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Those obsessed with so-called experts should thank their lucky stars that Wikipedia does not have an article about Mons inversus.

edit Definition

Inverted Mountains, or, Mons Inversus to give them their proper names, are as implied, mountains that are inverted. Discovered in the year 2007 by the inverted mountaineers, the inverted mountains have become legends.


edit Origins

They have classical Latin influences such as the adventures of the famous Roman spoilt brat Marcus, and his poor victim Publius. It was while debating these issues that the idea occurred to the inverted mountaineers, and they decided to give it further research.

Even when everyone around them was discouraging, they kept on going, writing messages everywhere to convince people of the truth. The legacy lives on today of these talented mountaineers in Latin textbooks everywhere, as they hope that these students will understand the importance of inversion in the world today.

There are in fact examples of mons inversus and lacus altus in ancient Latin scripts. This explains the mystery that linguists throughout the years have been unable to solve: why the Latin word "altus" can mean tall and deep; in other words the Romans understood the concept of tall lakes. By making this miraculous discovery they were not far from the truth of mons inversus.

These latin scripts are so rare, that they can be found nowhere, you can't even but them on ebay, where, lets face it, you can buy everything. They even have the original notes of the inverted mountaineers on them. They must be priceless.

edit They are real, you know

Some refuse to believe that inverted mountains are real, but they are wrong. They do exist. See Deep Sea Trenches on Google. They aren't the ones most commonly known in the elite inverted mountaineers squad. Those ones look more like Dracula's front teeth.


Logically, they must exist. Every in has an out and all. If thought about, a mountain in Australia would be inverted to someone standing in England,and visa versa. Or, if preferred, every hole could be called an inverted mountain. Think about it.Logically...

edit What happened to the Inverted Mountaineers?

They have not, as many believed they would, disappeared into the sunset, taking their 'out there' ideas with them. No, in fact the elite squad, or IMs, live on, and are now looking into the region of lacus altus - tall lakes; moley, and other such things that were previously deemed impossible. A quest, only for those who eat spontaneity for breakfast, and enjoy it.

In addition, they are looking for fellow believers, and people with imaginative and logical brains bigger than a birds (although they would probably agree, that such natural phenomenons to exist, having flown around the world a couple of times, and probably upside down to boot)to help spread the word of Mons Inversus, and to help with this vital research gathering.

But these quests are not impossible. Research has begun, and is...interesting, to put it lightly. The discoveries are well on their way towards being discovered.

These discoveries will rock the world as we know it. Houses will be built roof first... As said in "The Hunchback of Notre Dame" the world will be topsy turvey. Even more so than it already is...


edit Famous Inverted Mountaineers

Queen Dido of Carthage

Mr Cliff Edge

Queen Nora Martini of Valencia

Empress Sophia March of Paris

Countess Raya Mas of Vladivostok

Queen Victoria of England


Mr Oscar Wilde

edit Famous Inverted Mountains

Mt. Siven Neb

Mt. tnias sneleh

Mt. Tsereve

Mt. Suivusev

Mt. Ante

To name but a few...

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