Monotheism v 4.3 refers to the newest version of the monotheistic religion. It is slated to come out in 2010, making it the longest time span of two releases of the faith.

Unlike its predecessors, Monotheism v 4.3 will be founded entirely on UNIX. It will also be the first to use GUI.

History of Monotheism v 4.3Edit

God first recognized the need for a newer version of monotheism when customers started buying ideas that were not compatible with any of the existing faiths. Especially embarrassing was the Y1K1D1X7I Bug, where some users of the Christian platform found that there faith no longer worked in Christian networks. Other problems with the older platforms included:

Some of the problems were fixed with patches, the biggest of which was the Church of Latter Day Saints (Monotheism v 3.7.3). But in 1901, God realized that the bugs were too ingrained in the faiths to be fixable, and announced that a new version would be released within fifty years. The result was Scientology, now considered to be one of the greatest flops in religious history.

“Even worse than Windows Me. I'm not exactly sure what Windows Me is, but I'm sure it's really bad.”
~ President Dwight D. Eisenhower, on Scientology

Following the Scientology failure, Heaven immediately set out to creating a new faith, "Project Tree Frog," completely revamping it instead of keeping most bits and just adding stuff about messiahs, prophets, and space operas.

Projected Differences Between Version 4.3 and PredecessorsEdit

Unlike previous versions, 4.3 will have a graphical user interface. For example, instead of this,

“17\5\DEUT: "Thou shalt not kill"”
~ Text-based commandment, found in all previous versions

the system will look like this,


Going along with the more "user-friendly" model, the system will overhaul the Ten Commandments, which were the object of frequent complaint in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. In version 2.1 ("Project Christ"), an attempt was made to streamline the ten into only two, but never caught on. Version 4.3 will have One Suggestion:

  • Thou shalt try thy best to not be a complete tool. (Still in beta)

The new system will also get rid of heaven, and just send everyone to hell. It is believed this simplification will appeal to people who normally might not bother with religion.

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