tedium bordering on the insane. Don't enter if you can read.

Tribal IslesEdit

Note: If you are afflicted with Macrophobia, do not attempt this area... You will be paralyzed with terror.



How to: Catch the Dragon Mouse: Go to the:

  1. Derr Dunes,
    1. Collect 30 Delicious Stones to craft 15 Crunchy cheese
    2. Collect Red Pepper Seeds, if you didn't collect enough go to step 1.
    3. Return to Cape Clawed with Crunchy to collect the Rhino Horn, if you didn't get it go to step 1.
    4. Collect the Blueprint Piece from the Derr Chieftain, if you didn't go to step 1.
  2. Elub Shore,
    1. Collect 30 Seashells to craft 15 Shell cheese
    2. Collect Blue Pepper Seeds, if you didn't collect enough go to step 2.
    3. Return to Cape Clawed with Shell to collect the Ancient Spear, if you didn't get it, go to step 2.
    4. Collect the Blueprint Piece from the Elub Chieftain, if you didn't go to step 2.
  3. Nerg Plains
    1. Collect 30 Savoury Vegetables to craft 15 Gumbo cheese
    2. Collect Yellow Pepper Seeds, if you didn't collect enough go to step 3.
    3. Return to Cape Clawed with Gumbo to collect the Thorned Vine, if you didn't get it, go to step 3.
    4. Collect the Blueprint Piece from the Nerg Chieftain, if you didn't go to step 3.
  4. Craft the 6 different Pepper Plants
    1. If you didn't get enough of a type of Pepper Plants, go to the step 1.
  5. Pick the Pepper Plants
    1. If you didn't get 6 of each type of Pepper go to step 4. If you have no more seeds, go to step 1.
  6. Craft 6 types of Harvarti
    1. If your crafting was not successful, go to step 1.
  7. Travel to Jungle of Dread
    1. Catch the 6 different Shadow mice,
    2. Collect the Ancient Box Trap parts, if you didn't get one or more, go to step 1.
    3. Collect 6,12,18,24... Fire Salt, if you didn't get enough go to step 1.
  8. Craft the Ancient Box Trap
  9. Travel to the Acolyte Realm,
  10. Catch the Acolyte (see Acolyte Realm)
  11. Craft the Ice Maiden (my mom)
  12. Craft Inferno Harvarti, if you don't have enough go to step 1.
  13. Travel to Dracano, hunt Dragon, if you don't catch it, go to step 1.

NB Be prepared to switch between 1,2 and 3 for the developers amusement

How to: Catch Balack the Banished:

  1. Hunt in the Jungle of Dread with a Shadow Trap to collect 15 Vanilla Beans to craft 15 Vanilla Stilton
  2. Hunt in Balack's Cove with a Forgotten Trap
    1. Hunt Nerg Lich for Raisins of Wrath, if you don't get any, go to step 1.
    2. Hunt Elub Lich for Pinch of Annoyance, if you don't get any, go to step 1.
    3. Hunt Derr Lich for Bottled up Rage, if you don't get any, go to step 1.
  3. Craft 1 Vengeful Vanilla Stilton
  4. Hunt Balack the Banished, if you don't get him go to step 1.

Note: You periodically get washed out of Balack's Cove back to the Jungle of Dread where your Forgotten Trap will cause you to never catch a single mouse and waste your Vanilla Stilton


Eclipse Mouse

Eclipse Mouse: A bullfighter wannabe, with the red cape and the horns of the bulls they dream to one day conquer.

King's GauntletEdit

Authors Rant: To be successful here you require the Rank of Knight or higher, fair enough, except this area is available to Initiate rank who don't have a snowball's chance in hells chance of succeeding to catch the Eclipse Mouse. you might catch mice from other planets though, if you can find them (clue:use the sextant) How to: Catch the Eclipse Mouse

  1. Hunt with Swiss on Tier 1 to collect Tier 2 potions, repeat until you have enough
  2. Hunt with Tier 2 to collect Tier 3 potions, if you don't have enough return to step 1.
  3. Hunt with Tier 3 to collect Tier 4 potions, if you don't have enough return to step 1.
  4. Hunt with Tier 4 to collect Tier 5 potions, if you don't have enough return to step 1.
  5. Hunt with Tier 5 to collect Tier 6 potions, if you don't have enough return to step 1.
  6. Hunt with Tier 6 to collect Tier 7 potions, if you don't have enough return to step 1.
  7. Hunt with Tier 7 to collect Tier 8 potions, if you don't have enough return to step 1.
  8. Hunt the Eclipse Mouse with Tier 8 cheeses, if you don't catch it, return to step 1.

Sandtail DesertEdit

Fiery WarpathEdit

An area requiring an even more obscenely high rank than the Seasonal Garden and Zugzwang's Tower. To get here (assuming you're mad enough to want to be here), you need permission from the King by catching the elusive, slimy Slith from the Lagoon and both Kings from the crazy Zugzwang's Tower. As you can tell from the name, there's a War going on there, along with lots of Fire. Yes, the King has sent you straight into the middle on an ongoing war, started my a bunch of tough, fierce and dumb mice who call themselves the Marching Flame Stumbling Flame. Not that he would do that before you already got yourself into a war between Mice and Men. Here, you have to either catch a certain number of mice in waves, or make them retreat by making something called streaks, which you keep track with a Streak-o-Meter. To do this, you have to rip every inch of clothing (including armor and underwear) off the Mice Of War and force them to run around the Warpath like a madman for at least 60 minutes. More than 6 times in a row. Over and over again. Even worse, it's necessary to keep on making streaks. If you're seriously crazy, you would want to go after the general of the Stumbling Flame, who is such a scaredy-mouse that he wears more armor than any of the soldiers, covering his ugly face as well, and gets into very awkward positions involving his nether region and above mentioned large swords. This is how to get him (clue: use lots and lots of your real-life Money to get plenty of SUPER|Brie+): How to: Catch the Warmonger General of the Stumbling Flame

  1. Hunt with SUPER|Brie+, with zero mice in your Streak-o-Meter.
  2. Hunt with SUPER|Brie+ in Wave 1, try to keep on making streaks to make 35 Desert Soldier mice, 35 Vanguard mice, and 35 Desert Archer retreat and let you move on to the next Wave. Their clothes are not so thick and tight, so ripping them off is quite easy. However, they put up quite a fight even when naked. Once even one single mouse escapes from your trap, return to step 1.
  3. Hunt with SUPER|Brie+ in Wave 2, try to keep on making streaks to make 40 Flame Warrior mice, 40 Sentinel mice, 40 Flame Archer mice, 45 Sand Cavalry mice, and 20 Inferno Mage mice retreat and let you move on to the next Wave. This time, the mice and their clothes are significantly tougher, what with the Sand Cavalry that ride lizards (likely to be too lazy to stand up, let alone run around) and Inferno Mages that shoot fire out of their hands. You can make charms to assist you on attracting and ripping their clothes off, but to make them, you need to get Desert Lizardshoes and Heatproof Mage Cloths from, respectively, the... Sand... Cavalry... and... Infern- SEE HOW POINTLESS THIS IS???!!! You can opt to buy the Lizardshoes and Cloths from the Black Market, but they're sold illegally at ludicrous prices, and you have no hope of having enough money to buy them anyway.

Once even one single mouse escapes from your trap, return to step 1.

  1. Hunt with SUPER|Brie+ in Wave 3, try to keep on making streaks to make 50 Crimson Titan mice, 50 Crimson Watch mice, 50 Crimson Ranger mice, 60 Sandwing Cavalry mice, 30 Magmarage mice, and 20 Flame Ordnance mice retreat and let you move on to the next Wave. Actually, you should give up now. It's impossible to rip all the armor off these seriously tough mice that can kill you in one strike. There are mice that:
  • Wield humongous blades and muscles to match,
  • Can turn invisible,
  • Can split a whisker from 100,000 yards,
  • Ride flying birds-of-prey, and
  • Can transform into an Energy Golem that smashes you as easily as the mice wielding humongous blades and muscles.
  • Ride moving cannons that blast you into smithereens much faster than the mice wielding humongous blades and muscles can kill you, making them impossible to streak even though they are already fully naked. Once even one single mouse escapes from your trap, return to step 1.
  1. Hunt with SUPER|Brie+ Brie (finally!) in Wave 4 (assuming that you even managed to survive Wave 3 and make it here) and catch 12 of the general's guards and then the general himself. Be prepared to has lots of cheese, gold, points and blood stolen from you, though it's nothing compared to Wave 3. Once even one single mouse escapes from your trap, return to step 1. Hey, for once things actually became easier! So much that you over think and end up spending even more time in Wave 4 to catch the stupid General.

After all the trouble and insanity that you went through, the ending is especially anti-climatic. Should you manage to catch the General, he will drop an entire bunch of loot. Most of it is stuff that you don't care about. You will pray very hard for the one piece of loot that is he sole reason you go through so much trouble for. The piece of loot, called the Sandblasted Metal is a key ingredient in the Sandstorm Monstrobot, and you need TWO of it to craft the Sandstorm Monstrobot. The General can also drop either a Sphynx Crystal, which lets you make a fake giant stone kitten, or a stupid Oasis Bead that makes a powerful Hydro trap but is still rather useless just because it's Hydro type and unable to catch many mice. When the General drops none of those, it drops 45 Seriously Stupid Orbs instead. Researchers will tell you that there is a 6% chance of Sandblasted Metal dropping, along with slightly higher chances of the Oasis Bead or Sphinx Cristal dropping. In actual fact, there is 100% chance of the 45 Seriously Stupid Orbs dropping, and anyone who gets a result different from this is a definitely a hacker who wants to sell Sandblasted Metal on the Black Market at obscene prices to unfortunate victims.

Shops and ProductsEdit

Various products can be brought in various places such as the Bazaar, Harbour, Cape Clawed and the Great Gnarled Tree. Products like blueprints for traps that you can't actually use yet, cheese ingredients for cheeses you can't actually craft yet, and other products needed for crafting things you can't actually craft yet are available for purchase with a generous markup fee. So mostly these items are of no use to hunters but things like Salt, Ionized Salt, Curds and Whey and other useful everyday household items. Salt is used in crafting the Dehydration Base, which is useful for beginners but becomes useless after the rank of Journeyman. Ionized Salt is used to waste experienced hunter's money when crafting cheese. One shot items like Plantpot's and blueprints are usually outrageously expensive to waste more money.


Note: This section details the most powerful traps available. As a n00b you will not be able to acquire these traps until you have played for over 2 years.


Sandstorm Monstrobot, beware: epicly powerful


Physical Physical Traps are effective against every other power type except Forgotten mice. Most powerful (Currently, but the Developers would have to be dumber than 12 year olds invading the Internet Blonds to release a trap that's even more powerful) is the Sandstorm Monstrobot. With literally Over 9000 Power, it uses huge fists and (Gatling) guns of fury to pummel its enemies with a force greater that that generated by earthquakes. Needless to say, not much of any opponent is left after it is finished. At least, that's what it's supposed to be. Even though getting it requires running through a chaotic war zone over 9000 times and killing even more soldiers along the way (and you still may not get it), there are still many mice that have a significantly high chance of getting away from a Monstrobot. Just one of which is glass blower whose only special ability is having larger lungs than usual and (according to Research) has a higher chance of getting away from aforementioned monstrous robot than a seasoned war veteran who wields an extremely large blade and almost as monstrous as the Monstrobot. No, the game doesn't give any reason for that.

Another Physical trap, much weaker than the Sandstorm Monstrobot but still very powerful (never underestimate the Power of the Monstrobot!) is the Enraged Rhinobot. In a physics defying display, the material of the arms are harder than diamond. This fact can be appreciated as it spurts brain matter for up to 500m away with each swing. Use with caution.

Sphynx Wrath

Sphynx Wrath: Be careful it may lose its nose at any time


Tactical Tactical traps are very effective against Tactical mice.

Standing, crumbling like the faded monument that it is, the Sphynx Wrath trap is currently the most powerful Tactical Trap in existence. Obviously a careless mistake on the King's Naming Committee, the Sphynx Wrath is possessing the very thing that the real Sphinx lacks. A Nose. However it must be the Nose Of Convenient Power because it turns the normally dormant Sphinx into a mouse killing terror. A highly convenient bit of archeological masonry.
Reapers Perch

Reapers Perch: One of the player designed traps. Made in an effort to stop the fan base from eating the developers brains


Shadow Trap Shadow traps are very effective against Shadow mice. The Reapers Perch, is a fan designed trap that was drawn by a professional artist who took suggestions from a live chat session of professional MouseHunters. This slight feeling of input allowed the developers to steal heaps of gold from every fanboy who was in a self-flagellating spasm of ecstasy. Obviously drawing on traditional Gothic themes and combining them with ancient Celtic architecture the Reapers Perch looks like a bundle of stones dropped on a cloaked robot.


The ACRoNYM. Also know as Acro because lazy players regard 7 characters as too long to type out.


Arcane Arcane traps are very effective against Forgotten mice and not effective against Arcane Mice... What the hell??? Just break the pattern why don't you! The most powerful Arcane trap is the ACRONYM (Arcane Capturing Rod of Never Yielding MyBalls - many lazy people capitalize the letter "o" even though it shouldn't be.). This trap harnesses the power of the Onyx Stone from MOJO-JOJO of the Powerpuff Girls to create a trap that doesn't just bend the laws of physics, it tranquilizes, tramples, vaporizes, blasts into space, burns, freezes, smashes, and then lightly urinates on the resulting carnage that was once physics. In other words, this trap is so mind boggling in its workings that no mortal has survived a course at GU (Gnawnia University) in ACROPhysics.

Oasis water node trap full



Hydro The pattern is reestablished here with Hydro traps being very effective against Hydro mice. From hunting the Bitch of the Marching Flame, the hunter can get a Sentient Bead of Convenient Animation, which allows them to turn an ordinary pool of water into a slightly more deadly moving pool of water. The Oasis Water Node trap, is supposed to snare mice into drowning, but usually only just gets them slightly wet. Its limitations are staggering, if you apply electricity, the animation fails and the trap stops working. If you use it during a heat wave, the water evaporates. Its freaking 'living water', what did you expect to happen.

Ancient Box Trap

Ancient Box Trap. Works exactly as expected, depending on what is expected.


Forgotten Forgotten Traps are very effective against the 3 Arcane mice in the game, which makes you wonder why people even bother to waste time collecting it. Apart from the fact that those 3 mice happen to be the 3 most powerful mice in the game. The Ancient Box Trap, is a simple elegant design, used to catch idiots, pedophiles, and buglers the world over. It basically consists of a box held up by a stick, with some rope. This pile of dusty crap is the key to catching the most powerful mice in the game. Ahhh cruel irony. Of course the materials used are only carried by Shadow mice in the Jungle of Dread because that is the only region where the King has allowed the export of these materials out of Gnawnia. So the key to defeating the mice is designed, made and packaged in the Town of Gnawnia then shipped out to an area where powerful mice reign and only experienced hunters can reach... The King is obviously a moron.

Ice Maiden

Ice Maiden Trap. Not the kind that you would want to have Secks with.


Draconic Draconinc traps are very effective against the 3 Draconic mice in the game. Essential to catching the Dragon mouse that is actually not a mouse but an ordinary dragon, explaining why it does not look like a mouse at all. Crafted from one of the least powerful traps in the game the Ice Maiden is one frigid Bitch. Not actually in any way womanly shaped, it consists of an ice wall with a metal collar infused in it so than when the ice melts the collar catches the mouse doing the melting. Instead of putting this perpetual freezing magic to use combating global warming, the King confiscated all these spells so that he could use them to cool his castle in the summer. Selfish person that he is. The only known stockpile disappeared long ago, when the world was under threat from a certain Grove. Maybe they still exist somewhere.

Message to youEdit

Play the game