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The Mothers Against Swearing Association (MASA) was started by two wealthy sisters named Gertrude and Prunella Hubble who have proven that stay-at-home parents who can afford nannies really do have too much spare time to think about things they shouldn't mind.

Born in Worcester, England in the 1950's, they underwent the traditional strict upbringing that predates the free raising principles of latter decades. Under the supervision of two "loving parents" named Brenda and Martin Hubble, the sisters were raised to be proper citizens without too much knowledge of indecent language. In the year 2000, after living in Toronto, Ontario for 3 years, Gertrude Hubble realized the downfall of society represented through the vulgar language used by teenagers and adults alike. Inspired by the Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD), she came up with the idea of MASA. Since then, they have been speaking locally in North York to schools and other youth institutions. They are their own promoters, creating songs and promotional radio commercials, yet claim to have sponsorships by Volvo and Coca-Cola.

edit Agenda

  • Being assholes and pissing off the young generation.
  • Making swear words more "taboo".
  • Assisting those who swear to be no longer fucked up, or "cured".
  • Encourage people to substitute "bad" words (see Utah).
  • Make it a federal offense for minors under age 25 to swear in public.
  • Overturning the First Amendment of the US constitution.

edit Declines in swearing

No information pertaining to the decline in swearing can be conclusively deduced, however MASA wishes "to reduce swearing by 100%. Or 50% will do." Clearly these bitches don't stand a chance. What a pair of fucking killjoys!

edit Practical arguments

edit Age of Swearing

On the The Mothers Against Swearing (MASA) Homepage, They claim that "m'almost 75% of all swear words are exchanged in the school system." However, there is no evidence shown to support this on their website.

edit The Future

Gertrude and Prunella Hubble hope to reduce vulgar language and return to their "fond memories of their childhood." They "warmly recall the past" when profanity was "more taboo". They have opened a free website recently for all those wishing to "cure" themselves of their swearing habits.

edit Source

The Mothers Against Swearing (MASA) Homepage

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The Mothers Against Swearing (MASA) Homepage

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